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Chapter 377

Bulma didn’t know . In actuality, Bulma’s guess was already very close to the truth . If she was a little bolder with her speculations, she would have uncovered the identities of Xiaya and the others; however, she couldn’t see the bigger picture . Bulma’s thought processes remained at the level of Earthlings .

“Kakarrot, where is your tail?” Myers’ sharp-eyes saw that there was no tail at Goku’s back .

Goku, who had gotten a little accustomed to the name Kakarrot, scratched his head and said, “Kami was worried that my tail would cause instability, so he cut it off . ”

As he Listened to Goku, Xiaya realized that Kami had learned the lesson from him . Currently, among the Saiyans present, only Myers still kept her tail . However, Myers’ tail was hidden under her clothes, blocked by the edge of the dress, leaving it invisible from the prying eyes of others .

“Krillin, Yamcha and Chi-Chi haven’t come yet?” Goku glanced around but didn’t find the three of them .

Master Roshi nodded, looking a little anxious . “The deadline for registration time is about to pass, but even their shadows haven’t been seen!”

The rain gradually subsided and sunlight broke through the clouds .

Goku was full of energy as he talked to Master Roshi about his life on the Lookout and then talked about his one year life with Bulma and Bardock on Mount Paozu . When he learned that Goku couldn’t even last one move against Bardock, Master Roshi—the leading martial artists of the martial art world—was dumbfounded .

After a long time passed, Master Roshi reacted and continuously sighed, “It’s impressive that there are such experts in the world… I’ve really been ignorant!”

As he thought of the hidden experts like Bardock that were on Earth, Master Roshi—who was praised as the God of martial arts—felt embarrassed .

’Hee hee, you are all still unaware that Goku is actually a Saiyan, not an earthling!’ Bulma mused . However, even Goku was unaware of his true nature . Bulma had promised Bardock that she would keep it a secret for the time being .

At this time, Bulma began to feel worried .  ’Oh no, if Goku is not an earthling, then it means we are not of the same species… Would there be any reproductive isolation between Saiyans and Earthlings?’

Bulma began to consider the issue of having children .

However, concerning all this, Bulma was thinking too much . Saiyans and Earthlings were a similar type of human race, so there was no strict reproductive isolation .

“Goku is a really lucky guy . His martial arts skills are so high, and Bulma is such a beautiful girlfriend . I’m envious,” Oolong grumbled resentfully .

Puar laughed out loud and ridiculed, “You are still dreaming of having a girlfriend? You can forget about it in this life . ”

“What did you say?”

Oolong and Puar argued noisily .

“Goku, in the past three years, your martial arts must have improved a lot, right?” Master Roshi poked Goku’s arm and couldn’t help but ask, his tone delighted and envious . After all, being able to climb the Lookout for training was considered the greatest achievement for all martial artists!

Master Roshi did not have this qualification before .

However, his four disciples received Kami’s pointers on the Lookout; a feat which was enough to make him proud .

Goku scratched his head and said with a serious tone, “Umm, under Mr . Popo and Kami’s guidance, I learned a lot of things, and my strength has also increased a lot . Also, Krillin, Chi-Chi and Yamcha’s strength has increased too . I haven’t seen them for a year, so I don’t know how their training has been like . However, I really want to compete with them!”

“What a pity, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu are not there; otherwise, it would have been more lively,” Goku sighed .

Master Roshi nodded his head in understanding, and then he looked at his watch and muttered, “There isn’t much time left for registrations, but Krillin and others are yet to arrive…”

At this time, an announcement was made repeatedly through the loudspeaker by a staff member, “Only five minutes are left for registrations . Those who haven’t signed up yet should immediately come over to register!”

“Ah, what to do, they are still not here, and the registration is ending soon!” The sun gradually set as Hasky’s anxiety grew, and less than five minutes to the closing time, Master Roshi said to Oolong, “If it is really too late, you will have to transform into Krillin and others and go register!”

“No, I will have to rest for one minute after each transformation . It would be too late then!” Oolong’s eyes widened as he exclaimed unhappily .

Oolong’s transformation was just basic-level, and even he and Puar together could only register for two people .

“What do we do? Krillin and others are going to miss the tournament . ”

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Xiaya—who stood by the side—laughed and said, “These guys… each one of them plays a protagonist’s pattern!”

“Why?” Myers asked in surprise .

“A protagonist must be the last to appear, giving the supporting roles an ample opportunity to perform!”

