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Chapter 330
At the same time, in a corner of the vast expanse of the starry sky, the dark and hazy stardust were densely packed together, forming a circle of impenetrable Ki wall . Inside the Ki wall, an uneven emerald-white star flashed with white light .

The diameter of this emerald-white star was less than one hundred kilometers . There were tubular passages scattered around on the uneven metal surface . These passages were severed, revealing a circular black hole . Entering along the hole, and at the center, a few kilometer tall central computers were still operating .

In a green incubator, Bojack’s head was immersed in it . Below the head were tubular nerves like fiber . At this time, these tubular nerves were like a small snake moving around, and they kept squirming, full of vitality . After that, they entangled together and slowly grew longer . Soaked in a green solution, these tubular nerves either extended or coiled into a ball . Soon, bluish muscles gradually formed .

At the heart’s position, a black nucleus began to expand and contract, absorbing the surrounding energy .

After a little while, skin formed, and on the surface of the skin, a sparkling bluish layer of sturdy alloy covered it little by little…

“Gulu… Gulu…” Bubbles formed in the green incubator, as Bojack abruptly opened his blue eyes, his face distorted into a malevolent and prideful sneer .

“This time I was really very lucky… I actually came across the core computer of Big Gete Star . What is this substance that is being integrated into my body? I feel that my body is growing in strength… hehe, wait for me Super Saiyan!”

“When I recover, it will be the time of your doom . ”

When he thought of the Super Saiyan, Bojack crazily roared . The green incubator suddenly seemed to be boiling as big bubbles constantly formed .


On the other side, Xiaya stayed on Planet Hongshan for a while and then returned to Earth . Soon, he got news of the Red Ribbon Army’s destruction from Tights . He had previously entrusted Tights and the others to arrange people to find Dr Gero’s whereabouts, but he didn’t get any substantial news . Who knew in which corner Dr . G . ero had hidden . Xiaya’s people had searched everywhere, but they did not find his traces .

‘Do I really have to wait until the start of the storyline for him to appear?’ Xiaya helplessly thought . By that time, the Androids would have already appeared, and Dr . Gero’s role would be much less .

‘Forget it; anyway, the Feidaya people’s research on the MetCoolers has made some progress, so Dr . Gero’s participation will not be necessary . ’

Xiaya thought for a moment and gave up the idea of

continuing to search for Dr . Gero . After all, he would only be there for making some improvements, and even without Dr . Gero, the Feidaya people were not much inferior!

At the same time, Xiaya got a piece of unfortunate news from Tights that Dr . Tokunoshin Omori, who lived on an isolated island, had passed away not long ago due to his old age .

‘There is now one less genius on Earth!’ Xiaya sighed with emotion .

But then he smiled indifferently and tossed away these emotions to the back of his head . Based on his aura’s reaction, Xiaya found Tien Shinhan who was training in the wilderness . Wherever Tien Shinhan was, there will also be Chiaotzu; they had been training together .

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Seeing Xiaya appear, Tien Shinhan hurriedly stepped forward and called out, “Teacher!”

Xiaya smiled as he looked at Tien Shinhan and nodded with satisfaction . After not seeing him for more than half a year, Tien Shinhan’s strength had improved a lot . Now, his Battle Power had reached 260, and there were very few on Earth that could match him .

“Tien Shinhan, your current strength is already one of the best among the people of Earth, but an easy and comfortable life would only sap away your will . Furthermore, you will not be able to improve your strength much by staying on Earth, so I have considered and decided to arrange for you to go to other planets for training,” Xiaya directly spoke out his thoughts .

Of course, there was also the Lookout on Earth which could improve Tien Shinhan’s strength, but Xiaya’s knowledge of martial arts was much richer than the Kami; furthermore, he had already taught Tien Shinhan what the Kami would teach him . Next, Tien Shinhan needed to thoroughly master them himself and use it for himself, which required certain environmental factors .

Why did Goku and Piccolo’s strength not increase much in the five years before the Saiyans invaded but then crazily increased in the later stages, forming a sharp contrast in their strength before and after?

