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Chapter 609: Universe 10

“Where do you want me to go?” Tapion asked suspiciously, carrying a great sword on his back. He didn’t know Whis’s identity, but roughly knew that he was not ordinary.

Xiaya also looked at Whis in surprise, then turned his gaze towards Tapion and stayed on him for a while. When looking at his appearance that strongly resembles the Supreme Kai, he instantly understood something.

“Does Whis want to groom him into the Supreme Kai?” Xiaya had a guess in his mind.

So to say, how can anyone ordinary attract Whis’s attention! Just take him as an example, if it wasn’t for awakening the space-time ability, how could he have attracted Whis’s attention? It can be said that as long as it is not a major event involving the universe, Whis simply can’t be bothered to give anyone a look.

Tapion looks almost the same as the Supreme Kai, especially the mohawk style hair and pointed ears. Saying that he has nothing to do with Supreme Kai, no one would believe it. If Xiaya didn’t know that Tapion was a swordsman of Planet Konats from thousands of years ago, he really would have thought Supreme Kai had come.

If Whis wants to groom Tapion into the Supreme Kai, it would be perfect.

With Tapion’s upright personality where he willingly sealed himself into a music box in order to protect the universe, no one is more qualified to become a god, but suddenly getting promoted from a mortal to the level of the Supreme Kai, skipping Kami, Kai, and other positions in the middle… Is it appropriate? But the one in charge is Whis, so it has nothing to do with him.

“I will tell you in a while where we are going, because this is related to some big secrets of the universe, but it is a great opportunity for you…”

Whis briefly explained as he told him about the gods. One can imagine how shocked Tapion was when he knew these secrets. For the first time he realized that there were so many gods in the universe.

Xiaya and the others did not stay long on Planet Mando; they left using Instant Transmission, while Whis continued to explain the relevant secrets to Tapion.

After returning to Planet Hongshan, Xiaya began to prepare to use the Dragon Balls to revive Vicky and others. If it had been an ordinary Saiyan who died in battle, unless there are special circumstances, they will generally not be resurrected, but Vicky is Xiling’s nephew, Elise and Laret’s son, so the rules can be broken.

Because Planet Hongshan’s Crystal Dragon Balls were recently used to make a wish, they are still in the adjustment period, so they need to use the power of the Earth Dragon Balls to resurrect Vicky and others. And all of this was not difficult for Xiaya and the others, so they let Xili do it.

After collecting the Earth Dragon Balls, Vicky and other Saiyans all came back to life.

A few days later, in Universe 10, the dark and deep starry sky was a dark red hue. Except for the elegant starlight that was constantly shining in the distance, there was almost nothing else to see in the universe.

On the scale of the big universe, the starry sky of the universe was deep and empty. Sometimes you may not encounter a solid planet even if you travel for several light years, let alone a planet with life. Suddenly, a bright ray of light pierced through the void, just like a dragonfly flying out of the water, and stopped silently in the empty nothingness of the starry sky.

Amidst the bright light, three figures were standing side by side.

“Whis, if you want Tapion to become an apprentice Supreme Kai, you can do it in Universe 7. Why come to Universe 10?”

A thin, red-haired man moved his lips a few times, and the sound was transmitted to everyone’s ears through a special medium.

Whis said with a calm look, “There is no other way. It hasn’t been long since the Supreme Kai of our Universe 7 succeeded the position of Supreme Kai, and their behavior is still a little immature, moreover the East Supreme Kai knows too little about the secrets of Universe 7 and is not sufficiently qualified to teach an apprentice Supreme Kai.

“Especially with his fear of Majin Buu, it is really hard for others to have faith in him!

“So before this demon in his mind is eliminated, the East Supreme Kai cannot be regarded as the Supreme Kai that really is in charge of Universe 7.”

Before Majin Buu, there were four apprentice Supreme Kai who followed the Supreme Kai’s training, i.e. the four future Supreme Kais from north, south, east, and west. After the four apprentice Supreme Kai completed their training, there were 5 Supreme Kai’s in Universe 7. But it all ended after Majin Buu appeared.

Now the only one left is East Supreme Kai, who is too immature, and the fear of Majin Buu makes him damage the prestige of the Supreme Kai.

I’m afraid that even God of Destruction Beerus is annoyed by his cowardly nature.

Thus, before he matures, even Whis is reluctant to show up in front of him.

“Supreme Kai Gowasu of Universe 10 is a very experienced Supreme Kai. I heard that he has just recently selected an apprentice from the world below, so having Tapion learn from him… Isn’t it good?”

Whis chuckled softly, and the scepter, which symbolizes authority, drew gracefully in the void, and streaks of light shone slightly, enveloping them and moving towards the Sacred World of the Kai in Universe 10.

The Supreme Kai is the god responsible for creation. Whenever the planets with life in the universe decrease, the Supreme Kai who lives in Sacred World of the Kai will step in to create. Similarly, the Supreme Kai also shoulders the responsibility of patrolling the universe and overviewing the operation of the universe.

Compared with the God of Destruction, who sleeps all day, the Supreme Kai’s work is much more cumbersome. Perhaps because of different responsibilities, the Supreme Kai does not possess the terrifying powers of the God of Destruction. Although they are also a true god in the third level of Divine Realm, the empty realm without symmetrical powers is quite exaggerating.

What is annoying is that the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction are a complete system. If one dies, the other will die too. For countless years, the disappearance of the God of Destruction due to the death of the Supreme Kai has not happened.

So when Whis saw Tapion’s appearance, he couldn’t help but develop an idea to groom him as the Supreme Kai. Although doing so somewhat does not conform with the rules, with the idea of ​​adding insurance for the universe, an apprentice Supreme Kai needs to be groomed.

Universe 10, Sacred World of the Kai.

The huge character “界” was erected on the Supreme Kai’s divine planet, and there is a small path under the character “界”, which leads directly to the residence of Universe 10’s Supreme Kai Gowasu.

In a garden with beautiful landscapes, Xiaya and the others saw Supreme Kai Gowasu sitting in the pavilion tasting the tea in his hand, and standing next to him was a green-skinned person with a teapot in hand.

Gowasu is a Supreme Kai with yellow skin. The corners of his eyes and forehead were filled with wrinkles and he was an elderly Supreme Kai. Standing next to him is Zamasu, the newly-selected apprentice Supreme Kai. He had the bearing of a gentleman and was from the Core People.

“Zamasu, your heart is still not calm. Only a calm mind can make elegant black tea!” Supreme Kai Gowasu said while drinking tea.

“Yes, teacher!” Zamasu said politely, and brewed another cup for the teacher.

Supreme Kai Gowasu smiled, picked up the teacup and continued to taste it. With every sip he took, he revealed an intoxicated look on his face. The contented smile was as if he was not tasting black tea at all, but a fine vintage wine.

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