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Chapter 610: Trembling Zamasu

Gowasu’s life is quite comfortable. There is no one who enjoys it more than him. At this time, seeing Whis and others approach, Gowasu stood up hurriedly and asked politely, “Mr. Whis, what brings you to Universe 10? Did Beerus-sama not come with you? And these people are?”

Gowasu glanced questioningly at Xiaya and Tapion who were following by Whis’ side.

“Beerus-sama is still sleeping. I came over because I have a favour to ask of you.”

Whis pointed to Tapion and said, “This is the Supreme Kai apprentice I selected. Although he is still only a mortal, he is a person with a pure heart. He was willing to seal himself forever in order to protect the peace of the universe… ”

Whis told him about Tapion’s deeds. Supreme Kai Gowasu’s gaze at Tapion turned gentle, and he couldn’t help but nod.

“Supreme Kai-sama!” Tapion bowed with a great sword on his back.

“Umm, he is really a kind-hearted person. You look the same as a Supreme Kai. Maybe you are one of the Core People who was wandering outside!” Gowasu was very satisfied with Tapion. Tapion’s mature and masculine appearance gave him a feeling of vigor and resoluteness.

The Core People mentioned by Gowasu is the name of the race of Supreme Kai. Most of the Supreme Kais are Core People. Just like the Angel race, they are a magical race born because of the workings of the universe. A few Kais are also from the Core People. For example, Zamasu, Gowasu’s current disciple, was the North Kai of the Milky Way not long ago.

“This is?” When Gowasu saw Xiaya, his eyes were immediately attracted by the unique divine aura of Xiaya.

“Xiaya, a Trainee Time Enforcer!”

“Oh, so he is the God of Time. Your strength has far surpassed mine.” Gowasu was gentle and cultured like a scholar, and when he spoke, it gave people a feeling of being caressed by a spring breeze.

“Teacher, what are the identities of these people?”

Supreme Kai Zamasu’s apprentice, who had just been promoted from a Kai’s position, has not yet been exposed to the universe’s system, thus he doesn’t know much about Universe 7 and the identities of Whis and others.

“Ah, he is my new disciple, Zamasu! Zamasu, these are Mr. Whis, the Angel of Universe 7, God of Time Xiaya, and…Tapion!” Gowasu introduced everyone.

“So, it’s seniors. I’m sorry for the rudeness,” Zamasu said softly, bending down to apologize to Whis and the others.

Xiaya looked at Zamasu for a while before nodding.

This green-skinned Zamasu is also a Supreme Kai disciple, but compared to Tapion’s mature appearance, he is too feminine. He lacks the manliness and determination of Tapion, and looks gloomy and doesn’t look like a good person. In short, Xiaya doesn’t like him much.

If Xiaya knew a little more about the follow-up story of the Dragon Ball in his previous life, he would know that this Zamasu looks kind and honest and views the protection of the peace of the universe as his own duty, but he actually hides evil intentions and is full of twisted values. When this evil intention violates the current rules of the universe, it will expand indefinitely and he will eventually do things that endanger the universe.

In simple terms, this kind of person is two-faced. According to his values, he is selfless and fearless, but he is actually a selfish person.

Next, Gowasu will conduct a preliminary test of Tapion, so that he can get a feel of the abilities of Supreme Kai disciple. Whis was walking around in the garden with the scepter raised, his eyes looking above the crystal ball, as if he was in contact with someone.

Xiaya was taking a stroll around, watching Gowasu train Tapion from a distance.

A Supreme Kai’s training is different from God of Destruction’s training. Xiaya looked at it for a while but didn’t understand at all, so he walked away.

Perhaps it is by nature, or it is a hidden imprint in the Saiyan bloodline, but Xiaya prefers straight-forward, simple and crude battle style. Supreme Kai’s kind of conservative style is not suitable for him. In this regard, he is closer to a God of Destruction.

