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Chapter 444

The violent wind was wreaking havoc . The weather became overcast as dense dark clouds gathered . A black liquid began to spread as though a huge bottle of ink was spilled .

On the desolate land, the vast and powerful austere energy caused the hearts of the onlookers to tremble . It was as though doomsday was approaching .

Between the vast sky and earth, several figures, who were clearly divided into several groups, could be seen . Krillin, Yamcha, Chichi, and Chiaotzu, and the others were in charge of an area . With Kaio-ken’s support, their Battle Power had more than doubled, and very few of the evil invaders were their match, except for a few captains . But, they couldn’t withstand the large number of opponents, so they struggled .

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

An icy radiance flashed . Bang! A violent explosion rang out, and many aliens died within the energy waves .

“Destructo Disc!”

“Spirit Ball!”

“Ka Me Ha Me Ha!”

“Dodon Ray!”

Various big techniques glowed frequently . Rumble! The thick layer of atmosphere ruptured with a loud bang, like a huge sickle that was suddenly raised, slowly seizing the enemies’’ lives . As the battle progressed, the distance between them constantly increased, and gradually, they steered towards different cities .

At this time, in another place, a cold ray flashed, and an alien with cyan scales was cut into two from the middle . Yajirobe held a katana crescent-shaped sword rays flashed like stars .

“Yajirobe, you’re here, too!”

Seeing Yajirobe, Krillin called out happily .

Yajirobe raised the katana and shook his head, the edge of the blade flickering with a bright luster . “These aliens are too strong . I can only kill a few on the periphery . I don’t dare to go deep into the center area . ”

“Indeed; there are too many of them, who are much harder to deal with . ” Krillin nodded in agreement as he raised his hand and threw a Destructo Disc . He and Yajirobe were standing back to back .

Yajirobe pursed his lips, and the long katana in his hand didn’t stop, cutting down the aliens who were rushing over from time to time . “What do you think, how many of them are there?”

“I don’t know; do your best!”

“Umm . ”

Yajirobe nodded quietly, and the two of them quickly separated, continuing the attack in different directions .

If one were to look down from outer space now, they would find fiery firework-like flames surging from many places in the southern hemisphere . you would find that in many places in the southern hemisphere, round flares rose like fireworks, illuminating the cities in the surrounding . Each beam of light was equivalent to a huge nuclear explosion of millions of tons . The earth was shaking and it was under tremendous pressure .

These scenes were recorded by satellites and then broadcasted all over the world .

The dark black clouds spiraled into huge vortexes as sparkling lightning shuttling through the clouds . The huge flare that rose up once in a while made people temporarily blind .

The audience in front of their televisions were stunned when they saw the horrifying destructive power on the television screen . Of course, they couldn’t see the exact fight scenes clearly, but the remnants of the immense power were enough to make everyone dumbfounded . The strength of the strong experts in the universe could be so terrifying is beyond their imagination .

When watching the overall changes happening on earth from high above, countless people rubbed their eyes in disbelief .

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“Oh my god, it’s too scary . This is even more terrifying than the last alien invasion,” Someone screamed while watching lightning flash and thunder descend on the TV .

Sacred Land of Korin, Martial Arts City, countless martial artists were nervously standing in front of the big screens .

Upa and his dad, Bora were also present . Upa said, “This time the opponent is too strong . I wonder if Big Brother Goku can defeat them?”

Bora said, “Goku is the strongest martial artist on earth . He definitely can . ”

“Um!” Upa nodded and prayed silently .

Korin Tower .

Korin was standing in front of the water vat and observing the situation in the mortal world . Bang! Suddenly, Korin Tower swayed, and all the people on it stumbled . Fortunately, the structure of Korin Tower is sufficiently strong; otherwise, the swaying just now was enough to break the tower .

Satan clasped his hands and feet tightly to the stone pillar next to him with a nervous expression . “Immortal Korin, what happened? Why did the Korin Tower sway just now? Is it too old and is about to collapse? ”

On the side, five other martial artists training on the tower also looked at Korin in confusion .

Korin heaved a sigh and explained, “Not long ago, tens of thousands of aliens appeared on Earth, and all of them are very powerful . Goku and others are fighting aliens right now . The swaying of Korin Tower just now was caused because of the aftermath of battle . ”

Hearing that, Satan and the other five martial artists sucked in cold air, suddenly feeling a chill enveloping them . Compared to the ignorant masses below, they were all qualified to climb Korin Tower . All of them are outstanding martial artists . Therefore, they could better understand Korin’s words .

Just the aftermath of the battle can cause the entire Korin Tower to sway, then there is no need to explain much about the real battle . Perhaps, if they went close to it, then they may be torn to shreds by the strong and violent energies .

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“Master Korin, how’s the situation below, has Mr . Goku drove away the enemies?” Several martial artists asked with a calm face .

Korin shook his head . “It’s difficult, Goku and others have already shown more than 200,000 Battle Power, but the enemy is too strong …”


More than 200,000, what the heck!

But even so, they were not the aliens match .

“How can it be? Kakarrot is so much stronger than me?”

Seeing that Goku was evenly matched when fighting Tagoma in the sky, Vegeta clenched his fists, his trembling fists reflecting his restless mood .

An outstanding person boasting of bright talent, Vegeta had always been proud of his talents . Even though he knows that there exists a Super Saiyan like Xiaya, he still stubbornly believes that his future would not be inferior to him . He is gradually approaching the Super Saiyan’s path .

And the facts also motivated Vegeta . In these few years, his strength has kept increasing, and he has already exceeded the strongest in the history of Planet Vegeta, so he firmly believes that he will become a Super Saiyan sooner or later .

However, he has suffered a severe blow on this remote planet . Raditz’s younger brother called Kakarrot displayed strength even more powerful than him .

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“They can control the strength in their body at will, and this technique is unheard of!”

“Absolutely unforgivable . ”

The cold and rigid expression on Vegeta’s face turned into anger .

Vegeta, as the prince of Saiyans, was born with strength surpassing his peers . His noble identity and inflated self-confidence made him overly proud . He considered everyone else beneath him, and his Saiyan habit of ‘addicted to fighting’ didn’t change even a little; instead, it was even more strong .

Looking at the intense battle ahead, Vegeta gradually calmed down as his eyes slightly narrowed: “Kakarrot, you’ve really impressed me . The low-level warrior from an inferior family background became so powerful through training . You are really much more outstanding than Raditz . ”

Vegeta muttered, and then the expression in his eyes became determined . “But you will never be a match to me . Wait till I go to Planet Namek and get the dragon balls, I will definitely surpass you . ”

“Bang …” With a loud sound, a fierce strike landed .

Goku and Tien Shinhan were sent flying together .

“3x Kaio-ken!”

Goku roared angrily, and his aura skyrocketed again . At this time, with the help of 3x Kaio-ken, Goku’s Battle Power soared to 330,000 .

This is close to the limit that Goku’s body can right now bear .

The coiled muscles bulged, and the skin all over his body shone with a dark-red luster because of blood flow . Suddenly, a large expanse of seething air currents, with Goku as the center, began to rage, and atmospheric pressure at the center suddenly decreased . A huge cloud of dust like a desert storm swept out and covered the sky and earth .

On the side, seeing Goku’s strength rise crazily, Tien Shinhan also followed with a roar and the 360,000 Battle Power brought down pressure onto his body . Tien Shinhan’s body trembled, and his complexion turned pale . He clenched his teeth, holding on .

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