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Chapter 311

The venue of the World Martial Arts Tournament…

As the start of the tournament was fast approaching, well-known and powerful experts from all over the world arrived from thousands of miles away, making the whole venue unusually lively .

“Heh heh, there are so many people, and they are all martial artists gathered from around the world,” Goku looked around from behind Master Roshi and said excitedly, his expression full of excitement .

“Senior brother Goku and Senior brother Krillin, these people’s Ki seem to be very weak; have they also come to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament?” Chi-Chi had just learned to sense the existence of Ki . She spread out her consciousness, and found out that apart from her, Goku and Krillin, there were basically no powerful Ki’s in the venue!

These contestants, if their Battle Power was calculated, it would at most only reach a dozen or so, and even the best among them has no more than fifty!

Chi-Chi felt a little disappointed and mused, ‘Are formidable experts actually so rare in the whole world?’

“Let’s register first, then, we’ll go to the venue of the preliminary rounds . Don’t look around, and take care that you don’t get lost!” Master Roshi bent down and sternly warned the overly-excited Goku, Krillin, and Chi-Chi . Then he led the three of them to get registered .

At this moment, Xiaya was strolling around with Xiling and Myers .

“Xiaya, I don’t seem to see your preparatory disciple… he hasn’t come yet?” Xiling stretched her body and said with a smile .

Xiaya shook his head and said, “They have already arrived, but they must have gone to register . ”

Sure enough, after a little while, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu walked out of the crowd and noticed Launch who was in Blue-haired mode . They were slightly startled, but they also knew that she had a peculiar characteristic of switching personalities .

“Teacher, you are here,” Tien Shinhan curbed the arrogance in his heart and said humbly .

“Don’t call me teacher . Wait until you have become the champion of the tournament, then I will accept you as my disciple . ” Xiaya waved his hand .

“Yes!” Tien Shinhan responded earnestly .

Then they met Master Roshi’s group . At this time, Goku and others had already changed to the special martial arts uniform of the Turtle School . After the registrations were completed, the preliminaries were scheduled to begin shortly after .

“Ah, Goku, you didn’t inform me when you arrived . I have been waiting for you for a long time . ” A cute girl with a ponytail squeezed out from the packed crowd . Oolong was also with her .

“Bulma, you arrived so early,” Goku said, slightly surprised .

Bulma said angrily, “Didn’t you agree to contact me? You made me wait in vain for so long . ”

“Hehe, I forgot,” Goku said, smiling sheepishly .

At this time Krillin quietly asked Goku, “Goku, who is this cute girl? You seem to be quite familiar with her?”

“Oh, she is called Bulma, a friend who had previously adventured with me . ”

Then Goku introduced Krillin and Chi-Chi to Bulma . Bulma looked at Chi-Chi with amazement . She couldn’t help but feel astonished; she couldn’t imagine how the brutish Ox King would have such a cute and lovely daughter like Chi-Chi .

“Hello!” Bulma stood next to Goku and greeted everyone enthusiastically .

“Ha ha ha, Bulma, you have also come . You are really getting more and more beautiful,” Suddenly, Master Roshi hopped out of nowhere and said .

Bulma looked at Master Roshi with an unpleasant expression and cursed, “Old rogue, stay far away from me . ”

“Uhh, you are really unreasonable, little girl…” Master Roshi pouted and withdrew to the side, feeling regretful .

“Goku, Krillin, Chi-Chi, it’s time to test the results of your training . I heard from Xiaya that the duo from the Crane School would also participate in the Martial Arts Tournament . Although I don’t know what their aim is, the disciples of our Turtle School must not lose to the Crane School . Do you understand?”

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“Yeah!” Krillin repeatedly nodded .

Chi-Chi affirmed, “Yes, Master Roshi . ”

“Are they also going to take part in the competition? Then I’ll have to try harder . ” As Goku heard that Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu were also participating in the competition, his expression immediately turned serious .

Previously, when he saw the fight between Tien Shinhan and Blonde-haired Launch, he felt very itchy watching them from the sidelines . However, there was an opportunity this time, so he really wanted to properly compete with Tien Shinhan .

At this time, a loud gong rang out, and a staff member stepped up and addressed the crowd using a big loudspeaker, “The contestants participating in the martial arts tournament, please go to the competition hall for the qualifying matches!”