Supreme Kai’s training method is different from God of Destruction’s, because a God of Destruction’s ability is to master the destruction power, so they need powerful strength, thus there is the trials of Creating God Star and guidance of an Angel. A Supreme Kai has to master creation powers, hence it is necessary to comprehend natural kind-heartedness. Every Supreme Kai disciple has their own special ability, some have healing, some have restoring strength while some have resurrecting from the dead, and so on.

Kibito from Universe 7, he has the ability to restore physical strength. It is said that he is an Attendant, but he is actually one of the Supreme Kai Disciples.

After a Supreme Kai Disciple completes their training, they can become a Trainee Supreme Kai or a Low-level Supreme Kai.

While Xiaya was strolling alone in the garden, the Trainee Supreme Kai Zamasu came over.

“Hello!” Zamasu extended his hand to Xiaya.

Xiaya raised his eyebrows and shook Zamasu’s hand.

“May I ask what kind of existence is God of Time, how does it compare to the legendary God of Destruction?” Zamasu tried his best to keep his emotions stable, but he, who was only a Trainee Supreme Kai, still looks up to the God of Destruction who stands at the peak of the universe.

“They are the same, each has their own abilities. God of Destruction is in charge of a universe, while God of Time patrols various parallel universes.” In fact, he does not understand the duties of Time Enforcer very well.

Zamasu’s face stiffened a bit when he heard his words and said with a dry smile, “That’s really amazing. They can be as powerful as the great God of Destruction-sama!”

“I wonder if I can swap pointers with you, so that I can know the disparity between myself and a peak expert?” Zamasu lowered his head, making it difficult to see his expression.

“You want to swap pointers with me?” Xiaya frowned.


“You will be Supreme Kai in the future. You don’t need to grasp so much strength.” Supreme Kai only has to create, the balance of power in the universe is naturally maintained by God of Destruction.

“No, there are many evil creatures in the world. I can’t trouble God of Destruction-sama with everything. As a god, for the justice of the universe, I also have a duty to eliminate the sins of the world!” Zamasu said with an unusually serious expression, his eyes burning with blazing flames.

Xiaya frowned slightly; a person who keeps talking about justice is never anyone good. He nodded and said, “Then release all your powers!”

“Please advise me!”

Shouting loudly in a confident voice, Zamasu extended his palms and put on a fighting pose. Suddenly, a vast and majestic aura erupted out. Affected by this, a whirlwind suddenly rose around him.

Full Power Super Saiyan level. Xiaya nodded faintly. This strength is similar to Universe 7’s Supreme Kai.

But with just this little strength, he can’t arouse Xiaya’s desire to fight.

“Begin!” Shouting loudly, Zamasu stepped forward, and then suddenly accelerated, his figure disappearing.  Numerous like a gust of wind, the small courtyard was full of Zamasu’s silhouettes.

Zamasu was very fast, but in Xiaya’s eyes, it was just so-so. After all, the Full Power Super Saiyan level is much weaker than his current power. Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, saying it in lesser terms, there is a gap of at least three major realms. But saying it in greater terms, Mystical Realm and the magical state nearing the second level of Divine Realm, that’s a five level gap.

Xiaya chuckled, shook his head slightly, and formed a sword with two of his fingers and flicked in one direction.

Boom! A beam of light shot out, and in an instant Zamasu seemed to have received an extremely heavy blow. His body flew out like a cannonball and struck the ground, causing a deep pit in the shape of “大” to appear.

Zamasu struggled, big beads of sweat dotting his forehead, and his face looked pale because of trembling. He struggled hard to get up from the ground, but the bones of his entire body seemed to be broken, and he couldn’t exert any strength.

“Why are you so strong?” The dazed Zamasu asked with a grim expression on his face.

“Strong?” Xiaya smiled and shook his head. “I don’t think so, at least I am still not a match of God of Destruction. There are still many people in the huge universe who can defeat me.” He never felt that he was strong enough to say that he was a “strong expert”. At least in front of Whis, he still couldn’t take a few of his moves.

It is this humble attitude that makes him grow at such a rapid speed.

Hearing his words, Zamasu’s face turned even more grim. There are so many powerful people in the universe, how can he exercise the justice in his heart?

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