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Chapter 766: The crystal ball in the starry sky

At this time, Universe 7.

In some remote starfield, the starry sky was tranquil and empty.

A rhombus-shaped celestial body was rapidly traveling in the dark and quiet night sky. On the surface of the green star, sparkling and bright spots of light were constantly flickering. Rows of small robots were neatly lined in a row as dense as locusts on the surface of the star. With just one command, the robots would swarm out.

Inside the rhombus-shaped celestial body, the tall and brown-haired Android 21 was wearing a white coat and sitting on a soft chair. Opposite her was standing a girl who was less than 1.5 meters tall and looked very young.

At this time, the young girl was staring in dissatisfaction, her bright blue eyes twinkling like gems.

“21, what’s going on, why is my body getting smaller and smaller after you modified it?”

Zangya looked dissatisfied. Originally, her height was not very tall, but after getting modified by 21, not only her height, but also her face has become immature.

21 looked at Zangya innocently as she pulled up the glass monocle and her pleasant voice resounded in the room: “How would I know why you became smaller. I have studied your original body, although Feidaya people’s technology is very good, but my android-technology is only a little inferior in comparison.”

“I didn’t expect such a situation to emerge after the combination of biotechnology and android-technology, but aren’t you very powerful now? Small height is nothing, anyway, you were originally also not very tall.”

Although she felt Zangya’s height seemed to be a little shorter when she experimented, at that time, she thought it was a misconception and didn’t pay attention. But she didn’t expect that a few years later, Zangya’s height really became smaller.

Hearing what 21 said, Zangya raised her eyebrows in dissatisfaction and cursed loudly: “What did you say, I wasn’t tall before? And even if I wasn’t tall before, at least I looked like a girl. Look at me, now, I’m growing more and more backward.”

Zangya touched her chest. It was flat now and there was nothing left.

21 tilted her head, “Should I do more research?”

“No, I’m afraid that I will become a little girl if you research on me again.” Zangya shook her orange hair and sprawled down on the table in sorrow, but it doesn’t matter, after several thousand years, she should still be able to grow big.

“By the way, have you tested your strength?”

21 took off her white coat, revealing the blue-red skintight dress inside, then she picked up the record book and wrote down the data of Zangya’s body.

Frowning slightly, Zangya felt her strength. Although her body had shrunk, her strength has continued to grow stronger. “I’ve gotten stronger than before, probably a little bit stronger than you. Umm, I should be nearly as strong as that guy named Majin Buu that I met on Planet Hongshan.”

“Hmm.” 21 nodded and wrote down the data.

Majin Buu-level! According to what Zangya previously said, he should be at Super Saiyan 3 level. Tsk, tsk, so she is also at this level? Android 21 bit the top of the pen. Since she seldom fights people, she herself doesn’t know how strong she is.

“By the way, how is the research on the transparent crystal ball you picked up?”

Zangya pointed at the transparent crystal ball that was bound by various apparatus on the experiment table. The football-sized crystal ball was about 20 cm in diameter, it was completely transparent and had 5 white shining pointed stars at the center, which looked the same from every angle.

21 shook her head helplessly: “There’s no progress, I have used various research equipment, but I couldn’t figure out what it is.”

“Maybe it’s a magical item similar to the world core.”

This crystal dragon ball was discovered in space during her voyage a year ago. She picked it up out of curiosity, but when she tested it with various equipment, she could not get any useful information. This suddenly triggered 21’s strong desire to find out about it, and she has been focusing on the crystal dragon ball throughout this year.

If Xiaya was here, he would definitely laugh, because the crystal ball in 21’s hand is the crystal dragon ball he created. Since not many people knew about the crystal dragon balls on Planet Hongshan, Zangya did not immediately recognize that the crystal ball was the crystal dragon ball.

“Then you can study it slowly.” After pouting, Zangya leaned back on the chair, her orange curly hair hanging down at the back naturally.

She was still worried about her body.

At this moment, an alarm sounded for a brief moment inside the rhombus celestial body, which was the alarm when the spaceship was about to collide with a planet.

