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Chapter 115: Presumptuous Men!

When he could no longer endure, Xueluo grabbed an ashtray from his room and threw it out the window. The Ferrari was very fast, it did not hit the car, but instead landed on the lawn.

"Feng Xinglang, you bastard!" Xueluo was anxious and angry, but there was nothing he could do. He could only watch as the man left.

Not long after Feng Xinglang left, Xueluo heard the sound of someone knocking on the door. Then, a small door on the heavy anti-theft door opened, and Xueluo heard Nanny An calling out to him anxiously, "Madam … "Madam …"

Hearing Nanny An's call, Xueluo immediately ran over, "Nanny An, can I ask you to open the door for me? I have to go to school. "

"Madam, the only key to the Sunlight House has been taken by the Second Young Master. "Sigh …" Nanny An sighed.

"The only key? Butler Mo didn't do it? " Xueluo was startled.

"No!" This sunny room was used by the Lord to lock the Second Young Master. After the Master left, the Second Young Master took the key away. He wouldn't let anyone in! He himself occasionally comes in to take a look. " The Nanny An explained.

"Then... Then what should he do? Am I locked in there by him? Nanny An, can I trouble you to find a locksmith to open the door? " Xueluo pleaded.

Who knows when that man will come back? If he didn't come back today, wouldn't she be locked up here for one day and one night? The point was, even if he did come back, he might not even open the door and let her out!

What a violent, rude, and unreasonable man!

She was his sister-in-law! It was simply outrageous to lock her up like that!

The problem was that Xueluo did not know why this man suddenly had his beast heart lock onto her. And without any warning!

A man like him, if placed in the ancient times, would definitely be a tyrant!

"Madam, don't be impatient yet. I brought you your favorite rice porridge and sweet potato pancakes, you eat first. "Don't be angry." Nanny An brought the tray in.

"Nanny An, I really can't eat this! I'm going crazy with anxiety! How could he, Feng Xinglang, treat my sister-in-law like this? Are there still any laws? "

Reminiscing in pain, Xueluo calmed himself down and said confidently: "Nanny An, you should call the police!"

"Reporting... Call the police? This … That's not so good, is it? " Nanny An was shocked. Wasn't it a little too much for this couple to be making a ruckus to the point that they wanted to call the police?

"What's wrong with that?" He, Feng Xinglang, had been illegally detained! Nanny An, help me. " Xueluo pleaded once again.

"How about... Why don't I go and discuss it with First Young Master first? " The Nanny An was at his wit's end.

Xueluo thought about it, then nodded his head. Okay, okay. I'll wait for you. "

After all, there was still the First Young Master Feng Lixin here. He was her 'husband,' and he should be the judge of her 'wife'.

In the treatment room, Feng Lixin had just taken off the breathing machine.

"Xueluo and Xinglang, why are they in an uproar again? Get a locksmith and open the door. Otherwise, we'll just knock on the door. "

Just as Xueluo had expected: Feng Lixin was following her.

"Alright, I'll go look for someone to unlock it." Nanny An agreed, "First Young Master, this time Second Madame and Second Young Master are really happy! It's been three days since we started following each other, and they were together again last night. When my wife returned early in the morning, she went to look for some contraceptives, which I exchanged for vitamins. "Counting the date, it happens to be at the prime time of the wife's ovulation period."

Because he was so focused on his wife's pregnancy, Nanny An was about to become a pregnancy expert!

"Really? That's great! Nanny An, you must take good care of Xueluo! Xinglang is about to have a son, I'm really happy for him! "

Feng Lixin could not suppress his joy, and started to sob.

The reason he had forcefully given Xueluo to his brother Feng Xinglang was so that he could become pregnant with Feng Xinglang's child as soon as possible. It was a good thing that after he died, he had a new bond to hold onto Feng Xinglang's heart of hatred.

In Feng Lixin's opinion, being born into flesh and blood was far more intimate than his big brother.

"Don't worry First Young Master, I will take good care of Mrs. Xueluo. It's good that Second Young Master has a son, but Nanny An is looking forward to see if you can have one too. Then I can comfort the old master and the old lady's spirits in heaven! " Nanny An's eyes were filled with tears.

Feng Lixin laughed desolately. His handsome appearance had long since changed. It looked really sinister and eerie.

Feng Lixin turned his head slightly to the side and saw that the woman beside the bed was called Lan Youyou, and her smile was like a spirit that had strayed into the human world, so beautiful that it made his emotions run deep.

How could he have any other children? Feng Lixin only hoped to die with Lan Youyou as soon as possible. Heaven or hell, he would find her. Tell her how much he missed her: every day, every minute, every second.

Youyou, wait for me … I'm coming!

Maybe Feng Lixin never thought that the beautiful elf in his heart, was neither in heaven nor hell, but was instead trapped in the human world.

A thick chain was locking her up, making her look especially pitiful.

What's more, it was a beautiful woman, making him feel pity for her!

When Feng Xinglang came in, he was eating an elegant meal. After bathing, she was even more charming. Those eyes were especially charming. Even if they were looking straight at someone, especially at a man, they would have the illusion that this woman was always flirting with them.

The dinner was sumptuous. Almost all of them were Lan Youyou's favorite food. Salmon, Pick-up clam, beef and willow, and even the famous mushroom and three fresh cookers of Qicheng pavilion.

It would be hard for him to have such tender feelings for her.

"I thought you were going to stop eating and protest." Feng Xinglang coldly snorted.

He knew that although Lan Youyou looked extremely weak on the surface, she was so delicate that she looked like a pear blossom carrying the rain, but deep down, she was extremely fierce. For example, she could play with every kind of hunger strike, pulse cutting, self-torture, etc.

But I didn't expect Lan Youyou to actually chuckle, "You, Feng Xinglang, are still alive, how can I bear to die!"

"..." This woman was much harder to deal with than Lin Xueluo that kind Lil 'White.

"Brother Lang, let's eat together?" Ye Xiaonian had already brought the dishes in front of Feng Xinglang.

For some reason, Ye Shi Nian was always worried that Feng Xinglang would suddenly use violence against him. No matter how heinous Lan Youyou was, she was still a weak girl. She would definitely make Ye Xiaonian have the heart to be a hero and save the beauty.

After working in the office all day, he had only dealt with a few things in the office at noon. After all, they were just carbohydrates in the body. He took the bowl and chopsticks from Ye Xiaonian and started to eat with him.

Dinner accompanied by Feng Xinglang, should be an enjoyable meal with the appetite coming out; but Lan Youyou stopped eating and stared at Feng Xinglang. More accurately, it was looking at his neck.

"You were used by a woman last night?"

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