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"You... You're in the Core Forming Realm!"

The face of one disciple was twisted in horror as he questioned Xiao Chen in a trembling voice. Wasn't this sort of psychokinesis ability exclusive to Core Forming Realm cultivators?

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. "Guess." He then planted force into the multiple areas of their bodies with his fingers. With her hands over her eyes, Murong Xian'er cried, "Don't kill, Brother Xiao Chen!"

"Don't worry, Xian'er. I won't kill them."

The two disciples could no longer move and the Mystic Skill in their bodies were also sealed. With their faces as pale as ash, they trembled out of shock. "What... What do you want to do to us?"

Xiao Chen laughed. "Nothing much. You two wanted to go back as soon as possible to notify them, but do you think it's possible? Rest assured. Your acupuncture points will be automatically unsealed after twenty-four hours."

Xiao Chen had used the sealing technique of the Mystic Cyan Sect. They had no way of breaking through the technique with their cultivation. Xiao Chen then took the hand of Murong Xian'er and smiled gently at her. "Let's go, Xian'er."

Once they walked some distance away, Murong Xian'er suddenly stopped and whispered: "Brother Xiao Chen, I suddenly don't want to visit the outside world. Why don't we go back to the Jade Valley and play with the deers and bunnies?"

Xiao Chen stopped in his tracks and felt a sudden ache in his heart. Xian'er was ignorant of the world and the sinister hearts of humans. For her to encounter something like this as soon as she came out, he feared that it would leave her traumatized. He really shouldn't have gone out of his way to meet those two earlier.

He smiled gently at her. "Don't worry, Xian'er. Can you pretend that you didn't see what happened earlier?"

"But Xian'er is scared... Those two are bad guys who want to kill Brother Xiao Chen. I don't want to lose Brother Xiao Chen..." Her tears swiftly flowed as she spoke.

Xiao Chen squatted down and wiped the tears brimming in her eyes. He said softly, "Don't be afraid. There are actually even more good people outside. Why don't I take you to see a good person now?"

Murong Xian'er looked up at him. "Really? Don't lie to Xian'er."

"Hm. I'm not lying to Xian'er." Xiao Chen took a fairy fruit from his Divine Vessel and handed it to her. He then took out the Unsullied Immortal's Sword and brought her to the Moon-watch Peak.

Half an hour later, the flying sword landed on the Fullmoon Cliff. Xiao Chen smiled at the white-clothed woman with her hands clasped behind her back and walked over. "Master."

"Hm, I know. I'll go over later." Bai Ying was still looking in the direction that Xiao Chen traveled on his flying sword.

"Elder—Bai!" Xiao Chen once again yelled.

Bai Ying trembled ever so slightly before slowly turning around. She stared at him just like that for a long time. She belatedly noticed Murong Xian'er hiding behind him and asked, after a long pause, "Kid, did you have a fortuitous encounter?"

Xiao Chen was very disappointed over her reaction. Shouldn't she become ecstatic, rush over to hug him, and cry, "Wicked kid, I thought you were dead..."?

Murong Xianer hid behind him and said timidly, "Brother Xiao Chen, is this sister the good person that you talked about?"

"Brother Xiao Chen? Sister? Kid, since when did you have a younger sister?" Bai Ying walked over to them.

Murong Xian'er pulled tightly onto Xiao Chen's sleeves. Xiao Chen smiled. "Don't be afraid. She's the person who treats me second best in the world."

"Oh..." Only then did Murong Xian'er finally dare to step out and handed Bai Ying the fairy fruit in her hand. "Sister, this is for you."

Bai Ying took the fruit and looked at it. "This is..."

Xiao Chen caressed Murong Xian'er's hair and said softly, "Xian'er, go and play on your own for a while. Don't go near the cliff. I have something to tell this sister."

"Okay!" Murong Xian'er nodded cleverly before running off to the side to make a snowman.

