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Reaching the 300th floor of the Creating God Star was another watershed. The pressure on Xiaya suddenly soared. This was the strength of the Super Saiyan 3 level, and the corresponding god level should be Grand Kai. Right until the 1000th floor, it should be Grand Kai’s level. But, it was important to note that the Creating God Star was used to train God of Destruction, so the strength required should far exceed that of other gods.

If a god like Grand Kai entered the 300th floor, he may be instantly crushed to meat paste.

Now, his Super Saiyan 2 had begun to lose its advantage, and until the 330th floor, it would be difficult to take a single step with just the power of Full Power Super Saiyan 2.

“It seems I have to use my full-strength,” Xiaya muttered with a faint smile before transforming into his Super Saiyan 3 form.

“Puff!” A brilliant golden light glowed, and Xiaya’s hair grew longer, reaching below his waist. His protruding forehead made him look fierce and intimidating. The moment his Super Saiyan 3 power was unleashed, the power within the spatial environment immediately dissipated, and Xiaya could finally stand firmly on the 330th floor.

After taking a long breath, Xiaya observed the energy-flow in his body and analyzed his current state from energy consumption, and then he sighed. “Although Super Saiyan 3 can resist the strange power permeating the Creating God Star, it can only last for five minutes.”

Five minutes later, Xiaya’s body couldn’t bear the heavy burden, and Super Saiyan 3 was removed.

Then, Xiaya sat down cross-legged on a flat slab of stone and slowly recovered his strength, and after 30 minutes, he transformed back into Super Saiyan 3. Due to the uniqueness of Creating God Star, Xiaya, during the transformation, could clearly feel his body’s bearing ability that had become a little stronger.

“Is this because my body’s level is improving?” Xiaya thought to himself, smiling.

The original intention of Creating God Star is to train a God. Naturally, the longer one stayed in it, the greater the benefit to their body would be, so the transformation lasted longer than the last time. Then, Xiaya slowly accepted the baptism of divine star fluctuations. With each ripple entering his body, all his cells seemed to stretch out, breathing in greedily.


Time flew by, and one year passed quickly.

Creating God Star, 350th floor — above a green lake. The environment on each floor of Creating God Star was different. There were fire regions, hills, polar glaciers, and vast oceans.

Xiaya had been standing straight above the lake for more than ten days.

At this time, he was still blond-haired and had green eyes, with his long hair hanging down to his waist. He was in Super Saiyan 3 form, but it was less tyrannical and more serene than before.

Ordinary and graceful, returning to his natural state!

If Xiaya’s former Super Saiyan 3 transformation was tyrannical, crude, and unconsciously unrestrained, his current form was serene and carefree. There was no chaotic feeling of excess power. It seems all his strength was now been perfectly controlled.

Xiaya opened his eyes, revealing very calm and sparkling green pupils. His entire body embodied nature. His heart moved like freely like the fluttering wind, overlooking the entire land.

“Super Saiyan 3 can only be regarded as a Burst Form. There is still a stable state.”

The corners of Xiaya’s mouth curved into a happy smile. This was the realm that he had always pursued. After all, the power of Super Saiyan 3 was unstable, which put a great burden on the body. In Universe 6, the little angel Kusu had already mentioned this problem, so Xiaya’s answer was to absorb the power of Super Saiyan 3 and enter Ultimate State.

This was the Ultimate State that Gohan reached in the original work, with the help of the old Supreme Kai. Xiaya called it the “Ultimate State”.

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An ideal state should completely absorb the power of Super Saiyan 3 and exert its powerful strength in the Normal State form.

As if Xiaya had realized something, a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, and he closed his eyes in concentration.

Whoosh! Whoosh! A gentle breeze blew by, and his blond hair, which had reached his waist, shortened quickly, as its color darkened. Xiaya closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, they were now black. The golden aura around his body had disappeared.

Black hair and black pupils, like in Normal State, but a tuft of hair was in front of his forehead.

The Super Saiyan form had faded.

After examining himself, Xiaya exclaimed in admiration, “I’m even stronger than when I transformed into Super Saiyan 3 before!”

It was an amazing and peerless pinnacle power. Xiaya could feel that it was more substantial than the previous Super Saiyan 3 form.

In the past, it was an eruption of power, like floating in a void or moon in the water, full of empty exterior that may dissipate at any time. Now, however, it was genuine power that belonged to him.

“Bubble!” He waved his hand, and the space-time ability swept out, stirring the green lake as ripples appeared.

“This is my power in the Normal State.” Xiaya smiled.

His body gently rose into the air, and he drifted smoothly across the lake and landed on the shore. His facial expression was relaxed and indifferent all through. The energy in his body was surging and vast, but there was none spilling out. He realized that this is a completely new state, which is different from the crude level Super Saiyan. It was definitely a higher level Ultimate State.

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“Ultimate State, it is almost returning back to the natural state, no energy leakage, and above it, there is the imposing and supreme ‘God’ state.” After determining his state, Xiaya was very happy.

At this point, his purpose of coming to the God of Destruction’s Planet has basically been achieved.

Xiaya tried it, and when he used his power in the “Ultimate State”, it hardly caused any harm to his body, and it only consumed a little bit of physical strength and energy. If he wanted to, he could keep fighting in this state for long.
His endurance has greatly improved, which would be a nightmare for his enemy.

And he also discovered that even in the Ultimate State, he can transform into Super Saiyan; his strength will increase slightly, and correspondingly, he will consume a lot of energy.

“This is the Burst Form? It complements well with the Ultimate State.”

A month later, although the changes in time could not be felt inside the Creating God Star, Xiaya still accurately recorded the time. More than a year had passed since they entered the Creating God Star.

During this time, Xiling and Myers were also working hard to improve their Battle Power. With the help of Creating God Star, the progress was satisfactory.

305th floor, a continent of hazy sea of clouds.

“More than a year, we have more or less reached a bottleneck,” Xiling said while looking at the hazy clouds and mist.

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“Umm.” Myers, who floating in the sky, nodded.

On the path of training, it was necessary to alternate between relaxation and seriousness, and it will not necessarily lead to good results by stubbornly insisting. On the contrary, it is easy to suffer a backlash. Xiling and Myers knew this well, so they didn’t force it.

They are far behind Xiaya, and after so many years of training, they have reached 20 billion Battle Power. Actually, they are already at the Super Saiyan 3 level, but for some reason, they hadn’t been able to transform into Super Saiyan 3. It may be the reason for stepping onto the path of Godhood.

Moreover, they found that after training to their level, the effect of Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique has greatly reduced. They have a feeling that even if they fuse into Meiling right now, perhaps they can only tie with the current Xiaya.

Whis once said that whether it is Potara earrings or Fusion Technique, there will be a “ceiling” when relying on an external force or a skill. After reaching the limit, they cannot continue to grow stronger. Unexpectedly, what he said has come true. The “ceiling” of the Fusion Technique was even lower than expected.


A cold light flashed through the clouds, and Xiaya’s figure appeared beside Xiling and Myers.

He, very naturally, hugged the slender waist of the two women, “Let’s go, we should leave.”

“Xiaya, your appearance?” Xiling noticed the difference in Xiaya, and looked him up and down.

Xiaya laughed loudly and told her about his situation without hiding anything: “It’s my latest breakthrough. I have absorbed the power of Super Saiyan and entered Ultimate State.”
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