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Chapter 429

King Yemma’s office was located at the center of Underworld . It was a towering palace surrounded by golden clouds; its only roof could be seen, vaguely . Also, light-red glazed tiles were laid on the top of the palace, reflecting bright and sparkling lights .

At the main entrance of the palace, two bizarrely dressed creatures that possessed cow-like horns and numerous Ogre Guides were maintaining order . They were making rows of floating souls enter the King of Hell’s palace in an orderly manner .

Chi-Chi, as the new Kami of earth, had never seen the King of Hell before, so when she saw King Yemma for the first time, she was startled by his enormous size .

After they explained their purpose, King Yemma burst into loud laughter, his booming voice shaking the entire office area into a mess . Goku and the others couldn’t help but use their hands to cover their ears .

“So, you want to meet Kai-sama? However, it will not be easy to pass through the Snake Way . Young Kami, are you determined?”

“Yes, King Yemma, please allow us to enter Snake Way,” Chi-Chi said quietly . She was neither haughty nor humble .

King Yemma gave her an admiring look, nodded and said, “You have more guts than your predecessor… . Fine, I’ll allow you to pass . Kai-sama is the most exalted deity of our entire North Area, so don’t be disrespectful to him,” After saying this, King Yemma ordered the Ogre Guide next to him .

“Follow him, and he will bring you to the entrance of the Snake Way . ”

“Thank you . ”

Everyone nodded, thanking King Yemma . Then, they followed the Ogre Guide, bypassed the Underworld’s judgment hall and boarded an outdated car; soon, they reached the entrance of the Snake Way .

The entrance was that of the huge head of a snake with a gaping maw, resting on golden magical clouds whose boundaries couldn’t be seen . Its endless serpentine body lay afloat above the golden magical clouds .

“Everyone, we have arrived . That is the Snake Way . As long as you advance along the snake’s body, you can reach Kai-sama’s Planet; thus, I wish you all a safe journey . I will go back first!” The Underworld’s Ogre Guide pointed at the huge snakehead and said .

Chi-Chi and others smiled and nodded at him, and then they looked towards the Snake Way . “Then, we should set foot on Snake Way . Everyone, be careful, I heard that there are many traps above the Snake Way . Besides attacks from hell, there are also layers of illusions, so everyone should pay attention . ”

“All right!”

“Don’t worry . ”

Goku and others nodded, and then they stepped on the Snake Way .


With a few rapid illusory lights, they flashed and instantly turned to black specks, disappearing from view .

Meanwhile, outside Earth’s atmosphere, a small meteor-like-spaceship streaked across the night sky, rushing towards Earth at full speed .

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

Following a series of beeps, a unique electronic sound came from the spaceship, “Approaching the target planet, Earth!”

“Repeat, approaching the target planet, Earth!”

The hibernation system shut down, and the indigo-skinned Cui leisurely woke up . He looked at the beautiful blue planet in the distance through the porthole, the vent-like tubular lump of flesh on top of his head swaying .

“Humph, so that is Earth… It is quite beautiful . ”

Cui sneered as he drove the spaceship towards Earth’s atmosphere .

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As the spaceship entered the atmosphere, the friction with the air caused the surface of the spaceship to glow red, appearing like a scorching ball of fire as it dragged a long tail behind it .

Somewhere on the outskirts of a farm, a huge ball of light streaked across the sky, and with a bang, it crashed on the grassland more than ten kilometers away .

It was not rare for meteors to appear on Earth, but meteors that could successfully land on the ground were quite rare as most of them got burned in the atmosphere . The loud crash immediately caught the attention of the owners of the surrounding farms, and they hurriedly drove towards the location of the crash .

… .

A few kilometers away on the grassland, the lush green grass swayed in the wind, like waves causing ripples .

The spaceship hit the grassland and smashed open a huge crater with a diameter of more than twenty meters in width and about six or seven meters in depth . The splashing sand and dust cast a greyish-brown shadow above everything in a 100-meter area .

At the center, the small spaceship lay buried in the middle; black scratches appeared on the white hull due to the impact . This was an area where the out-dated spaceships weren’t as effective . Cui’s spaceship was different from Vegeta’s and others with spherical spacecraft, but the landing method was the same—simple and rough .


The spaceship trembled a few times and slightly floated; then, the hatch slowly opened, and an alien donning a Battle Armor walked out .

Cui coughed, walked out of the spaceship and then jumped out of the crater . At this moment, the single-glass monocle energy detector on his ear beeped, and then more than a dozen numbers appeared in front of his eyes .

Looking at the numbers displayed on the glass monocle, Cui shook his head in disdain .

“Hehe, another useless race . Looks like there’s no challenge this time too . ” Cui licked his dark indigo-colored lips and stretched his wrists with a scornful look, preparing to slaughter .

In the eyes of a powerful warrior, especially one with a Battle Power of 18000, earthlings were as weak as ants that could be pinched to death anytime .

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“You… Who are you?”

More than a dozen farmers gathered around, armed with shotguns . When they saw the Battle Armor on the alien’s body, their hearts fiercely palpitated, and a stifling feeling rushed into their hearts .

Beep! Beep! 

The detector flashed a few times and showed a prompt displaying the strength of the farmers .

“Trash, only 5 Battle Power . Oh, one of them has reached 7, but he is also trash . ” Looking contemptuously, Cui leisurely raised his hand and pointed a finger at a rather “strong” farmer in the distance .


A cold light ray flashed, and a red laser shot out from his fingertip, penetrating the farmer’s chest .

The farmer fell to the ground, scarlet blood flowing onto the ground .

“Ah, bastard!” Someone roared with unwillingness . The attack happened so fast that they couldn’t react .

“Everyone, be careful… he must be an alien harboring evil intent . Not good, aliens have invaded Earth again… “

“We must spread this news . ”

The death of one of the farmers suddenly caused the situation to become chaotic . Gunfire spat out from the muzzle, but Cui just extended his finger and shook it in front of him, causing the bullets to fall onto the grassland .

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“Haha, what a stupid race . Let Uncle Cui send you off to meet the King of Hell!”

Cui laughed wildly and waved his hand, throwing out an energy beam . A crescent ravine of more than five meters in width and twenty meters in length, appeared in front of the farmers, burning them all to ashes .

“Hehe, courting death… Let me take a look at the Battle Power of the other aboriginals on this planet . ” Cui tapped the glass monocle, and then a series of numbers were displayed .




“45, 21, 3, 67, they are really trash . Huh? There is actually someone here with a Battle Power of 4400 . They are 8900 kilometers away . Isn’t the disparity too big?” Cui couldn’t help but laugh . Although he was somewhat surprised, he didn’t care too much and continued searching . He found two very powerful signal sources in the northern hemisphere .

“7100 and 1200 Battle Power… how can there be such powerful energy sources on this low-level planet?”

Cui was a little surprised, but then he coldly snorted and soared into the sky, flying towards the target which had the strongest energy reaction in the northern hemisphere .

… .

In a mountain pass 8900 kilometres away, Yajirobe was slashing at a waterfall with a katana . The blade of the sword never touched the water surface as a sword ray flashed past, severing the waterfall before it then continued to flow .

Suddenly, Yajirobe lowered the katana and stared at the sky with a sharp look .

“This evil Ki… could it be that someone has entered Earth again?” Yajirobe shook his head with a smile and put away the sword on his back; then, he flew towards a direction .

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