Myers was suddenly enlightened . She poked Xiaya’s arm and said with a giggle, “Then, we will also arrive late in the future…”

Suddenly, Goku revealed a smile and said in a low voice, “There is no need to go through so much trouble; they are already here!” Goku had sensed three auras approaching .

They belonged to Krillin, Yamcha, and Chi-Chi .

“Where?” Oolong asked doubtfully .

At this moment, three silhouettes quickly flashed, leaving only a faint afterimage behind . Goku’s eyes were trained in front, and he saw three figures appear in the registration center of the martial arts tournament . Krillin, Yamcha, and Chi-Chi had rushed over at the last moment .

“Krillin, Yamcha, you are here!” Master Roshi and Oolong surrounded them and jubilated .

“Everyone, long time no see!” Krillin took off his hat and said with a smile .

“Bulma, Hasky,” Chi-Chi greeted in a soft voice .

Everyone gasped in surprise . “Wow, even Chi-Chi has become so beautiful . She was clearly just a little child before . ”

“A girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood . Chi-Chi has grown even more beautiful!” Master Roshi exclaimed in admiration .

“Goku, I won’t lose to you this time!” Yamcha clenched his fists and said confidently .

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“To catch up with you, I didn’t even dare to sleep much in the past three years! My strength is no longer the same . ” Yamcha had many scars on his face, and his hair had also grown a lot longer .

Goku said with a delighted expression, “Haha, don’t be happy too early . I have also trained hard during this time . Let’s have a good fight at the martial arts tournament tomorrow!”

“Of course!!”

At this time, Chi-Chi walked up to Xiaya and said gratefully, “Mr . Xiaya, I’m grateful for your assistance in the Demon Realm a year ago, or I wouldn’t have been able to come back . ”

“It was nothing,” Xiaya smiled and calmly said .

They talked cheerfully while finishing their registrations and then arranged for a hotel to stay overnight . As the registration deadline was already nearing the evening, the qualification trials for martial arts tournament was scheduled for the next day .


At night, there was a heavy rainstorm . The violent storms were accompanied, from time to time, by lightning flashes and rolling thunder, and the pedestrians on the street were rushing about for shelter .

Goku and the others arranged a good hotel and were making their final preparations in their respective rooms .

Bulma acted very boldly and lived in the same room with Goku . Seeing this, Master Roshi was very envious in his heart as his remaining teeth made grinding sounds .

Outside the room, thunder erupted and the downpour continued, making “pitter-patter” sounds when hitting the glass .

“Kakarrot’s Battle Power has reached 1600 . Bardock’s training was really effective!” On the bed, Xiling said as she lay in Xiaya’s arms; Her beautiful golden hair messily spread out on the pillow .

Xiaya smiled and said, “He is, after all, a future Super Saiyan . The accumulation in these early stages has been sufficient . Bardock’s training only unsealed some of his potentials . ”

Xiaya had once informed them of what happened in the Golden Flame world . For them, it was just like they were prophets who were aware of future events .

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In actuality, if necessary, a Supreme Kai could also perceive the future while possessing the Time Ring .

“However, even till now, I can’t see how Kakarrot will possibly become a Super Saiyan . ” Myers flipped over, and the upper part of her naked body pressed down on Xiaya’s chest; her soft and smooth skin was slightly cold . Her restless hands were stroking Xiaya’s body playfully .

Among female Saiyans, both Xiling and Myers belonged to the graceful and petite type . Xiling’s height was about the same as an ordinary earthling, while Myers was shorter than Xiling .

“Who knows… Maybe it’s because he still has the heart of an innocent newborn . ”

However, Xiaya did not say a word: instead, he mused, ’Maybe he still has a protagonist’s halo…’

“Why are you talking about Kakarrot? It’s time to do our thing . ” Xiaya chuckled and embraced the soft, boneless and delicate bodies of both women . He turned over and first pressed Myers underneath him .

They had been married for several years, but even until now, they had no children; this was because they were not working hard enough .

The night suddenly became extremely quiet .


With a rumbling sound, lightning streaked across the sky and hit the clock tower of a tall building . Stones and metal parts of the clock fell from the sky and smashed towards the pedestrians on the street .


The shattered stones fell, but the moment it was about to hit the pedestrians, it was destroyed by an energy wave, saving the people below . A green-skinned demonic man wearing a white cloak appeared .

“Idiots!” The green-skinned demonic man coldly snorted and turned around to leave with an indifferent expression .

From his aura, Piccolo was now like that of a pure demon! A little guidance might help him to give up evil and turn to good .

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