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Chapter 562: Beerus’ strength

18 and Zangya originally lived on Launch’s floating island, but as Xiaya had returned, they did not go back. They notified Launch with a communicator and everyone gathered at Xiaya’s home. Soon after receiving the news, Xiaya’s villa was packed with his friends and family.

After the sumptuous banquet was over, 18 and Zangya took their leave and then others also dispersed. Only Xiaya, Adri and Bardock’s family were left in the room.

“Who would have thought that there would be so many experts in Dragon Realm? If I have a chance, I really want to go and take a look!”

Bardock sighed, but he also knew that Dragon Realm was too far away for him.

He had reached Super Saiyan very early on and his training in the past few years has not stopped, but it seems that his potential has been exhausted as he has been stuck in the Super Saiyan Imperfect Form for a long time, unable to break through again.

Seeing the new generation like Xiang and Xili continue to grow, Bardock could only lament that times are different. Thinking of those guys from Planet Vegeta’s period who thought they were the best when they only had little power, who would have thought that the Saiyan race could develop so brilliantly now!

Adri also looked envious, “Little Ya was able to break through to Super Saiyan God by relying on his own power. Compared to us, the Saiyan God, who has to use fusion to advance, the difference between our levels is big. That is already a True God, right?”

In their eyes, a Super Saiyan God is a god. Regardless of whether it has a divinity or not, it is a god in a Saiyan’s mind.

Moreover, personally being able to see their own god appear among the Saiyans, Adri felt full of enthusiasm and excitement. When he moved to Planet Hongshan, he never thought about what he would achieve today.

“It’s just that my chances were better. If I hadn’t awakened the space-time ability when I was a child? How could I have gotten the favor of Whis and the Supreme Kai of Time? Without their guidance, there would have been no such future.” Xiaya was humble and didn’t dare to be too arrogant.

“Yes, if you didn’t have this ability, the Saiyans would have been destroyed decades ago.”

Recalling the sense of urgency when hurriedly evacuating Planet Vegeta back then, it was as if it had all happened yesterday. Adri and others sighed. Everything has cause and effect. It is really mysterious.

Days went by, Planet Hongshan remained peaceful as usual. Except for 18 and Zangya who came over to visit every few days, only Launch would come over to do housework from time to time.

Two months after Xiaya returned, 18 finally defeated Zangya and became the strongest Android on Planet Hongshan.

Zangya was so angry that she burst into Duokela’s laboratory, vowing to not come out unless she became strong.

God of Destruction’s Planet, Creating God Star.

633rd floor.

Xiaya had been on this level for a while. In the Super Saiyan God state, he broke through all the way from 350th floor to 633rd floor. Thanks to the magical aspect of the Creating God Star, he gradually mastered the Super Saiyan God State and now it can be maintained for a long time without exhausting his physical strength.

Without noticing, time passed by like water, and another half year passed in the blink of an eye.

650th floor

It was a barren place like a desert and a gray-yellow cracked land was in front of him. As the dry wind blew, some rocks which had been subjected to scorching heat from the burning sun made “creaking” sounds as they emitted wisps of smoke and broke into several pieces along the cracks.

Under the blazing sunlight, Xiaya, with red hair and red pupils, was waving his hands and feet, which emitted bursts of power like a roaring tiger or howling wolf, disturbing the entire region. Xiaya wiped the sweat from his forehead, took a deep breath, opened the water bottle and gulped a swig.

“With the first level of the Divine Realm, I can only reach till here. If I want to continue to move up, I need the power of the second level of the Divine Realm. I should take it easy, and not rush!”

After swallowing a mouthful of fresh water, Xiaya narrowed his eyes and thought about it leisurely.

Each floor of the Creating God Star has its own unique functions. Too much impatience for success may not be a good thing. He had heard Whis say that God of Destruction Beerus had spent tens of thousands of years on Creating God Star in order to pass the test of the Creating God Star before he was able to break through and compared to God of Destruction Beerus’ training time, his was not even a fraction of it.

“After ‘Super Saiyan God’, next is ‘Ascended Super Saiyan God’. This is a completely new realm. With my current foundation, even the help of the Creating God Star is not enough to achieve it.”