Xiao Chen and Bai Ying went to the Moon-watch Pavilion, where he told her about everything that happened over the past three months. Bai Ying was stunned after hearing his tale. She then looked at the fairy fruit in her hand in a daze. "Wow! I didn't realize there's such a great thing below the Three Pure Sect!"

Xiao Chen jumped in a knee-jerk response. "Please! That's not the point! Why don't you care about your disciple's life and death? I was almost killed earlier, you know!"

"Stop the nonsense, kid. Hurry, give me several tens of catty of the fruits."

"Do you think this is cabbage? Moreover, they belong to Xian'er. Don't even dream about taking them."

Xiao Chen coughed twice. "Well, let's talk about business. What exactly is the place below?"

Bai Ying's expression gradually became more serious. She mulled over it for a long time before replying, "It's said that there's a large Earth Spiritual Meridian down there. One thousand years ago, an Immortal King descended to the world of mortals sealed the place with an Immortal-killing Formation. Moreover, he even had people establish the Three Pure Sect to guard it..."

She didn't seem to quite believe her own words at this point, either. "Dear God. I always thought Senior Brother made it up as a joke. I didn't think it would be true. So, it's an Immortal King who personally ordered for the establishment of the Three Pure Sect. No wonder it was considered one of the four major sects despite how bad it was..."

"Thousand years ago? The descent of an Immortal King? Earth Spiritual Meridian?"

It seemed that a lot of things happened a thousand years ago. Xiao Chen's expression gradually turned solemn. He knew a thing or two about the Earth Spiritual Meridian from reading ancient texts.

It was rumored that when heaven and earth were first opened, it came with twelve Earth Spiritual Meridians. This led to a dispute between the six worlds and continuous warfare. In the end, a great deity won seven Earth Spiritual Meridians for the Human World, making the Human World the place with the richest Spiritual Qi.

However, several large-scale wars broke out between human cultivators who wished to dominate the power of the meridians. Some of the Apotheosis Realm and Grand Completion Realm experts joined the wars as well.

"But I'm more interested in your younger sister, Xian'er." Bai Ying glanced at Murong Xian'er who was building a snowman before continuing, "Not even Nascent Soul Realm cultivators could get close to the Immortal-killing Formation. Just what is the origin of this little girl?"

Xiao Chen had no answer to that for now. He himself was confused. He thought that his grasp of offensive formations had exceeded that of others but unexpectedly, he was nothing compared to Xian'er.

In the past three months, he had deliberately laid down a lot of formations, but Murong Xian'er broke them all with the slightest of touches. He felt that he mustn't let too many people find out about that Xian'er had such an ability.

Half an hour later, Bai Ying said, "That's enough, kid. If you don't go over to the Black Dragon Peak now, I'm afraid that Mo Yu will take the quota."

Xiao Chen nodded. "Two months later, I'll find a way for Xian'er to enter the Violet Manor. Now I'll send Mo Yu and Chu Hanyan a surprise."

Soon after, the two of them walked out of the pavilion and went to Murong Xian'er. Xiao Chen smiled gently at her. "Let's go, Xian'er. I'll take you to an even more interesting place."

Thus, a short moment later, the three arrived at the Black Dragon Peak. The boisterous square was full of joy and enthusiasm. Mo Yu, dressed in a crimson robe, looked overjoyed. He was receiving etiquette on the high platform. Once the ceremony was over, he would formally become the disciple who would enter the Violet Manor.

Besides the five main Elders and Chu Hanyan, the other elders were also present below the platform. Everyone wore wide smiles. Mo Yu, now in Lv 5 Foundation Building Realm, was fully deserving of the right to enter the Violet Manor. No one could dispute it.

The disciples assembled at the square included all the Inner and Outer Disciples, all of them feeling incredibly envious of him.

Right at the liveliest moment, when the salute was about to rise to the sky, a sudden laugh came from outside the square. "Since it's so lively today, I must really come to offer my congratulations..."

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