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Chapter 717: Making preparations ahead of time

Returning to the familiar Universe 7 and sensing the fluctuations of Universe 7, Xiaya could feel his whole body relax. Frankly speaking, in Zeno’s Palace, perhaps because it has a higher-level space, there was a strong feeling of suppression.

Next, they have to prepare to stop Dark Angel’s plan.

Suddenly, Xiaya asked: “Whis, Universe 4’s God of Destruction just now said that Beerus lost to him before, is it true?”

“Yes, but it was a long time ago. At that time, Beerus-sama wasn’t strong enough and he lost in arm-wrestling.” Whis said lightly, and continued sternly: “Xiaya, you were too strong this time. Beerus-sama hadn’t grown up back then and because of his attitude, he offended almost all the God of Destruction, and even Beerus-sama’ brother, Champsama began to dislike Lord Beerus.”

“Hahaha, Beerus is quite a talent.”

Xiaya burst into laughter. It seems that Beerus is not very popular among other God of Destruction.

Seeing that Xiaya didn’t care, Whis didn’t say anymore. It should be said that Xiaya’s behavior this time was not without gain.

It can be said that after this incident, other God of Destruction will not easily provoke Universe 10 if there is no major issue. After all, no god is willing to offend a lunatic God of Destruction at the risk of being Erased by Zeno, not to mention that the strength shown by Xiaya is enough to deter them.

“Whis, I think that Xiaysama did the right thing. I felt very good when he taught Quitelsama a lesson.” Kusu stood firmly on Xiaya’s side.

Whis just ignored Kusu as she looked at her calmly and said nothing.

Isn’t Kusu just looking to create trouble? An angel’s responsibility is to stop God of Destruction when they show inappropriate behavior, but this Kusu, sometimes adds fuel to the fire that it’s still not big enough.

“What are you planning on doing next?” Xiaya asked.

Although Great Priest explained the situation to the God of Destruction of each universe, it is evident that they can only play a very limited role in the Dark Angel’s matter. And this is clear from the fact that Great Priest only summoned nine God of Destruction, and not twelve of all the universes.

Great Priest did not pin his hopes on the Gods of Destruction. Only the angel-level experts were the main force in this matter.

“What else can I even do besides trying to look for the whereabouts of the Dark Angels as much as possible, but I think the probability of them hiding in this universe is very small. Maybe, they are in some special space.” Whis sighed.

“You are not going to wake up Beerus?”

Whis shook his head and rejected the plan to let God of Destruction Beerus step in personally: “No, Beerus-sama can’t help with this matter, after all, Beerus-sama is not good at spatial ability. If he were to meet Dark Angels, he wouldn’t even have a chance to escape. If anything goes wrong, it may destroy the order of the universe.”

“And I guess God of Destruction from other universes also won’t step in personally.”

Xiaya nodded, and understood Whis’ worries.

Although God of Destruction are good at destruction, they have no ability to move through space. The Dark Angels they are facing this time are extremely strong, and God of Destruction obviously can’t help much. It should be said that the God of Destruction who can escape from a Dark Angel may only be Xiaya.

What’s more, if a God of Destruction dies, Supreme Kai of the same universe will also die, and the Angel will also fall into a deep sleep.

“Xiaya, we may also require your space-time ability to search through Universe 7 and Universe 10. After all, although we Angels can achieve some degree of detection with our ability, we cannot interfere in some special areas.”

Whis earnestly asked Xiaya for assistance.

Xiaya nodded in agreement: “Okay. After I go back to Planet Hongshan to make some arrangements, I will try to find the whereabouts of Dark Angels. Oh, by the way, Universe 10 also needs to make some preparations.”

As they were talking, they teleported to Planet Hongshan simultaneously. At this time, Xiling, Myers and 18 had already returned.

Seeing Xiaya and the others return, the three of them gathered around.

After repeating what happened in Zeno’s Palace, Xiaya ordered: “Have Meifei and the others return, the universe outside is not safe now.”

“I’ll contact them immediately and pick them up with Instant Transmission.”

Xiling knew the seriousness of the matter. Dark Angels were no trivial matter, and allowing Meifei and the others to adventure outside, no one knew if anything dangerous would happen. So, she decided to bring them back in person.

Myers said in concern: “Xiaya, will it be too dangerous for you to look for Dark Angels by yourself?”

Although she knows that Xiaya’s space-time ability is very powerful, no matter how powerful it is, there could be times when it could fail. Facing opponents much stronger than oneself, space-time ability is not omnipotent. She still remembers the first time they met God of Destruction Beerus on Planet Vegeta a long time ago, at that time Xiaya hadn’t been able to use the time and space ability.

“Don’t worry, I am the God of Time now, and I am much better at using space-time ability than before. Moreover, I also gained a little bit from Dragon Realm this time. If I encounter a Dark Angel, I have confidence in escaping.” Xiaya put his hand on Myers’ head and rubbed it lightly.

Myers nodded, but there was still worry lingering on her delicate face.

But Myers’ words also reminded him that he can’t run away as soon as he sees a Dark Angel. Even if he has to buy a little time to wait for Zeno to arrive, he must have some means to deal with it.

After thinking for a while, Xiaya raised his head and said to Xiling and the others, “After Meifei and the others come back, let’s go to Earth and learn a technique which is especially used to deal with demons.”

“You mean Evil Containment Wave?” 18 said with a frown.

“That’s right! Evil Containment Wave has unexpected effects on evil beings and dark creatures. If you learn the Evil Containment Wave, even if you cannot defeat the Dark Angels when facing them, you will have the time to escape.”

Xiaya said confidently. Evil Containment Wave is indeed the only way to deal with the dark lifeforms. This technique created by Master Mutaito can still shine brightly even after being covered by dust in the passing of time.

Thinking of the Planet Hongshan’s Martial Art Tournament from two years ago, when Krillin defeated Muying who was a lot stronger than him with the Evil Containment Wave, Xiaya couldn’t help but laugh.

Xiling, Myers, and 18 revealed a thoughtful expression and became much more relaxed.

“Yes, if Xiaysama learns the technique called ‘Evil Containment Wave’, he will definitely become much stronger, and maybe he can even seal a Dark Angel in one move. It will be a great achievement.” At this time, Kusu exclaimed excitedly.

“I don’t dare to think about capturing Dark Angels. It’s better to leave this to you guys.” Facing an expert of Dark Angel’s level, he should remain humble.

“Oh? Is the Evil Containment Wave you’re talking about a special technique?” Hearing Kusu saying that the Evil Containment Wave can seal Dark Angels, Whis couldn’t help but ask curiously.

So he recounted what happened in the Planet Hongshan’s tournament two years ago. Whis’s eyes lit up after hearing him out. It sounds like this Evil Containment Wave is really not ordinary. Although it may not be able to suppress the Dark Angels, it is definitely enough to buy time. Moreover, the more powerful the person using the technique, the stronger its effect.

“Very good, Xiaya, go learn this technique as soon as possible.”

“There are still ten days before Dark Angels begin their plan. We need to find them before that.”, urged Whis.

Fortunately, Dark Angels don’t know that their plan has been exposed yet, leaving Whis and others with a leeway for carrying out their plan.

Xiaya nodded. Xiling had already contacted Meifei, Xili, Xiang and the others, and was going to use Instant Transmission to bring them back…

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