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"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You were still able to strut in front of him just several months ago but all you can do is use tricks behind his back..."

Mo Yu suddenly turned around after hearing the familiar voice. His eyes turned cold. "What are you here?!"

"I'm here to check on a stray dog, of course."

A figure materialized out of thin air and hovered several meters away from Mo Yu. The person was clothed in black and had his face covered, concealing his looks.

Mo Yu clenched his fists so tightly that his bones creaked. "Who are you referring to...?" he asked in a terrifyingly gloomy voice.

"You, of course. Don't you think that you're like a stray dog right now?" the masked man replied with a faint smile.

"You seek death!" Mo Yu abruptly invoked the True Energy within his body and threw an explosive punch at the man. The whistling of wind resounded but just as his fist was about to hit the masked man's body, the latter suddenly disappeared into thin air. Then, in a flash, he reappeared behind Mo Yu and sent him flying with a kick.

A loud thump reverberated in the air. Mo Yu crashed into a large stone, causing it to the shatter into pieces. He sneered and lay on the ground, not even feeling like getting back on his feet.

"Hehe, you want me to fight me? You're still lacking 10 years of cultivation. You've overestimated your capabilities." The masked man's voice was hollow as if it had come from another domain.

Mo Yu wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and sneered. "It's not up to you to teach a member of the Mo Family a lesson!"

"Mo Family? The legends of your family have long become a part of the past. Without me, you're just rubbish." With a flick, the masked man sent a black pill flying. It landed next to Mo Yu's thigh. Then, with a flick of his sleeves, the masked man disappeared.

Looking at the dark pill lying next to his thigh, Mo Yu clenched his fists even harder. Then, with a punch, he crushed the block of stone next to him into smithereens.

When night fell, he returned to his courtyard in low spirits. In the dark of the night, a figure stood amidst the shadows. It was a green-clothed old man with a head of snow-white hair and hands clasped behind his back. Mo Yu immediately raised his head. "Grandfather! Why are you here?!"

The green-clothed old man turned around, revealing his incredibly imposing expression. He said solemnly, "Yu'er, what's wrong with you? Are you unable to accept such a small setback?"

Mo Yu lowered his head, unable to express the bitterness in his heart.

"Raise your head! Tell me! Tell me what's your surname!" the old man suddenly bellowed in a solemn voice.

"I'm... I'm surnamed Mo..."

"Speak louder!"

"I'm surnamed Mo!"

"Very good." The old man walked over to him and pressed down on his shoulders. "Remember that before one can become strong, he's bound to experience countless obstacles. If one can't even overcome such insignificant setback, he'll forever only be stuck as other people's stepping stones! This is like every single person in the Human World!"

The old man raised his head after speaking, looking at the mountain range that was shrouded in darkness. "Back then, our Mo Family is one of the six large ancient aristocratic families of the Violet Manor. Our ancestors had ruled over the universe. Never mind mere Core Forming Realm cultivators, cultivators of the Nascent Soul Realm, Nirvana Realm, Apotheosis Realm, and Grand Completion Realm, even the legendary Immortal King, had to show some respect to our Mo Family!"

He then exhaled a long sigh. He looked at Mo Yu and said with heartfelt emotions, "Unfortunately, our family encountered that person and ended up landing on the Human World. Our clansmen suffered great ordeals, unable to ever return to the Violet Manor. On the other hand, you're the only one in our family to possess a complete True Dragon Bloodline! Only you have the capability to enter the Violet Manor! Only you can break that person's control and allow our clansmen to return to the Violet Manor!"

"I... I understand!" Mo Yu said, his fists tightly clenched.

The old man nodded. "Your opponents shouldn't be dwellers of the Human World, but the other five clans of the Violet Manor, especially that Su Family..." His eyes became filled with hatred when he brought this up. "With the cultivation method of our Mo Family, you'll be able to swiftly enter the Core Forming Realm when the time reaches. Perhaps even the Nascent Soul Realm, Nirvana Realm, Apotheosis Realm, and Grand Completion Realm! When you return to the Human World again, you'll realize that everyone here, including Bai Ying, could do nothing but look up to you!"

Mo Yu clenched his fists tightly. "I'll definitely not disappoint the hopes of our clansmen!" "I'll definitely fight for the quota for the Violet Manor this time!"

The old man nodded and said with his eyes closed, "Is that person called Xiao Chen...?" Then, he spoke as if he was muttering to himself, "Be careful of him. Of the six ancient aristocratic families, there's a Xiao Family..."

Mo Yu replied, "I've once sent someone to investigate his identity. He's just the child of a martial arts aristocratic family, not enough to cause concern."

The old man gave a gentle nod. "Alright. It's getting late. I need to go back. Oh, I've also invited a person to come here to help you." With that, he turned around and left.

"Invited someone to come here and help me? Who is it?"

"You'll find out when the time comes. I want you to also stop communicating with those people from small demonic sects, lest you taint your status." The old man then disappeared in the dark of the night.

Three more days passed. Today, under Cheng Ying's guidance, Xiao Chen basically toured the entire Full Moon Peak. Compared to the other main peaks, the Full Moon Peak could only be described as "disgraceful". Not only was its hall shabby and its servants pitifully few, even the mess hall had not been lit up for quite a few years. The disciples could only have their meals at the mess halls of other peaks.

