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Chapter 424

While Xiaya conversed with Saonel about training experiences at his residence in Universe 7’s Earth, a brand new transformation was vigorously taking place .

The incident of aliens invading Earth had passed, and the social order was gradually recovering; however, all earthlings still felt a sense of urgency . They did not know the earth’s position in the vast universe . Was it is high-level or low-level, or was it not even worth mentioning?

The fear of getting attacked by aliens at any time was bad . The atmosphere was no longer carefree and comfortable .

From that day onward, Goku and Tien Shinhan began their daily training at the training yard, and Piccolo and others were doing theirs not so far away .

Bang! Bang! Bang! As blurry afterimages flashed across the level ground, Goku, who was in the yard, lowered his body and sprinted over . When Tien Shinhan saw that, he sneered and spread open his arms . He did not intend to dodge . His knotted muscles were stretched taut, and a powerful strength erupted out, sending Goku backward .

After more than a dozen consecutive backflips, Goku regained his footing . He then exhaled and said: “Tien Shinhan, you really are very powerful, but it’s more fun that way!”

“Humph, you are not bad too!”

They both stared at each other . Goku liked to challenge strong experts . This was the nature of a Saiyan, and right now, Tien Shinhan had stirred his fighting spirit .

Tien Shinhan was very careful, suppressing his strength to the same level as Goku . Using this, he was tempering his skills and maximizing the use of every fraction of strength in his body .

Because his strength had improved abruptly after Planet Namek’s Grand Elder unlocked his potential . To some extent, it has improved ahead of time . Tien Shinhan had always kept Xiaya’s words in his mind .

Foundation was important because the stronger one’s foundation is, the greater their future achievements would be .

Tien Shinhan fully believed this .

Tien Shinhan had already found his martial arts path, but to him, the teaching of strong experts was akin to reviewing experiences and absorbing the essence from them . This would allow him to take less detours .

In the distance, Piccolo was hovering in the air, watching Goku and Tien Shinhan, both of whom were brimming with energy, fight chaotically . He smiled coldly and then closed his eyes to resume his meditation . A mysterious aura emanating from him distorted the air around him, making it strangely blurry .

Farther away, Krillin and Yamcha were in the gravity training room . The gravity was operating at 15 times normal gravity . They were making progress, but with great difficulty . The training was difficult .

The potential of earthlings was not as good as that of Saiyans and Namekians, and the training speed was far less than that of Goku and Piccolo . This was a fact, and both Krillin and Yamcha knew it fairly well . However, since Tien Shinhan could become so powerful, so could they .

With this belief, although they both found the training difficult, they did not slack off in the slightest, gradually refining the essences of their bodies . The effect of the training room was very significant . As they gradually adapted to 15 times gravity, their Battle Powers improved by leaps and bounds .

… . .

Mount Paozu was surrounded by mountains, thick forests, and tall bamboos on all sides . It was a paradise . The green tree leaves were stacked layer upon layer, and as the wind blew, soft rustles could be heard .

Under the shade of a tree, sunlight passed through the leaves and formed a few round bright spots on the ground . Bulma and Hasky were lying on an armchair, with various kinds of fruits and beverages on a tea table by the side .

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With sunglasses on, drinking beverages, and watching the fierce battles taking place in the distance, the day was a pretty leisurely one .

One of them was the daughter of the richest person in the world, and the other was the number one master thief in the world . They both had bountiful wealth, and they lived the life of the extremely wealthy .

“Mom, I also want to learn martial arts . ”

A child’s voice rang out, as the light purple-haired Gohan came tottering over .

“Your dad is training now . Do you want auntie to take you training?” Hasky said, rubbing Gohan’s head . She had lived in the Kame House for many years . One could be imperceptibly influenced by what one they had seen and heard . So, she could also be considered to be a martial artist .

Gohan frowned . He shrugged away Hasky’s hand and said, “No, I’m not interested . Aunt Hasky can’t even defeat me!”

“Brat, what did you say?” Hasky’s eyes widened as her face sank . Without wasting time, she got up to chase after him .

But Hasky’s physical strength couldn’t be compared with Gohan’s . Soon, she was panting from fatigue . So, she again returned to the armchair and lied down, exhausted .

She said gloomily, “Bulma, look at your child; he’s getting more naughty . ”

Bulma covered her mouth and chuckled . “Gohan is very talented; he will definitely be a strong expert when he grows up . Well, it’s almost time for him to get in touch with martial arts, but who should teach him?”

Bulma frowned with worry . Goku and others had their own training . In the short term, they had very little free time for themselves, let alone the time to take a child training . Moreover, Bulma never considered letting Goku stop his training to look after children . Currently, Earth was not at peace . The stronger Goku got, the safer Earth would be! In this aspect, Bulma was very understanding .

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“How about we have Launch come and teach him?” Hasky suggested .

Bulma shook her head and said, “Impossible! It’s not that Launch is very busy on Planet Hongshan, but with the Blonde-haired Launch’s character, she does not look like she can teach people . I’m afraid she will lead Gohan astray!”

Hasky remembered the boorish personality of Blonde-haired Launch and nodded in agreement .

Suddenly, a sturdy officer, who was decently dressed in military uniform, walked over . Mount Paozu was the private territory of the Goku family, and with Goku’s current reputation, no one would come under normal circumstances .

The officer went to Bulma’s side and whispered a few words . When Bulma heard what was said, her violet pupils widened .

A few moments later, she said to Hasky, “The king of Central City has arrived at Mount Paozu . ”


Gabriel was a resident of a small town in the remote suburbs of North City . It was very close to the Sacred Land of Korin . As long as one crossed a mountain range, they could reach the huge forest where the Sacred Land of Korin was located .

A myth had been circulating in his hometown since ancient times . It was said that as long as one could climb the Korin Tower, they could get guidance from the immortal that was living on the Korin Tower, allowing them to become a peerless master .

Throughout the ages, countless strong experts rose to the challenge and finally achieved fame .

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Gabriel was fascinated by this legend, so he had been secretly doing training since he was a child . He even got a master and joined one of the martial arts centers for training, looking forward to the day he could also climb Korin Tower .

Many of his peers, including those that young, frivolous, and fearless, shared this dream . However, when some people entered the Sacred Land of Korin and saw the shocking Korin Tower towering high above the clouds, they got frightened and fled .

If they fell from such a height, even if they didn’t die, wouldn’t they become crippled?

Gabriel was also afraid . He considered himself an ordinary person that wouldn’t do such a whimsical thing .

For this reason, he was depressed for a long time and gradually gave up his unrealistic dream . He seemed to have suddenly matured overnight, but in return, he became mediocre . He did nothing and let things take their course just like those around him, gradually reduced to be a mediocre person that was busy with his life .

Until one day, King Piccolo appeared

It was a worldwide catastrophe . At the critical moment, like a play on TV, a hero appeared . A young martial artist named Goku .

At that time, television stations around the world broadcasted the battles, while Gabriel secretly prayed in front of the television .

After that, aliens invaded earth, and it was Goku and his companions again who stepped forward bravely . Those powerful and heroic martial artists, after courageously fighting the aliens, saved the earth once again .

“How nice would it be if I could also fight bravely like them . ” Gabriel smiled in a self-deprecating manner while staring at the brutal battle scenes on the TV .

“It’s already late; I’ve already given up on that dream!” Gabriel muttered in a low voice .

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