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"Please save my child."

Phoenix never thought that a woman would be so miserable like that— the woman lying in the blood. Although it was hard to see her true face, Phoenix was certain that it was the pale face.

"What's wrong with you? Wake up!"

Wuyou raised her eyelids, and Phoenix realized that the woman was blind. The reason why she had run so hastily was only to protect the child in her belly. But Phoenix was reluctant to believe that the woman in the blood pool was Jiang Wuyou, the woman who had saved the critical situation in the soul battle arena.

"Fox, it is really you."

When Phoenix wanted to hold Jiang Wuyou, the blood flowed down the woman's leg. She held a dagger in her hand, and Phoenix knew what the woman wanted to do. Then, Phoenix felt her eyes became damp.

"My child has not become full-term. I am afraid it will be too late. Phoenix, I just want my child alive."

"Father, is this what you want to see? You don't even accept a woman. Get out of my way."

This was the first time that Nascent Soul had seen his daughter burst into rage, and he realized that his daughter truly got angry, but did she ever think about the consequences of saving the woman? Although he had robbed away the wrong person, Jiang Wuyou used to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Fairy Kingdom, so Xiao Qi would not spare the fire tribe definitely.

"Wuyou, hold on. Go to my temporary residence palace now!"

"I am afraid that my child can't wait to come out there. Carry me back to the hut."

Phoenix kicked open the door, opened bedding and let Wuyou lay down. After all, Phoenix herself was still a girl who had not been married yet, so how could she know how to be a midwifery?

"If feeling pain, just yell out. I have seen the fire-tribe women shout when delivering the babies."

"Phoenix, if I have no chance to meet my child, you have to protect my child."

"You can do it. Can you still remember the soul battle arena? You were the fox who could turned back the power of darkness and won the military talisman!"

With time passing, Wuyou was struggling with pains on the bed. When the face-lifting mask fell, Phoenix was really shocked, wondering what Wuyou had gone through. There was not a bit of smooth skin on her face. But for the familiar voice, Phoenix could have never believed that it used to be a perfectly beautiful face. Who had been so vicious to ruin the attractive countenance? Phoenix softly wiped the blood on the corner of Wuyou's mouth, since the mouth was bitten to bleed with pain.

"If you feel pain, bite here."

Phoenix pointed to her wrist. Although she knew that Wuyou could not see, she still wanted to give the fox some comfort. Outside the house, the wind was roaring, while inside, two women were waing for the birth of the baby. When a brisk baby's cry crossed the sky, Phoenix held the baby in amazement.

"Give my child to me and let me touch."

Wuyou tried to sit up, but she was so feeble that her raised hands fell down again.

"Let your mother touch. Is it a beautiful baby? Fox, he is a baby boy."

Wuyou held her baby tightly and kept fondling him softly. When her fingers touched his tiny mouth, his soft little tongue sucked Wuyou's fingers. Wuyou smiled thankfully. "Linghe, our baby is a healthy boy."

The small window sent out the smell of sunshine. It was another day. Although Wuyou could not see anything, a beam of sunlight shone into her heart, and the sunlight was her child.

"Leader, Xiao Qi's army have pressed outside the city."

"I know. Move back."

"The end of the woman's benevolence. What are you waiting for? Go to catch the evil woman! I want to make Xiao Qi regret it."

"How dare you take such liberties! Back off! Whoever dares to hurt this woman, I will let his head down! Pass on the order— let the soldiers prepare for the battle."

"Take me to see Xiao Qi."

"I should not take you here, but Xiao Qi is invading my territory. I will show no weakness of course!"

"It is the sovereign's duty to protect his people from suffering the war. To prevent the war with war will only get your people into bigger disaster. My hometown was destroyed in the war. I don't want to see it will happen to you."

"But... it was Xiao Qi who caused my father's injury, and father only has a half life. I will have this revenge and never let off Xiao Qi."

"Phoenix, you and I get to know each other. I don't want you to be as pitiful as me."

"The fire-tribe people, listen! If you don't release her, you will be like this wall."

After Spirit-Power fire bombs, clouds of smoke roared in the city wall.

Flying arrows across the sky pressed hard to the city tower. Wuyou was worried about Phoenix, since Xiao Qi had planned to vanish the fire tribe. If he took this opportunity to launch an attack, what could Phoenix do?

"Fox, the marshal of Xiao Qi's army turns out to be Su Chenyang. I can't reconcile to it!"

"Do you still love Su Chenyang?"

"Yes. But we have a bond but have no chance. It can't be demanded."

Phoenix signed helplessly. It seemed that Phoenix could not still put down Su Chenyang. It was true that women tended to take love more seriously, not realizing that their love was merely a burden for men. Being the king of the fire tribe, Phoenix had her own unavoidable difficulties.

When seeing Xiaoyao, Xiao Qi was relieved. But there were no turning-back arrows as long as they were shot out. The reason why the large army bore down was to rout the fire tribe's momentum. The father and daughter dared to take away Wuyou in the Fairy City and set finger men in the palace, which Xiao Qi could not accept. Nascent Soul was incredibly lucky to be alive after falling down the cliffs.

Spirit Power spread out in the sky over the fire tribe. Seeing the terrible situation, Phoenix opened out her wings. Wuyou knew that Phoenix was not Xiao Qi's opponent.

"Phoenix, don't be impetuous. You can take me as hostage and bargain with Xiao Qi. Although I am not fully confident that it will work, you are my friend, so I hope you will be fine."

And then, the spiritual whip twined Wuyou tightly. Phoenix looked down at Xiao Qi under the city tower.

"The people below, listen! If you don't retreat 25 kilometers away, the woman and the child will be the dead souls of the whip."

"Xiao Qi, please save my child, please save my child."

