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Chapter 506: DID I MAKE A MISTAKE?
Embarrassed, Cell was dumbfounded, and the corners of his mouth twitched as he looked at the dozens of people with domineering manners and rising momentum on the opposite side. The scene turned silent for two or three seconds.

He thought he would surely win, but when Goku and the others showed their true strength, Cell could feel that he had done something stupid.

Opponents like this are not something that he can fight against.

He actually told them to attack him together. Well, now as he wished, they are really attacking together.

Looking at the opposite side, Goku and Trunks are Super Saiyan 2, Meifei is Legendary Super Saiyan, which is comparable to Super Saiyan 2, Piccolo, after using Kaio-ken, can also match Super Saiyan 2, and there is also Vegeta, Gohan, Xiang, Xili who are Full Power Super Saiyan, and the Kaio-ken users.

Four Super Saiyan 2 experts, four Full Power Super Saiyan, and Kaio-ken users.

Not to mention Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers, who instead of taking action were standing on the side, eating melons…

No matter how you look at it, Super Perfect Cell has brought about his own destruction.

This time, Cell was put in a difficult situation.

The embarrassed expression condensed on his face, and then he flew into rage from humiliation. Cell roared, and a vast and mighty fierce aura erupted out. His two wings spread out, and dozens of clones split from his body. After these Cell Jr. split, they yelled and rushed towards Goku and others. Every Cell Jr. can exhibit 10% of Cell’s fighting force.

“What the hell is this!” Vegeta punched Cell Jr. and the huge counter shock made his arm numb.

“This skill is similar to that of Namekians. Everyone must finish off Cell as soon as possible. We cannot let him threaten Earth.” Goku’s eyes concentrated and he waved his fist, which broke through the air. The strong impact made a Cell Jr. instantly lose his ability to resist.

Goku has quite a gentle personality. He wouldn’t kill ordinary opponents, but Cell is too evil and all of his power is obtained from absorbing human lives. Such an existence should be finished off as soon as possible.

Trunks and Piccolo also attacked viciously. Bang! Bang! Bang! More than a dozen beams of light rushed down from mid-air, and quickly shattered the 100-meter square arena. A swift and fierce storm spread out, with the strong whirlwind crushing all the protrusions along the way. Gradually, the storm stopped, and the barren area became more barren.

Meifei blinked her eyes curiously and used a karate chop to cut off a Cell Jr’s head before burning its body with a green energy ball.

“Let’s cooperate and deal with Cell!” Speaking in soft voices as they came to an agreement, Trunks and Goku rapidly rushed towards Cell at the same time, and the two of them joined hands and began to fight Cell.

“Kakarrot, Cell is mine.” Vegeta roared and also joined the fight.

The pressure on Cell became even greater. Originally, Super Perfect Cell was comparable to Goku, and when Trunks joined, he was already at a disadvantage, but after Vegeta joined, Cell’s face twitched.

This is bullying!

But, who told him to request this? If possible, he really wants to yell ‘STOP’ and tell them to come one by one!

In the arena, only sounds could be heard and nothing could be seen. Except for a few people, no one could see their movements clearly. Piccolo glanced to that side, and left him alone for the time being. Instead, he targeted the remaining dozen or so Cell Jr.

“Gohan, Xiang, deal with Cell Jr. first!”

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document.write(''); They had almost thoroughly crushed them. Piccolo and others pushed all the way as long as the enemies in front of them were brutally destroyed.

“Clang!” Yajirobe smoothly turned his katana and severed the shoulder of one of the Cell Jr.

“It looks like this battle will be over soon.” Krillin laughed heartily and shot out a brightly shining Destructo Disc. The thin energy disc now showed its sinister and frightening side, as if a sharp blade had sliced over.

“Slash!” A Cell Jr. was cut in half across the waist.

“Fight quickly, and wipe out Cell.” Tien Shinhan carefully prepared his move, and aimed a Tri-Beam at a Cell Jr. A huge mushroom cloud rose up. The bright light was like sunlight, causing the eyes of spectators in the distance to sting.

