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Many Xiao Family disciples saw this and started to chatter, "Is Undead Chen crazy? Is he trying to die again? Yeah, it can't be wrong. He failed to commit suicide last time, and he must be seeking death from the Immortals!"

Xiao Yifan had already been scared as hell. Regardless of the danger, he ran his Internal Strength and rushed to Xiao Chen like a lightning bolt. However, a 30-meter-long Sword Qi with white radiance suddenly descended from above and blocked him back again.

With a huge rumble, the Sword Qi cut off the path between the Rainbow Pavilion and mountaintop, revealing a 30-meter-wide gorge. As good as his lightness skill was, he was not able to cross the gorge under the strong wind.

Seeing the only son madly running to the mountaintop with the possibility of being killed every second, he almost collapsed, shouting, "Chen'er, come back! I'll go beg for the elders! They won't kick you out of the family..."

But Xiao Chen could not hear a thing. Even if he heard the words, he won't turn back because this was his only chance. He had to get to the highest mountaintop to let the Core Forming Realm Cultivators notice him.

All of a sudden, a boulder smashed at him. The Xiao Family disciples down below cried out in horror. Xiao Yifan was even frightened out of his wits. The moment the boulder crushed Xiao Chen, his heart died as he trembled and fell on the ground. He murmured, "Chen'er... Chen'er..."

In the distance, every Xiao Family disciple stared agape. Although they had usually bullied Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen was one of the Xiao Family. Their hearts ached upon seeing his miserable death, possibly because they had no one to bully anymore.

However, after a short while, the boulder moved as Xiao Chen crawled out. Despite the wounds all over his body, he was still alive. Everyone gasped upon seeing this. Xiao Chen's "Undead Body" lived up to its reputation.

Xiao Yifan's face lit up as he shouted, "Chen'er, hide! Quickly!"

But Xiao Chen could hear nothing but buzzing sounds. He only wanted to do one thing! It was to reach the mountaintop as fast as he could because the two Core Forming Realm Cultivators might leave here any minute.

He shook his feet and continued frantically rushing to the mountaintop. The Xiao Family disciples were shocked and shouted, "Hey! Don't go there, Undead Chen! We won't bully you anymore!"

A dozen elders' faces also changed. They were not worried about his death but his offending the Immortals. One of the elders shouted, "Xiao Chen, come back! We can give you three more years!"

The wind was howling as the stones were showering. Xiao Chen could not hear a word. Even if he did, he would not turn his back. This was his only chance. The two Immortals would not notice him unless he reached the top.

However, when he proceeded for just 250 meters, another stroke of power violently pushed him against the stone wall hard.

Well-built as him, he could not help spurting out a mouthful of blood. But he did not stop and continued running to the top. He had to get there as soon as possible before they left!

Xiao Yifan stopped shouting and seemed to realized something. Xiao Chen was definitely not doing this to commit suicide, and he must have a plan.

At this moment, he just silently watched his son being blown away by the strong wind and then rose up time and time again. He now became certain that if his son survived today, his son would definitely amount to something!

He prayed inwardly, "The moment this kid was born, there was an ominous sign in the sky. Good gods in heaven, I pray to thee, please spare my son. I'm willing to trade my life with his..."

In about half an hour, Xiao Chen finally made it to the mountaintop. He was exhausted and heavily wounded; his white clothes were stained with blood. But the two Immortals did not notice him, who was just an insignificant existence.

"Please stop fighting!"

Although he knew this was ridiculous, he had the slightest hope and shouted the words in the common language of thousands of years ago.

The result was obvious. The two people ignored him. He then shouted again with the language in this life, and they still ignored him.

He shouted again and again. However, the two engaged Immortals would not risk their lives to answer him. Therefore, he picked up a piece of stone and threw it to the sky, trying to catch their attention. But he did not have the strength to throw it high enough. Even if he did, the stone would be shattered by the strong wind.

The Xiao Family disciples were dumbstruck. "Is he really crazy?" A dozen elders looked worse.

Finally, Xiao Chen's strength was drained as he weakly fell on the ground. He just watched the fight in the sky, ignoring the scattering Sword Qi falling aside that could destroy him into nothingness.

The fight in the sky now became more violent with turbulent True Energy, and numerous mountaintops were sliced off. All of a sudden, a few rows of Sword Qi in different colors appeared in the sky, and each of them was more than 30 meters long. They then instantly combined into a white, huge sword. This sword was the enlarged version of the woman's sword.

The huge sword glowed with a dazzling white radiance as if it contained the power that could destroy heaven and earth. It slashed downward and the sky darkened. The cyan-robed elder swiftly moved fingers and chanted spells to transform the duster in his hand into a huge golden net that covered the incoming Sword Qi.

The woman's face turned pale because she was feeble after having spent too much True Energy. The cyan-robed elder caught the chance and swept his duster, casting out six rows of white radiance. He kept chanting spells as the white radiance instantly surrounded the woman in white.

"Oh no!" It was too late for the woman to escape as she was trapped by the six light beams, which were covered with partly hidden and partly visible talismans. No matter how hard she stroked, nothing happened on the light beams.

Xiao Chen's eyes shone as he immediately recognized the Sixfold Trap Formation, which was specifically used to trap people. In his last life, he was proficient at formations, hence he was able to recognize this formation on sight.

The cyan-robed elder's eyes burst out cold light, and he said, "Miss Mu, my sect holds no grudge against you. Why did you steal our Closing-sky Mirror!?"

The woman in white smiled coldly and said, " What? Transcendent Immortal Tianyun, you hunted me from Violet Manor to this Human World, only for this?" She stroked at the light beams after saying so.

The cyan-robed elder said coldly, "Save your strength. This formation is the exclusive skill of our sect, and nobody had ever escaped from it. Hand over the Closing-sky Mirror and I won't punish you since it's the first time that you do this. Otherwise, after three quarters, you will be turned into blood and perish!"

Xiao Chen was frightened upon hearing this. As a Cultivator, this old man had a heavy murderous aura. His words were true though, this woman stood no chance of surviving today.

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen started to recall the method to crack this formation. He then waved his hand and the woman inside the formation finally noticed him in a miserable condition.

The opportunity had come! He raised his volume as much as he could and shouted, "Miss, listen! The Qian (Heaven) is ☰, the Kun (Earth) is ☷, the Li (Flame) is ☲, and the Kan (Water) is ☵..."

Numerous Xiao Family disciples down below were dumbfounded. "What is he talking about? Is he teaching the Immortals how to fight? He must be crazy for sure!"

Suddenly, the cyan-robed elder looked at him coldly. He then swept his duster as the clouds dispersed and an unmatched power dashed downward.

In the frightened cries of countless disciples, a figure suddenly flew toward the mountaintop and then flashed back. Subsequently, with a huge rumble, the mountaintop was completely smashed.

When the crowd came to their senses, Xiao Chen was already in the Rainbow Pavilion, and an old man in a light red robe stood beside him. This man was Xiao Chen's grandfather, Xiao Changfeng, who was also the chieftain of the Xiao Family, and his martial arts achievement was unfathomable.

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