Following the guidance from the Four-Star Dragon God, Xiaya understood the path to follow, but when he truly embarked on this path, he realized that everything was not as simple as he imagined.

Every step on the path of gods has to be firm to lay a solid foundation.

After taking a rest for a while, Xiaya looked at the scenes in front of him for a long time, then turned and left.

On a vast plain, there are white and transparent clouds floating in the sky and the clouds turned into different shapes. A flash of light rapidly streaked across the sky; it suddenly accelerated as scenery flashed past it. Xiaya went all the way down from the 650th floor.

When he reached the 340th floor, he met Xiling and Myers. They were lying on the grassfield in a daze. Their graceful figures were stretched into 大 characters. Seeing Xiaya arrive, they hurriedly stood up from the ground.

“You continue to train, I’m going to look for Whis about something.”

“Ok!” Nodding lightly, the two women continued to stay on this floor.

The pressure on each floor of the Creating God Star is different. Above the 300th floor is already quite high-level which is for those at the level of Super Saiyan 3. Xiaya had comprehended the Ultimate Realm on the 350th floor. Now that Xiling and Myers have reached the 350th floor, they are not far from the Ultimate Realm.

Scenery blurred past him and soon he came out of the Creating God Star.

Below, a diamond-shaped Divine star was floating leisurely in the center of the God of Destruction’s Planet, and above a towering divine tree was an ancient temple and the God of Destruction’s sleeping palace.

On the tree stump by a lake, Whis picked up a piece of fat meat from a lunch box which he was holding in his hand and licked it with his tongue, then delivered it to his mouth contentedly. The wonderful taste stimulated his taste buds and he let out a pleasant moan.

Suddenly, a light red electric ray flashed in front of him.

Whis was surprised. He revealed a faint smile and then continued to savour his delicious food. Only after he finished eating, did he stand up in satisfaction and looked at Xiaya. “Not bad, you have mastered your Super Saiyan God state. If you again make a breakthrough, then you can reach the second level of the Divine Realm.”

Xiaya smiled. “Unfortunately, I don’t know how long it will take to take that step! Compared to the previous path of training to a God, the path after becoming a God is more difficult.”

“Of course, Training is easy at first but it becomes difficult later. The further you reach, the more you need to comprehend. Beerus-sama took ten thousand years for the full training in order to pass the test of the God of Destruction.” Whis put his smile away and said with a solemn look.

“Whis, can you tell me how big the disparity between me and God of Destruction Beerus is? How much is my strength equivalent to the God of Destruction’s?”

Xiaya would definitely not ask this question before, because the disparity in their strength was too big. Comparing it with God of Destruction Beerus, isn’t this looking for a disaster? But after entering Divine Realm, Xiaya had a vague idea of ​​comparing it with God of Destruction Beerus.

Whis’ purple eyes squinted as he stared squinted fixedly at Xiaya, and extended four fingers towards him.

“If it were half a year ago, you only had 40% of Beerus-sama’s strength, but now, you probably have 60% his strength. If you can break through to the second level of the Divine Realm, with your foundation, you may be able to contend against Beerus-sama’s 90% strength! Of course, it will only be possible if Beerus-sama doesn’t use the God of Destruction’s energy. Once he uses God of Destruction’s energy, you will have no chance at all.”

God of Destruction Beerus is very strong, and with his power alone, he can contend against the majority of people at the second level of the Divine Realm. But once he utilizes the God of Destruction’s powers and uses the God of Destruction’s energy, even the second level Divine Realm can easily be destroyed.

Xiaya was stunned for a while before heaving a sigh. “The disparity is still so big!”

The God of Destruction’s most powerful technique is “Energy of Destruction”, which is equivalent to the Hakai ability.

Half a year ago, his strength, which was at the first level of the Divine Realm, was only equivalent to 40% of Beerus’s strength without using the God of Destruction’s energy. Even if he mastered it, he is only equal to 60% of his strength. Then in the original work, Goku, who broke through to the Super Saiyan God, was definitely much weaker than him, maybe only equivalent to 20-30%.

The 60-70% that God of Destruction Beerus said in a joking manner was mostly only to comfort Goku.

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