“Go, the qualifying matches are about to begin, and you must first qualify for the top eight,” Master Roshi informed them .

The qualifying matches were decided by drawing lots, and luck was also a key part of it .

Goku looked around as he followed the crowd and entered the venue . While walking, he looked for Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu . “Why haven’t I seen them yet? Could it be that they didn’t come?”

“They may have already entered the competition hall . You should be able to find them after going in!”

Master Roshi calmly said . Seeing Goku nod, he stealthily slipped away, stuck a wig and dressed up as Jackie Chun; he then announced his name and entered the competition hall .

In the competition hall, the contestants who came to participate in the tournament had already filled the hall . There were all kinds of strange-looking martial artists who had come from all over the world; there were werewolves, giants, and even some ferocious beasts could be seen .

It was an amazing sight to behold .

However, these strange races inexplicably disappeared in the later stages of the dragon ball . The heaven and the earth was a chessboard, and they were no longer counted as “protagonists” .

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On the platform, the host first explained the rules of the competition . “The 137 contestants who have signed up for the competition will be divided into four divisions, with two remaining contestants in each division to contest in the top eight . ”

Then, all the contestants started to draw lots . Goku, Krillin, and Chi-Chi respectively drew No . 69, No . 93 and No . 124 . Fortunately, they were not assigned to the same group .

“Sure enough, that guy named Goku has also come to participate in this Martial Arts Tournament,” In the corner, Yamcha—who had cut his hair short—stared at Goku with flashing eyes as he muttered . This time, he has also come to participate in the competition!

“I trained for half a year, and I’ve also overcome my fear of women . Let’s determine the victor on the arena . ”

Yamcha clenched his fists, looking eager . Due to the excess force, his fist slightly trembled .

At this time, Goku had already caught sight of Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu; he smiled and walked over . “Well, you are here, I’ll do my best in the competition later . ”

“It’s you, Turtle School’s boy! Although I must admit that you do indeed have some strength, the champion will definitely be me . ” Tien Shinhan coldly snorted and disdainfully walked away with Chiaotzu .


Outside the competition hall, Xiaya led Xiling and Myers and walked over to Bulma .

Upon seeing Xiaya coming over—who she assumed was a wealthy young master—her countenance suddenly changed .

“Bulma, we meet again,” Xiaya walked over and greeted her .

“Hello!” Bulma’s mouth twitched as she greeted him . “After I went back home, I asked my sister about you… So, you are really the owner of the Planet Hongshan Corporation . ”

“Sister also said that you are a very powerful martial artist, but I don’t believe it . ” Xiaya clearly seemed like a playboy, with two beautiful women accompanying on his left and right, and was quite different from the martial artists in her impression .

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‘Martial artists should be like Goku, and at worst, they should be like Krillin,’ Bulma thought .

“Tights said that about me?” Xiaya grinned as he inquired .

“Hmph, it must be a lie; how can you compare to Goku?” Bulma muttered to herself . Her words, however, was heard by Xiaya, causing him to laugh . He didn’t want to argue with such a little girl .  ‘She can think whatever she wants . ’

Half a day later, the qualifiers in the competition hall were nearing completion, and finally, the top eight players that qualified in the preliminaries were Goku, Krillin, Chi-Chi, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Jackie Chun, Yamcha, Nam and the Blonde beauty Ranfan, the Giras race’s Giran and Bacterian from the original work didn’t qualify for top eight .

Under Chiaotzu’s secret manipulation, the fighting order of the eight contestants was fixed, which was as follows:

The first match was Goku vs Nam .

The second match was Yamcha vs Chiaotzu .

The third match was Tien Shinhan vs Chi-Chi .

The fourth match was Krillin vs Jackie Chun .

The eight contestants in the quarter-final and the order of battles had changed dramatically from the original work .

The official matches were scheduled to be held at the outdoor competition hall in the afternoon . Next was lunch time, and several people gathered together to have their lunch . Because the participants in the competition basically knew each other, they went to a nearby restaurant to eat .

Xiaya also mingled together with them .

However, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha weren’t together with everyone because they weren’t familiar with them and also because of their unsociable personality .

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