Of course, a part of the reason was because of the original work author’s setting, but apart from these factors, simply from the perspective of martial arts, Xiaya believed that the excessively easy and comfortable atmosphere on Earth was also a very important reason for their lack of progress .

After all, before the Saiyans invaded, Goku and Piccolo were already one of the strongest experts on Earth . Without the threat of foreign enemies, their potential would not really develop . After the Saiyans and Planet Namek Saga, Goku and Piccolo’s Battle Power began to slowly rise, and it even rose to an extent that made people feel a little conflicted .

Now that Tien Shinhan was his disciple, how would he allow Tien Shinhan to continue to stay on Earth? Could it be he would let Tien Shinhan follow his old path in the original work and gradually disappear in the torrents of time?

Xiaya would not allow this . Even if this disciple would not be as good as a Super Saiyan in the future, Tien Shinhan can’t be allowed to fall behind too much . Although the bloodline of Earthling’s was fundamentally much weaker than Saiyans, it wasn’t as if there were no means to become stronger .

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While on the side, after listening to his teacher’s arrangements for him, Tien Shinhan couldn’t help but be inwardly shocked . From his teacher’s words, he understood many things .

‘Can it be that teacher really wants to bring me out of Earth and go to other places to train?’

‘Are there also other civilizations in the universe?’ Tien Shinhan was stupefied .

‘In the end, he is still a naive Earthling . ’ Xiaya looked at Tien Shinhan’s absent-minded appearance and chuckled, and then, he threw an eyeglass-type energy detector .

“Teacher, what is this?” Tien Shinhan took the energy detector that Xiaya had thrown over and looked at it carefully as he asked . He didn’t seem to understand the usefulness of the eyeglass .

“This is an energy detector commonly used in the universe . Very few people among the universe civilizations can sense the existence of Ki . This detector is used to determine people’s Battle Power,” Xiaya looked at Tien Shinhan and explained .

“You can use it to detect the level of one’s own Battle Power?” Then Shinhan asked, stupefied .

“Yes,” Xiaya answered .
For the first time, Tien Shinhan had heard that there was an equipment that could detect an individual’s Battle Power . Immediately, he felt the novelty . He took the energy detector and fiddled with it . He pushed down a button, and a series of fluctuating numbers immediately appeared on the eyeglass; finally, the value was fixed on 261 .

“261!” Tien Shinhan muttered to himself, but he did not know if the value was high or low in the universe .

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“This number represents your Battle Power . An average adult Earthling’s Battle Power is between two and three points, with very few exceeding five,” Xiaya said with a smile .

“Additionally, Blonde Launch’s current Battle Power is 510, much stronger than yours . ”

Tien Shinhan listened carefully and couldn’t help but feel a little astonishment .

‘I didn’t expect ordinary adult earthlings to have only two or three Battle Power, which is really weak . ’ In contrast, his 261 Battle Power was quite extraordinary, which made him a little happy . But when he heard that Blonde Launch’s Battle Power had actually reached 510, he felt that he was actually not considered powerful!

Xiaya’s words had broadened his horizon .

He fiddled with the energy detector as he mused, ‘The glass monocle is showing a 510 energy source at 2,100 km southeast; this should be Blonde Launch, and there is also a 240 energy source at 10440 km south of here… It should be Goku . ’

Tien Shinhan roughly understood the strength that the numerical values on the detector represented, and then, he waited for Xiaya to speak with a serious expression . He knew that his teacher would not tell him about this for no reason .

Sure enough, Xiaya continued, “In the universe, Earthlings are but a very weak race . There are many powerful experts in the universe . It is also very common to have a lifeform with 2,000 Battle Power, and even some powerful lifeform’s Battle Power can exceed 10,000…”

After listening to Xiaya seriously, Tien Shinhan’s expression could not help but be overwhelmed with shock . His heart shook and at the same time, he also felt excited .

At this moment, he really realized the mystery and vastness of the universe . ‘So, the universe is actually such a big stage . Compared with it, Earth is really too insignificant . ’ Tien Shinhan’s fists slightly trembled, as a strong fighting spirit shone in his three eyes .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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