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Chapter 771: Golden Frieza

Seeing Vegeta’s dark red hair, which looks very much similar to a Super Saiyan God, Goku said in surprise, “Vegeta, have you made a breakthrough to Divine Realm too?”

“Humph, of course! I’ve surpassed you again.”

Vegeta’s lips curled up as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Hearing his words, Goku’s eyes began to glow, his blood boiling: “Then let’s fight.” Fighting against Whis, he couldn’t experience the feeling of blood boiling, because he was one-sidedly beaten up. However, now that Vegeta has broken through, how could he miss this opportunity?

“Haa…” With a low shout, Goku transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and his strength climbed to the peak of the first level of Divine Realm.


Vegeta burst into loud laughter and suddenly, a blazing cold light erupted out from his eyes. The energy flowing within his body began to stir crazily, the violent energy raising a strong whirlwind. Suddenly, a powerful storm swept out in all directions.

Swoosh! The two looked at each other for a while. Suddenly, the ground shattered without any warning and the two of them disappeared almost at the same time.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

While laughing crazily, Vegeta and Goku engaged in a fierce battle on God of Destruction’s Planet.

Because neither of the two had entered Divine Realm by relying purely on the power of Realm, they were not quiet and silent when fighting. The fiery fight was like the collision between Super Saiyans in the past, full of violent collisions of powers.

Soon the fight between the two people shifted from land to high in the sky. Two bright rays of light, parallel to each other, occasionally collided and rushed from the ground to the sky together, before returning back to the ground from sky, and then quickly separated. Each collision only lasted for a short while, but it was like flashing electric arcs and they fiercely exchanged no less than thousand blows.

Rumble! !

One after another huge fireballs rose and as if stars had exploded, terrifying energy shot outward.

If anyone went even a little closer, they would be directly burned to ashes.

Thump, thump, Whis’ expression was calm as he struck down the scepter and an invisible force annihilated all their energies. Calmly watching Goku and Vegeta fight, Whis shook his head with a faint smile on his face.

“Vegeta and Goku, although they didn’t enter the Divine Realm using conventional means, their strength is not weaker than the first level of the Divine Realm.”

It should be said that Vegeta and Goku at this time are already stronger than an ordinary expert at the first level of Divine Realm, and have strength close to the second level of the Divine Realm. Of course, this is also because the strength disparity between first level and second level of Divine Realm is not that big.

The fight lasted for about ten minutes before both of them exhausted their energy. Compared with the Super Saiyan God, whether it was Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue or Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Red, their recovery ability was a lot worse.

“Okay, you both should stop the fight here.”

When the two of them were about to run out of strength, Whis blocked their attacks and imprisoned them and threw them to the ground.

Looking at the planet full of holes, Whis shook his head in helplessness. Each and every one of them only knows reckless destruction, and does not understand the true meaning of Divine Realm at all.

After casting a technique to restore the ground to its original state, Whis looked at them and said solemnly: “You two have already reached Divine Realm, but because it’s not something you achieved using conventional method, you’d better not use your powers till you are completely exhausted when fighting. You should at least leave behind a little bit of it in your body, otherwise you won’t be able to maintain the Divine Realm, and the burden of forceful eruption will directly cause your body to collapse.”

“Umm, thank you very much.” Goku, who had regained some strength, thanked him.

“…” Vegeta exited the dark-red form and watched quietly, his physical strength was slightly better than Goku.

“Kakarrot, I’ve once again won.”

“Hey, your form just now was so powerful. Your strength is clearly around the same as mine, but your recovery ability is much stronger than mine.” Rather than being frustrated by the defeat, Goku instead cared more about Vegeta’s form.

The corners of Vegeta’s mouth curled up, “That’s Super Saiyan Red(dark-red) that I researched based on my own situation. Because half of my powers are Realm, its recovery ability is stronger than yours.”

“Amazing!” Goku’s eyes lit up in interest.

In fact, Goku’s Super Saiyan God form’s recovery ability is much better than Vegeta’s dark red form, but unfortunately his strength in Super Saiyan God form wasn’t comparable to dark red form, so he could only use Super Saiyan Blue form when fighting against Vegeta.

Whis looked at them and said, “After you have made a breakthrough in your strength, how you are going to train next, you will have search for it on your own, but during fight between gods, one no longer relies on sensing aura, so you should throw away Earth’s fighting methods and try to use your body to react.”

Goku and Vegeta knew that Whis was guiding them on higher-level martial art concepts, so they both listened attentively.

“In Divine Realm, the fundamental thing is to comprehend Realm, which is very difficult for you, so you need to settle for the next best thing, and that is to strengthen your body’s ability to react. In fact, there is a very mysterious state in Divine Realm, called ‘Ultra Instinct’.”

“This is an extremely profound and self-centered state also known as ‘Perfect Instinct’. Few people have comprehended such a self-centered profound skill, and even Beerus-sama couldn’t perfectly comprehend it. If you can learn just a little bit of the mysteries in it, you will become even stronger.”

“Wow, there is such a skill!!”

“Please teach us quickly…”

Goku and Vegeta’s eyes became fervent, as if they could see their boundless future…

At the same time, on some remote planet.

The radiance of the stars didn’t shine down here, the temperature here is very low, but in the dark region on the side of the planet, the whole sky was painted red with towering flames. The blazing fire had caused the rocks to melt and boiling magma was flowing out of the ground. When it made contact with the snow-covered area next to it, it made sounds similar to boiling water.

Here, a dark-golden figure was standing on the ground.

Its pair of blood-red eyes flashing with a biting chill like a demon.

Frieza has been training here for more than half a year. Since his resurrection, he has been constantly thinking about improving his strength. The blonde-haired Super Saiyan has become his nightmare haunting his mind. His past failures have been spurring him on, and the endless suffering in hell only made Frieza hate that Super Saiyan even more.

“Ho ho ho, this king has gotten stronger, you just wait for this king’s revenge!”

Frieza, whose whole body was exuding a dark golden luster, opened his blood-red eyes and a murderous intent which seems to have come from purgatory caused the entire planet to shake.

Compared with his Silver Form from more than ten years ago, Frieza has become several times stronger. He was confident that with his current strength, he is unbeatable in the universe.

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