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Chapter 313
Yamcha’s attacks were powerful and fast, and his fists and claws were as hard as steel . Since his previous defeat in the hands of Goku, he had been working hard to improve his Wolf Fang Fist, and now, he had gotten some success in it .

This fighting technique was as fast as a gale, and it was also like a ferocious wolf attacking, making the opponent feel like they were being swallowed by an endless sea and unable to avoid the ferocious attack .

If it was an ordinary martial artist, he or she would have never been able to dodge this attack . But unfortunately, Yamcha was facing Chiaotzu . After getting trained by Korin, not to mention superpower, but even his body’s strength alone was already above Yamcha’s .

“Stop!” Chiaotzu suddenly extended two fingers as he looked at Yamcha who was a little far away .

Suddenly, Yamcha’s movements turned sluggish as if his body was shackled by countless chains, causing him to feel stunned . A pause of only one-tenth of a second was enough to kill him .

Chiaotzu chuckled and increased the power acting on Yamcha .


Yamcha immediately plunged down from the sky, and with a loud breaking sound, the stone slabs on the ground shattered due to the enormous force of his descent . Due to the enormous force moved that acted on him, after Yamcha knocked into the stone slabs, he didn’t slow down and continued all the way to the outside of the arena, leaving a half-mile deep gully .

“Master Yamcha!” Outside the arena, Puar anxiously shouted, tears in his eyes .

After a short period of silence, the crowd suddenly erupted into enthusiastic shouts .

“Contestant Yamcha has fallen out of the arena . The second match, contestant Chiaotzu has won . Next, let’s proceed to the third match; contestant Tien Shinhan vs contestant Chi-Chi!”

The gong sounded and Tien Shinhan and Chichi commenced their battle .

There was no suspense in this match . Tien Shinhan’s battle power was much higher than Chi-Chi’s, so it was hardly long before Chi-Chi lost .

Master Roshi watched from the side of the arena with a grave expression and muttered, “This Tien Shinhan is even more powerful than he was a few months ago… I’m not his match . Now is really the era of young people . ”

Following the constant emergence of young talents such as Goku and Tien Shinhan, Master Roshi couldn’t help but feel the change of times .

In the fourth match, Jackie Chun fought against Krillin, which was similar to the match in the original work; Jackie Chun won the fight .

After four matches, the top four were decided, They were Goku, Chiaotzu, Tien Shinhan, and Jackie Chun . There was a short break before the start of the semi-finals .

Xiaya only gave the matches a cursory glance . In his mind, since before the tournament started, he had already known the result . Sure enough, the finalists were Goku and Tien Shinhan, while Chiaotzu and Jackie Chun got defeated in the semi-finals .

“Hehe, this result is almost the same as the 22nd World martial arts tournament, but it has been brought forward ahead of time here . ”

“Now for the finals, contestant Goku will fight against contestant Tien Shinhan!”

The host’s voice had just fallen when Goku and Tien Shinhan walked onto the arena . These battle represented a showdown between the Turtle School and the Crane School, the most powerful martial arts schools on Earth . They had attracted the attention of countless people, as all kinds of praises and adulation fell in their ears .

“I will definitely be the champion of this tournament,” Standing on the arena, Tien Shinhan said, full confidence . His upper body was bare, and his arms were folded across his chest .

“The championship is mine,” Goku retorted; he refused to admit defeat .

The level of this fight was expected to be very high .

Goku and Tien Shinhan stared at each other, and the air between them seemed to freeze .


Goku disappeared in a flash . He began to move at high speeds . There were only faint sounds of footsteps heard in the arena, but Goku couldn’t be seen .

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“Afterimage Strike?” Tien Shinhan laughed disdainfully .

Then, he followed the high-speed movements . The people in the arena disappeared for a while . If it were not for the sounds of battle that erupted out from time to time and a big hole that suddenly appeared on the arena, the audience would have thought that no one was fighting in the arena!

“Quick, hurry up and record the battle scenes with the video camera . ”

The host shouted anxiously, inwardly regretting that he did not make preparations early on . He had missed such wonderful scenes in vain .


Tien Shinhan’s three eyes kept rotating as he locked onto Goku’s position, and then his foot lightly stepped on the ground, a deep and powerful explosive force surging out from the soles of his feet .

“Dodon Ray!” Tien Shinhan suddenly exclaimed .

With an explosive sound, a dark-red light beam shot out from Tien Shinhan’s fingertips, and at the same time, he shot over like a lightning bolt . The stone slabs on the ground shattered and shot out in all directions under the pressure of the immense power, leaving behind a shallow hole; there were crisscrossed cracks around the hole .
Goku grinned, and at a very fast speed, he instantly changed his course and dodged Tien Shinhan’s Dodon Ray with just a hair-splitting gap .

