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Chapter 453

“Namekians are born with a robust body, and a part of their body operates like that of plants, with the functions of photosynthesis similar to plants . Thus, as long as they drink water, they can use photosynthesis to produce starch to meet the needs of their physiological functions . Therefore, even if the conditions of Planet Namek are harsh, they can survive . ”

“Due to the huge climate disaster that occurred on Planet Namek more than three hundred years ago, there are not many Namekian survivors left . Old Kami fled to Earth because of that disaster . ”

Xiaya explained the Namekians’ circumstances .

Goku asked excitedly, “That is to say, there are many people here who look exactly like Piccolo?”

Bulma gave her husband a white eye, her look calm and elegant . “The Namekians are a race, just like earthlings, so they certainly look similar . ”

“Well, I sense thousands of powerful auras on Planet Namek . They must all be Namekians . Umm, their auras are very tranquil, especially in the north; there is a very powerful Ki,” Yajirobe closed his eyes to sense and said in surprise .

Previously, be it training on the Lookout or Planet Kai Yajirobe did not participate, but this time, he followed them to Planet Namek .

Xiaya said, “The Namekians are a kind-hearted race, and in the north is where their Great Elder lives . ”

Then, the group of thirteen rushed towards the residence of the Great Elder .

Goku hugged Bulma by the waist and formed a protective net in front of him with Ki, and at lightning speed, they appeared thousands of kilometers away in the blink of an eye .

A vast uninhibited area .

This place had criss-crossing ravines and stone pillars of various sizes rising from the ground . A cold wind was blowing, bringing along an icy-cold water vapor . This was a piercing cold place .

On top of an enormous towering rock pillar, there was a double-story white building where Great Elder and his guard, Nail, resided .

The moment Xiaya and others landed, Nail—who had green skin—walked out of the building’s entrance .

“Great Elder has been waiting for you all for a long time . ”

Nail said coldly to Xiaya and others .

“Hey, he looks exactly like Piccolo . ” Everyone except Xiaya was taken aback . Of course, as Nail was also a Namekian, looking like one was a given; however, someone like Nail who looked almost the same as Piccolo was rare .

Perhaps, this was because Nail was also a Warrior-type Namekian .

Xiaya knew that Nail’s personality was like this . If it wasn’t for Great Elder’s personal command, perhaps Nail would have immediately driven him and others away . Xiaya seized up Nail and discovered that his Battle Power had really reached 42,000 like in the original work, which was without unlocking potential .

Stepping into the building and walking up to the second floor, they saw the Namekian Great Elder lying on a huge stone chair .

The Great Elder had been alive since the climate calamity . After more than three hundred years, he was now approaching old age and could not take even a step .

“Young Saiyan King, I would like to thank you for abiding with the promise . I am worried that Planet Namek will not survive this calamity,” The Great Elder raised his eyelids weakly as he said, his aged voice lacking strength .

Xiaya said, “It was a promise, so I will naturally come . ”

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“But this time the enemy is Frieza . The Great Elder should know that once the high-intensity battle starts, the tremendous amount of energy will easily damage the entire planet . I can’t guarantee that Planet Namek can survive after the battle . ”

“I know, Kai-sama has told me the news . I didn’t expect this calamity to originate from the evil Frost Demon race, but since this disaster cannot be avoided, for the peace of the universe, I am willing to let Planet Namek be the battlefield . ” The Great Elder nodded slightly .

His aged voice sounded very helpless, but for someone wise and farsighted like the Great Elder, his state of mind had long exceeded ordinary people’s perception . He looked upon a problem from a higher level .

“Great Elder, if Planet Namek is destroyed …” Nail’s countenance changed, shouting anxiously .

The Great Elder lightly waved his hand to stop Nail and said, “If it is all predestined, it is worthwhile to make a little contribution to the universe . ”

The Great Elder’s state of mind was worthy of respect . Xiaya said, “I think the Great Elder has misunderstood . The destruction of Planet Namek may be inevitable, but the Namekian race can survive . ”

“Oh, why do you say so?” The Great Elder’s heart stirred as he asked .

Xiaya pointed to the dragon balls and said to Nail, “You can immediately collect the dragon balls in each village after that, you will use Porunga’s power to find a planet similar to Planet Namek and then transfer your clansman to it . ”

Nail’s eyes lit up hearing that, and he looked at the Great Elder expectantly .

The Great Elder nodded slightly and said, “This is indeed a solution, and it’s also something I was intending to implement . Nail, go and gather the dragon balls . It may be the last time we will make a wish . ”

“Yes!” Nail replied immediately, and then he was about to leave to gather the dragon balls .

“Wait… Finding a new planet and transferring the Namekian race… wouldn’t it cost two wishes?” Bulma asked in surprise .

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“Don’t worry, Planet Namek’s dragon ball can fulfill three wishes at once,” Xiaya said with a faint smile .

“Three wishes!!”

Hearing that, Bulma exclaimed in surprise . She thought that Planet Namek’s dragon balls were the same as Earth’s dragon balls that could only fulfill one wish at a time! ‘It turns out that there are three wishes! They are worthy of being called—genuine dragon balls . They are really strong…’ Bulma mused .

“That … Can the third wish be left to me? I want to resurrect Uncle Piccolo,” A young voice spoke before Gohan stepped forward .

Nail paused and looked at the Great Elder .

The Great Elder chuckled and said to Gohan, “Child, come here, let me take a look at you . ” Saying that, he put his hands on Gohan’s head, and things that had happened on Earth appeared in the Great Elder’s eyes little by little .

“I see, Piccolo is the split body of the Namekian who had fled to Earth, and he is also a kind-hearted person . Nail, set the third wish to resurrect Earth’s Piccolo . ”

“Okay . ” After that, Nail walked out from the entrance and swiftly flew towards the village .

“Kid, your name is Gohan, right? You are really a simple child . Let me see how much potential you have . ”

The Great Elder’s thick arm—like the lid of a huge pot—covered Gohan’s head, and his palm emitted a glittering light .


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A dazzling light appeared, and suddenly, a bizarre magic took effect on Gohan’s body . Gohan only felt warm before a large amount of warm current gushed out, and the aura on his body increased rapidly .

Beginning from 25,000, it kept rising .




In a few seconds, Gohan’s aura multiplied by more than ten times and reached 275,000 Battle Power before stopping . This scared Goku and others . Although they had long known from Tien Shinhan that the Great Elder had the ability to unlock the potential of a person’s body, this crazy method of increasing it sharply still startled them .

With Gohan’s age, reaching 25000 Battle Power before coming to Planet Namek had already left Goku and the others astonished . Now it had further increased by more than ten times in one breath; however, they had to suffer a lot in order to improve a little bit of Battle Power .

“What a frightening potential . Kid, I will draw out a portion for the time being, and then it will be up to you to train yourself . ”

With drooping eyelids, the Great Elder said, feeling weak .

“Thank you!” Gohan bent over and bowed politely .

The Great Elder looked at the rest of them and asked, “Next, I’m going to unlock your potential; who will come first?”

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