Wuyou's voice was choked with weeping tears, which made Xiao Qi's heart lurch. And Phoenix could not help loosening her whip, since she was almost convinced by Wuyou's vivid performance. "Can it deceive Xiao Qi?" Xiao Qi under the city tower heard Xiaoyao's cry for help and wave his hand to stop the attack. Su Chenyang beside him was quite surprised, thinking that, "When does the emperor have a woman? And the woman's voice sounds familiar."

"Fox, what has Xiao Qi got up in his sleeve? He really stopped attacking."

"Your Majesty, if the opportunity is missed this time, it will be even harder to attack the city in the future."

"Chenyang, the woman on the tower... If she is another woman, I will never compromise. But she is Xiaoyao."

"Commander in Chief? How can it be?"

Su Chenyang's jaw dropped in astonishment. "The masked woman on the city tower is the Commander in Chief? How could she be taken as the hostage of the fire tribe? And there is a child in her arms. Is it the child of Xu Linghe?" Su Chenyang touched the bell in his arms. It was he who found the helper for Commander in Chief. "Where is this friend now?"

"Xiao Qi, if you want this woman alive, retreat 25 kilometers. And from now on, the fire tribe will not be your dependent state and not pay any tribute."

Wuyou on the tower was worried about Phoenix. Xiao Qi was the king of the Fairy Kingdom. How could he give up the national interest for a woman, a good-for-nothing woman? And it was reasonable that Phoenix fought for more rights and interests for the fire tribe. Compared to the interest of the two countries, Wuyou was not worth mentioning. So how could Wuyou dictate Xiao Qi?

"Fox, Xiao Qi does really retreat. I just made a casual demand. Even if Xiao Qi did not agree, we are still good sisters. But to my surprise, Xiao Qi gave up the opportunity to attack the city for you."

"I don't know what Xiao Qi got up in his sleeve, either."

"Fox, if you don't like him, you'd better stay away from him. It is hard to guess what a man is thinking, no matter smart you are."

"I can't let anyone else live in my heart. I only love my husband. Just... the world is unpredictable!"

"The man who saved you last time?"

Although Wuyou could not see, she still nodded.

"Fire-tribe Nascent Soul, listen! I, Xiao Qi, retreat today for nothing else but because the woman has made a great contribution to the Fairy Kingdom. If you dare to disturb the people in my country, I will not tolerate it any more."

"Fox, since we part today, I don't know when we will meet each other. You should take care of yourself."

"Okay. You should take care of yourself, too, and change your fiery temper."

Wuyou held her baby and was sent down the city tower. Looking at the baby in Wuyou's arms, Xiao Qi took more pity on Wuyou. "Xiaoyao becomes a mother now."

"Commander in Chief, it's really you."

Su Chenyang greeted her, followed by Xiao Nai and Shen Chuya. None of them believe that the woman holding a child was their Commander in Chief.

The child in her arms slept soundly. It was happy to be accompanied by the mother.

"Commander in Chief!"

Looking at Jiang Wuyou, Shen Chuya felt his heart was stinging. "How can Commander in Chief in front be the fox in the soul battle arena?"

"Commander Shen, how is everything going?"

"Commander in Chief, do you still remember me?"

"We struggled jointly here! How can I forget it?"

Wuyou would never forget the brothers who once fought together in the bloody battle.

"Call me Wuyou."

"Commander in Chief is always our Commander in Chief. We will never forget you."

Wuyou's eyes were moist. These brothers who had gone through bloody struggles were growing up and experiencing in the course of time, changing from green boys to upright men with an indomitable spirit. And Wuyou herself also became a mature woman from a pure girl. "Now, I am the mother of the child, and we bear our own destinies. No matter how it will change, the brotherhood has penetrated into the blood."

"Commander in Chief Su, you still have to pay back the peach blossom wine you have owed to me."

"Just call me Chenyang. It is more comfortable. The peach blossom wine has been prepared. You just drink it at that time."

"It's a deal. Let's have a good drink and get big drunken then."

When seeing Commander in Chief again, Xiao Nai's eyes was full of gratitude. But for Commander in Chief's timely resue, Xiao Nai might not have been able to live any longer. It was getting late. Xiao Qi held Wuyou onto the imperial carriage, and Su Chenyang and Shen Chuya rode their spirit beasts respectively. They were ready to return to the Fairy Kingdom.

On the city tower, Phoenix's eyes were sore. She did not know when they would meet again after saying goodbye to them today. "Fox, Su Chenyang, we shall never meet afterwards."

"Father, I want to have a look in the human world."

Nascent Soul knew what his daughter was thinking about. "Su Chenyang is really a tribulation for my daughter!"

"Here is a token. Whenever you run into trouble, go to find your Grand Junior Uncle Grandmaster."

"No, I don't need it. What I fear most is to see Chidi. Father, from now on, you should take care of your own business and don't contact Chidi any longer. I am afraid you will be used by him and draw fire against yourself."

"I have followed Chidi for tens of thousands of years. Junior Uncle Grandmaster will not harm me."

"Father, I have to say some mean words first. If I find you followed Chidi to victimize others, I will disavow you as my father."

"Fine, start out early and start back early."

How could Nascent Soul take his daughter's words seriously? Junior Uncle Grandmaster was his backer, so how could he break up with Junior Uncle Grandmaster? And now Junior Uncle Grandmaster was about to return to his position. "I have to see Chidi now. I even don't know how everything is going on with him." Since the battle in the Fairy Kingdom, no answer was heard of him.

The human world was where the phoenix was eager to go. The prosperity of the capital city attracted Phoenix, while Su Chenyang, who was far away in the Fairy City, was also sent to the human world by Xiao Qi.

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