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Everyone was familiar with Bai Ying's sharp tongue. The atmosphere instantly stiffened after her words and the air seemed to have gone completely still. People couldn't help trembling with fear after detecting the cold, murderous aura coming from Perfected Immortal Yunyin. They didn't even dare to exhale.

First Elder was particularly affected. He felt cold all over as if he had been thrown into an icehouse. Second Elder immediately addressed the man in midair with a smile. "Please contain your fury, Perfected Immortal. Our Junior Sister has always been this way. She has no intention of offending you." He shot Bai Ying meaningful looks as he spoke, indicating her not to annoy the man anymore.

He might not fear Yunyin but he represented the Skygale Sect. If a fight broke out when their Sect Leader wasn't around, their side stood no chance at all.

Perfected Immortal Yunyin scoffed. "I'm not angry! Where's the one who wounded my Inner Disciple, Xu Hao?"

"Here." Xiao Chen had also arrived in the square and swiftly joined Bai Ying's side.

"You're Xiao Chen?" Yunyin immediately looked at him coldly. The moment their eyes met, Xiao Chen felt a sudden sharp surge of Qi and blood. He felt as if his five viscera and six bowels were close to shattering and nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Bai Ying swiftly raised her arm, using her long sleeve to block Yunyin's line of sight. "Perfected Immortal Yunyin is also one of the Elders of the Cultivators' sects. Don't you found it beneath you to cast a mental attack on someone of the younger generation?"

It took a while for Xiao Chen to recover. He couldn't help feeling horrified. Was this the difference in their strengths? The man could easily kill him with a single look.

By then, Luo Shangyan, Xiao Han, and the others had gathered. Mo Yu and Chu Hanyan had also appeared from the other side. Perfected Immortal Yunyi's expression darkened as his gaze swiftly fell on Chu Hanyan, surprised that she was able to attain the Core Forming Realm at such a young age. Could Chu Hanyan be the disciple that the Three Pure Sect would send to the Violet Manor?

The other Elders on the ground took notice as well. Chu Hanyan was perhaps the only one who could strike a little fear into Yunyin at the moment. First Elder immediately greeted her. "You're here, Hanyan."

Chu Hanyan nodded at him before turning to look coldly at the man in midair. "How should I address you, senior? Why did you break into the Three Pure Sect today?"

Perfected Immortal Yunyin trembled ever so slightly, thinking she had indeed returned from the Violet Manor and that her identity wasn't so simple. He couldn't help feeling a little frightened. "Xiao Chen hurt my Inner Disciple. I must bring him back to my sect for a trial."

Chu Hanyan glanced indifferently at Xiao Chen before replying coolly, "Sure. However, if you dare destroy even a stalk of a flower or a blade of grass in the Three Pure Sect today, I'll definitely pay your sect a visit someday."

Her words were even more dignified than First Elder and caught by Perfected Immortal Yunyin by surprise. This girl was certainly under the tutelage of someone significant in the Violet Manor. It was better for him to not provoke her. Besides, his only purpose today was to take Xiao Chen away. "I'm only here to take people away and will not damage your sect in any way."

The moment he made this remark, all the disciples in the square were secretly relieved. Simultaneously, they gained a new-found respect for Chu Hanyan. The Skygale Sect might be able to disregard the Three Pure Sect but they had to be respectful of her.

This was the reason why, in the past hundreds of years, the major sects had tried to send their outstanding disciples to the Violet Manor.

Right then, the male disciple standing behind Perfected Immortal Yunyin moved forward on his flying sword. He looked at Xiao Chen. "Let's go. If you're innocent, we'll send you back."

Xiao Chen's heart went still. These people must have discovered that he possessed twelve Spiritual Meridians. Once he went with them today, he would certainly not return.

"Wait a minute. He's my disciple. Who are you to take him away as you please?"

Bai Ying looked up to shoot Perfected Immortal Yunyin an icy glare. First Elder immediately reproached her. "Silence! Didn't you hear that he'll be sent back as long as he's innocent?"

Bai Ying sneered. "Do you really think of yourself as the head of all immortals in the Human World, to break in and take away a person as you please?"

Perfected Immortal Yunyin replied coolly, "Oh? Elder Bai, does this mean you're unwilling to hand him over?"

Bai Ying smiled. "I can hand him over, but only according to the rules. You can make your demand after defeating me, his master."

A commotion instantly broke out in the square. Perfected Immortal Yunyin was already at Lv 6 Core Forming Realm, only one step away from entering the late stage of the realm. Not even First Elder had the courage to charge forward. Wouldn't she, who was merely in the Foundation Building Realm, be digging her own grave? After all, casualties were a non-factor in a duel between members of the Cultivators' sects.

Second Elder's expression changed drastically as he recalled the great calamity that he had previously deduced for her. He said hastily, "Junior Sister! You mustn't!"

Perfected Immortal Yunyin smiled coolly. "I've long heard of Elder Bai's one-of-kind skills in the entire cultivation realm. This is fine, too. I'll experience for myself Elder Bai's invention, the Wisdom-forsaking Technique."

He looked at the two disciples behind him. "Go down and watch carefully. Elder Bai rarely gets into duels with others. Take this opportunity to observe carefully." His words were laced with obvious sarcasm.

"Yes! Master!" The two immediately flew to the ground on their swords and looked at Bai Ying with obvious disdain.

Xiao Chen didn't say much either. He was worried that the old Yinyun would take advantage of Bai Ying's recent weakness to heavily injure her. He immediately offered her the Unsullied Sword. "Master."

"No need. Why would I need a Legendary Weapon to deal with a scum who uses elixirs to build his cultivation?" Bai Ying pushed his sword away. Then, with a point of her toe, she flew up a big tree. When she returned, she had a twig about two-thirds of a meter long in her hand.