“What happened? According to the star chart, there should be no planet in this area. Is it a wandering planet?”

Due to various reasons in the universe, wandering planets or wandering meteorites which separate away from the galaxy and drift outside aren’t few. However, on the large scale of the universe, the probability of colliding with a planet in the vast starry sky is much smaller than the probability of bullets hitting each other which have been fired from several kilometers apart.

Therefore, when she heard the spaceship’s alarm, a trace of doubt appeared on 21’s fair and flawless face.

When she came to the observation deck and saw the outside scene through the porthole, her small cherry-red mouth curled into a cute “O” shape, and she rubbed her eyes in disbelief.

“Zangya, quickly come and have a look.”

21 hurriedly beckoned to Zangya.


Zangya stood up and walked to 21’s side. When she cast her eyes outside the porthole, her immature face also revealed a look of disbelief.

“This, what a big crystal ball.”

Zangya swallowed in shock, her voice trembling.

What appeared in front of them was a super crystal ball with a huge diameter that looked like a giant planet. It looked the same as 21’s transparent crystal ball, but the difference was that the entire body of the giant super crystal ball floating in the space was orange-yellow transparent glass color, with four bright red five-pointed stars inlaid in the middle.

Such a huge super crystal ball, floating in the empty space of the universal starry sky, looked magnificent!

“Zangya, this super crystal ball must be related to the transparent crystal ball.”

21’s eyes became fiery, and a strong interest flashed in her eyes.

She has to study them.

“The diameter is 37,196.224 kilometers, a pure round solid crystal, the error is less than one meter… The detailed data cannot be checked, it seems that a special optical principle is used, no matter from which angle you look at it, you can see the four stars in the center.”

As if possessed, 21, sent a research robot to collect the data on the super dragon ball.

After a while, more data was transmitted back. 21 threw herself in front of the computer and kept tapping the buttons, “A total of 1,236 sets of measurement data have been collected, showing a normal distribution, and the systematic error meets the requirements. The t-test has analyzed P value to be less than 0.01, which is statistical significance. Spectral analysis does not show any obvious microwave radiation, and the surface temperature is close to the natural temperature. …”

“Huh, what’s going on, the gravitational effect is so weak…” 21’s eyes opened wide and she muttered to herself.

Zangya watched for a while before becoming bored, so she went back to train by herself.

On the other side of the vast starry sky, a starfield near the new Planet Namek.

A disk-shaped spaceship was rapidly traveling through space.

In the spaceship, hundreds of aliens were busy verifying the data of the universe.

“Sorbet, in a few days we can reach the new Planet Namek.” A one-eyed alien with a pointy head reported to the leader on the main seat.

The blue-skinned alien named Sorbet nodded expressionlessly and asked his assistant, “Are you sure the new Planet Namek also has dragon balls? Don’t mess it up like Earth, we haven’t even found the shadow of the dragon balls.”

“Please rest assured, Lord Sorbet, the information this time is absolutely correct. We used micro-robots to eavesdrop on the conversations of those earthlings. There are definitely dragon balls on the new Planet Namek.”

“Well, I hope your information is correct.”

Sorbet waved his hand. Some time ago, he went to Earth with high hopes. He thought he could find the dragon balls on Earth, but he was left disappointed. They didn’t even find the shadow of the dragon balls.

In fact, it’s not surprising that Sorbet couldn’t find the dragon balls, because after the Cell Games, Piccolo and Dende followed Xiaya’s suggestion and kept the newly manufactured dragon balls in the deepest part of Lookout. So, when Sorbet came to Earth, he naturally didn’t find Earth’s dragon balls that were located in the higher dimension.

But Sorbet’s determination wasn’t weak, he still found the information about the new Planet Namek.

“Those hateful people, if King Frieza was still around, the whole universe would be ours.”

“I hope I’m doing the right thing.” Sorbet thought with resentment. Seriously, if it wasn’t for his lack of strength, he really didn’t want to resurrect a moody demon.

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