However, the one good thing about the place was how quiet and secluded it was, especially at night. The bright moon would hang overhead, so close that it almost seemed within reach. Under the moonlight, there would always be a beautiful white-clothed woman in the Full Moon Pavilion, sighing to the moon.

Just like that, she would stand alone in the pavilion, sighing to the moon. It was a great contrast to the Bai Ying in front of everyone on any other day. Perhaps this person was her true self and she was using appearances to conceal her heart, fragileness, sorrow, uneasiness...

Even though Xiao Chen was now an Inner Disciple, he was still more used to living in the little courtyard atop the Sunset Peak. When the three princes heard that he was promoted, they happily brought a group of "subordinates" to congratulate him. These days, even the Elders Wu, Song, and Liu treated him with deference.

Today, when noon had just passed and the shadow of the trees was slanting, Xiao Chen changed into neat clothes. He thought to himself that he was being too impolite for not paying Bai Ying a visit even after three days had passed. After allowing Lil Ruo to neatly comb his hair, he headed for the Full Moon Peak.

Xiao Chen could be considered as rather familiar with the terrain of the Full Moon Peak. Passing through a small palace, walking along a promenade, crossing over several flower-viewing pavilions, he finally arrived outside a small house. He knocked on the door. "I'm Disciple Xiao Chen. Are you there, Third Elder?"

Moments later, a voice thick with sleep came from the rear of the house. "Oh, oh. Come in."

Xiao Chen pushed the door lightly and entered the house at once. Immediately, a delicate fragrance assailed his nostrils. His heartbeat quickened and hot blood rushed to his head as he flushed with excitement...

He saw Bai Ying reclining on a small carved couch and slowly fanning herself with a little fan. Her two snow-white thighs were on display and her slender waist could be faintly discernable, even her chest...

I...! Even if it's summer, you shouldn't expose so much of yourself! Xiao Chen turned around at once and said incoherently, "I... I don't have the intention of offending you! Please don't blame me, Elder!"

"Who?!" Just then, Bai Ying had fully awakened from her state of drowsiness. When she saw that it was Xiao Chen, she said unhurriedly, "I thought a wolf from the mountain had barged in..."

While speaking, she was already walking toward him. Standing behind him, she yawned and said, "Youngster, what's up?"

Xiao Chen carefully turned around. The fiery emotions that he had firmly suppressed suddenly rushed to his head once again when he saw her bare feet in front of him. She had yet to pull up the lapel sliding off her left shoulder. He said awkwardly, "Can... Can you first fix your clothes, Elder? In case someone sees this and misunderstands..."

"If there's no desire in your heart, you bear no guilt. But in the past 10 years, no one has dared to barge into women's rooms. Youngster, you're quite daring, aren't you? Who told you to come in?"

Xiao Chen smiled wryly. "Didn't you tell me to come in earlier, Elder?"

Bai Ying rubbed her temples. "Oh, is that so? Since you've come in, then just let it be."

Xiao Chen glanced at the messy little room, the mirror standing on its slide on the dressing table, the small sword lying messily below the desk, as well as clothes that he was unsure if washed or unwashed thrown on the wooden bench. Where could he find a place to sit?

Noticing him observing her room, Bai Ying immediately took a step back in retreat. "Youngster, I'm telling you not to look anymore. I don't have any magic treasure for you. You..." Her voice turned quieter and quieter.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly, unable to find words. Was this truly one of the five Elders of Three Pure Sect? Moments later, he said, "That's right! Third Elder..."

Bai Ying glanced at him. "Aren't you going to call me your master?"

"This..." A difficult expression crossed Xiao Chen's face. Bai Ying waved a hand. "Sigh, forget it! Us cultivators aren't concerned about trifles." She then came closer until she was right up in front of his face. "That person must be very important to you?"

Since things had come to this point, Xiao Chen believed that Bai Ying had long guessed the truth. It was no longer necessary to hide it from her. He heaved a sigh. "Yes. She's the one who treats me the best in this entire world. But I don't even know where she is right now. The only goal that keeps me alive is to find her, even if I end up with my body and soul destroyed..."

Gradually, Xiao Chen sank into a state of deep emotions. It had been a millennium and the Immortals and Devils had long been destroyed. He still had no idea if his master was dead or alive. Everything that happened back then left not even the slightest clue. Where should he go to find her...

"Could this be the legendary master-disciple romance? Did you fall in love with your own master? What a breach of societal norms..." Bai Ying stared fixedly at him and came a little closer.

Xiao Chen immediately waved his hand and smiled bitterly. "That, well, you misunderstood. It's not what you're thinking, Elder!"

Bai Ying came right up to him with an expression that cried "deep murderous aura". Narrowing her eyes, she said, "Tell me her name and sect. I'll go and exterminate her now, so you can break free from your desires..."

Xiao Chen smiled wryly but he was soon sighing. "It's not that I'm unwilling to tell you. It's just that there are too many complications in this matter. You won't believe me even if I tell you."

"Oh, is that so?" Bai Ying's tone suddenly turned solemn, even somewhat cold. "So your goal in coming to Three Pure Sect is entering the Violet Manor?"

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