Everyone below was dumbfounded. The master and disciple were truly alike. Moreover, she even called an Elder of the Cultivators' sects a scum. She was probably the only one who would dare to say so.

Bai Ying looked at Perfected Immortal Yunyin and saw that he was livid. She smiled and said, "Don't misunderstand me, Perfected Immortal Yunyin. I'm not aiming at you. I mean that everyone in your Skygale Sect is a scum!"

"You!" Perfected Immortal Yunyin suppressed his anger. He thought, "You're merely trying to affect my mood by deliberately angering me with your words. But isn't that too naive of you?"

With a clanging sound, an Immortal's Sword glowing with golden light floated in front of him. He saw that the blade and hilt of the sword were fused together and appeared to be gleaming under the sun. This was the Golden Clouds of Heaven and Earth Sword, an Upper-grade Spiritual Treasure. The sword perfectly harmonized the Origin of Heaven and Earth Arts that Yunyin cultivated and gave him a significant boost in power.

In the battle between good and evil in Qishan that year, Perfected Immortal Yunyin swiped all of his enemies with this sword, killing countless demonic members of the Devils' sects. That battle made him famous and lifted him to the position of an Elder of the Skygale Sect.

Countless disciples below could feel the terrifying power of the sword. When they looked at a winding branch in Bai Ying's hands, they couldn't help being aghast.

Perfected Immortal Yunyin sneered. "Since you like to gamble, why don't we make a bet today? If you win against my Golden Clouds Sword with a branch today, I'll let you deal with me as you please..."

Bai Ying sneered before he could even finish and pointed the branch at him. She said coolly, "You sure talk a lot! I have only this to say: If you lose, scram!"

The disciples of the Three Pure Sect had long become familiar with her powerful aura and sharp words. Even their Sect Leader seemed to have gone into closed-door cultivation and hid for half a year because of her words.

Perfected Immortal Yunyin couldn't be any more furious than if he tried. He said in a low voice, "So be it..."

The other Elders frowned deeply. First Elder immediately made a magical twirl with his fingers and a massive shadow suddenly enveloped the ground. The clouds high up in the sky dispersed to reveal a floating island. It was a cloud platform created out of a formation, meant to be used for duels between people at the rank of Elders. Battles involving people in the Core Forming Realm were no ordinary battles. Once it broke out, it was likely to involve innocent people. Thus, the battle platform must be set at a high altitude.

When Perfected Immortal Yunyin raised his head to look at the floating island, he couldn't help hesitating. This was the Three Pure Sect. The common saying went that strong dragons were no match for local snakes, after all. What if these people join hands to attack him?

"There's no need to worry, Perfected Immortal. Though the Three Pure Sect is small, we wouldn't use treacherous methods like members of the Devils' sects," First Elder said.

The Cultivators' sects had always been distinct from the Devil's Practice. Since the Three Pure Sect had given their assurance, Perfected Immortal Yunyin naturally put aside his worries. He moved his fingers to cast a spell and then flew toward the floating platform.

With a deepening frown, Xiao Chen said in a small voice, "Can you do it? If you really can't, I'll just leave with them." It wasn't that he was worried that Bai Ying couldn't defeat the enemy. Rather, she had been in a trance lately and her health was weak. He was worried that Yunyin, the old Taoist, would take the chance to kill her.

Bai Ying chuckled. "Just watch, boy, lest you don't accept the greatness of my Wisdom-forsaking Technique." She made a little tap with her toe and leaped up to the floating platform in the sky.

Xiao Chen clutched his fingers. His eyebrows were so tightly knitted that a drop of cold sweat appeared. A terrible sense of foreboding lingered in his mind. He looked at Mo Yu and Chu Hanyan, who stood at a distance. Both wore indifferent expressions.

Second Elder, Xingzhen Xi, had already placed a Mirrored Grand Formation near the floating platform. The formation would clearly reflect the movements of the two people in the vision of everyone below.

Bai Ying stood beautifully amid the wind, with the branch in her hand pointed at the ground. There was no emotion on her face. With her fluttering clothing, she looked a fairy of the mirrored lake.

Perfected Immortal Yunyin looked solemn, worrying over why his opponent appeared so confident and composed. Could it be that her companions would cause trouble later? He couldn't help feeling a little regretful at this moment. They were currently above Lingtai Mountain. He shouldn't have acted so rashly. He should've gone outside of the mountain for the match but he was too ashamed to bring that up now.

"Are you ready?!" Bai Ying suddenly bellowed.

Her voice nearly startled Perfected Immortal Yunyin, who swiftly recovered his senses. He couldn't help feeling a twinge in his heart. Why was this person still so calm in the face of an opponent in the Core Forming Realm? Could she be hiding her strength all along and that she was already in the late stage of the Core Forming Realm?

The more he thought about it, the more chaotic his mind became. He continued to move his fingers to cast spells. His Golden Clouds Sword emitted a cry and instantly transformed into a long golden light that charged at his opponent. All of a sudden, a strong gust of wind swept the floating platform and Sword Qi stormed the area. The clouds within a few miles of the platform scattered in an instant.

The overwhelming might of the Core Forming Realm excited the disciples below. A realm-transcending challenge was something that they wouldn't even dare to dream about. In a flash, they broke into enthusiastic discussions.

"Is it finally beginning? No doubt he's an Elder of the Skygale Sect! That attack alone is enough to surpass a great number of people!"

"There's no way that Elder Bai could withstand that attack, right? Will the outcome be decided with a single move? Sure enough, the Core Forming Realm and the Foundation Building Realm can't be discussed in the same breath."

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