With her happy laughter, Meifei, who was in Legendary Super Saiyan state, charged around wildly. Relying on her powerful strength, she destroyed an enemy whenever she saw one. After seeing that her opponent couldn’t make her feel enjoyment anymore, she rolled her eyes and ran towards Super Perfect Cell while happily shouting.

“Damn it, where did this brat come from!” Flustered and exasperated, Cell had lost the elegance which he had at the beginning. But he didn’t have the time to get angry at all as the four people had joined hands.

Boom! The hard ground layer was penetrated by a huge force. The rocks pressing against each other caused cracks to appear on them, and countless tiny stones shot out in all directions!

The energy storm that was stirred immediately swept outward.

“Hurry up…point all the cameras at the arena! Capture the fight!” The blonde-haired host was the first to react as he hurriedly yelled for the camera crew to set up the cameras, and then he quickly ran to the side of the large-screen monitor to watch.

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Unfortunately, Super Perfect Cell and others were fighting at an extremely fast speed. The host was dazzled. Even if the speed was slowed by nearly a thousand times, the high-tech methods still cannot fully reflect the fierce battle between the two sides, making the host both excited and stamp his feet in regret.

“Look, everyone, the current scenes have been slowed down by a thousand times, but even after that, humans’ naked eyes still can’t see their movements clearly. They are really very powerful. If Mr. Goku and others hadn’t bravely stepped forward, who knows what kind of disaster Earth would have encountered!”

In front of the TV, all those who were paying attention were stunned.

“Oh my God, this is the result after it was slowed down.”

“Every energy ball they shot out is like the sun. If it hits an ordinary person, even their ashes will not be left.”

“That’s for sure. Look at the East City and South City. They were all destroyed like this. They can destroy a city with a single attack.”

“Cell has really brought about his own destruction.”

At this time, the Earthlings were full of hope. In a very short span of time, Goku and others’ strength had become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After truly seeing the strength of martial artists, people became passionate about martial arts.

“Goku! Goku!”

“Ma Junior! Ma Junior!

Cheers rang out everywhere in the world.

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This would have been something unimaginable in the past. Before martial arts became prosperous, even if people saw these scenes, most people would give various explanations using scientific methods such as illusions or magic tricks. In short, scientists would rationally “dispel everyone’s doubts”.

If it really didn’t make sense, there is the universal explanation of “unsolved mysteries”.

But now, everyone recognizes the existence of martial arts from the bottom of their hearts. All of this is achieved by martial artists with their powers!

Xiaya shook his head and looked at the center of the arena. The arena was long gone. The lightning-fast afterimages caused the line of sight to turn blurred. However, Xiaya, Xiling, 17 and 18’s eyes were sharp and piercing. So, they could naturally clearly see the fierce fighting in the arena and enjoy the rare feast from a live perspective.

“It’s really frightening. Fortunately, I did not become your enemy.” 17 patted his chest in fear as he saw how miserable Cell looks now. It’s really brutal.

That’s Super Perfect Cell, ah! His strength is several times that of my Battle Power, but under the besiegement of Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, and Meifei, he couldn’t counterattack at all.

“Xiaya, your daughter is so powerful. You are surely more powerful, right?” 18’s beautiful pupils wandered about, as she turned her head and said lightly.

17 shuddered, and suddenly looked at Xiaya.

Yeah, there are a few more fierce ones here. Thinking of this, 17 can’t help but observe a moment of silence for Cell. Even if he defeats Goku and others somehow, the truly powerful experts have not made their move yet!

To them, this “Cell Games” is really just a game.

“Umm.” Xiaya didn’t give a concrete answer.

At this time, the fight on the battlefield had come to an end. The dozen Cell Jr. were completely annihilated. Krillin, Yamcha, Yajirobe, Chichi and other weaker people all exited the Kaio-ken state, and then flew back to Xiaya and others’ side to watch the fight.
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