But at this time, Tien Shinhan miraculously appeared by Goku’s side and punched with both of his fists .


He hit the target . Goku was struck head-on by Tien Shinhan . Their battle was extremely fast . Not even more than one second had elapsed on the tournament’s arena, yet they had exchanged several blows; There was a slight pause, but they disappeared again soon after, with only the sounds of their exchange being heard by the crowd .

“They are so formidable, and their attacks are so fast!” Krillin looked at Goku and Tien Shinhan, who were continuously fighting on the arena, and cold sweat broke out on his head .

Although Krillin’s eyes could keep up with the speed of both sides, it was impossible for him to perform the same movements .

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“Senior brother Goku is really strong, but that Tien Shinhan seems to be even more powerful!” Chi-Chi’s eyes flashed with a bright light .

“Their level is completely beyond their peers . I’m afraid that any one of them is already standing at the peak of the martial arts world!” Jackie Chun looked solemn . “What is even more terrifying is that they are still so young . Who knows what realm they will reach in the future!”

On the side, Yamcha watched the battle in low spirits . His legs were shaking, and his heart was full of unwillingness and helplessness . Compared to Goku and Tien Shinhan, he was really too far apart .

“Could it be that I really have no hope of defeating them? No, one of them is a disciple of Master Roshi, and the other is a disciple of Master Shen who is as equally famous as Master Roshi . If I can also obtain guidance from Master Roshi, maybe I will be able to surpass them . ”

A strong thirst was suddenly birthed in Yamcha’s heart; perhaps, it was self-deception, but he knew that only by getting the guidance of a master could he have further possibilities of improvement .

“The decisive blow!”

Tien Shinhan and Goku both simultaneously used their strongest move, and suddenly, an earth-shaking pressure gushed out from both sides .

They were separated at both ends of the arena . Goku turned both of his hands into claws and slowly condensed energy into substance, while Tien Shinhan was also extremely serious as the fingers of both his hands joined into a triangle . The violent energies were accompanied by heaven destroying and earth extinguishing momentum, and as if a divine dragon was soaring into the sky, the energies flared in all directions, as a suffocating feeling sprang up unbidden in people’s heart .

“Could this be…” Master Roshi could clearly see the movements of both sides and couldn’t help but shout, and as an intense uneasiness filled his chest, a dreadful guess appeared in his heart .

‘Did Master Shen hand over even that move to him?’
Under the arena, Xiaya’s eyes lit up, and he smiled at Xiling . “Look at Tien Shinhan’s move . The energy gathered is actually several times your own energy!”

“But the burden of such a high-intensity move on his body is very huge . ”

Just like “Super Ka Me Ha Me Ha” which was developed by Goku in the later stages, the “Tri-Beam” by Tien Shinhan, “Destructo Disc” by Krillin, and “Special Beam Cannon” by Piccolo, were all formidable moves that could exhibit a destructive force several times that of the user’s main Battle Power .

Likewise, a little carelessness would cause the body to succumb to the pressure and collapse .

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“Let’s see!”

With the duo as the center, a powerful storm swept through the entire arena, causing a chaotic cloud of dust to spread out in all directions . The spectators had to protect their eyes with their hands .

“Ka… Me… Ha… Me… Ha!”


After Goku and Tien Shinhan finished storing Ki, they both of them shouted before pushing out their powerful attacks .

Two glaring energy waves suddenly shot out like roaring dragons . A dazzling flash of light instantly illuminated the entire venue of the tournament, forcing the spectators to close their eyes .

Boom! Boom!

The dazzling energy waves fiercely collided and immediately exploded . The shock waves generated by the explosion spread out in all directions with tremendous energy . For a moment, the violent hurricane—which was mixed with deafening sounds—swept through every corner, with dense smoke pervading the entire venue .

Gradually, the smoke dissipated .

Two people were standing on the arena while gasping for breath . However, Goku was the first one to not withstand the heavy burden and fell down, but there was a content smile on his face .

“Goku!” Bulma shouted anxiously .

“Don’t worry, he has just exhausted his stamina . He will be fine after resting for a while,” Launch comforted Bulma as she could clearly see Goku’s situation .

“Umm . ” Bulma was quiet, and her eyes were still full of worries .

“The result is out! Contestant Tien Shinhan has won, and the 21st World Martial Art Tournament’s champion is contestant Tien Shinhan!” The host jumped onto the martial arts arena and announced the result of the tournament in a loud voice .

The whole audience was instantly stirred, and the sound of applause and cheers continued to resound . They felt it was a blessing of three lifetimes to be able to watch such an epic battle; the blood within their whole body was boiling .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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