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In this world, Goku didn't learn Instant Transmission at Planet Yardrat after attaining his Super Saiyan mode while fighting Frieza, instead he directly returned to Earth; as a result, there were now a few intact spaceships on Earth. One of which was procured when Goku returned to Earth from Planet Namek using the Ginyu Force's spaceship and the other is the spaceship that was used by MechFrieza and King Cold when they invaded Earth.

Only 16 years had passed since then, and no one knew for certain if both spaceships were destroyed amidst the Android disaster. They were like a time bomb, and they absolutely could not let Android 17 and 18 obtain them.

"We can't sit still and wait for death. We need powerful fighters right now," Master Roshi said as he stared eagerly at Xiaya, hoping he could provide help.

'Mr. Xiaya is strong, and his battle with the Androids is a testimony to that. If Gohan can also help, then they may really have a chance to win. Oh right, there is also Trunks… If he can also transform into a Golden Flame Warrior, then there will be more assurance in dealing with the Androids.'

Master Roshi was carefully ruminating about this. Of course, the key role in all this would be played by the Saiyan from a different world—Xiaya.

Xiaya smiled. He saw through Master Roshi's thoughts but did not say anything to oppose it.

Seeing Xiaya's smile, which was a smile and yet not a smile, Master Roshi's face turned red; however, for the safety of the planet, he didn't care even a little about his face and pleaded with Xiaya, "I hope you can help us, Mr. Xiaya."

"Right, right… If you help us, I will be indebted to you." A blonde woman ran over, with a pig flusteredly chasing after her. "Launch, don't make trouble."

"Blonde-Launch?" Xiaya was startled.

In the original work, Blonde-Launch never appeared after the Saiyan Saga. I didn't expect her to be staying together with Master Roshi and the others in this world…  

"Oh no… This person seems to have been angered by Launch. What should I do? What should I do?" Oolong and Puar anxiously ran around in circles while holding their heads. In their opinion, Blonde-Launch was too impudent.

"Hey, do you know me?" Blonde-Launch asked curiously.

Xiaya said, "Well… In another world, I sent you to Immortal Korin to learn how to plant Senzu Beans when you were a child, and now, you help me grow them."

"Ha? I grow Senzu Beans… for you?" Blonde-Launch pointed at herself and asked in disbelief. She had always thought of herself as a powerful and free person, but to think that she would go and grow beans for other people!

"Not you, it's the gentle blue-haired Launch. You are too unruly," Xiaya replied.

"You…" Blonde-haired Launch didn't feel happy at all when she heard this. How was she unruly? But when she thought of how Xiaya was a powerful warrior from another world, her anger quickly dissipated and she smiled resentfully.

"Ok Launch, go back," Master Roshi said. He saw that Xiaya didn't seem to have a simple relationship with Launch, but he didn't let Launch continue to bother them nonetheless.

Xiaya looked at Master Roshi solemnly and said, "It is unrealistic to handle both Androids with my current strength."

Master Roshi nodded and said seriously, "What if you add Gohan and Trunks? I know that their potential is very high, but unfortunately, I can't guide them with my knowledge. If they can get pointers from Mr. Xiaya, I think they will definitely be able to help."

Xiaya was silent. Naturally, Gohan and Trunks have great potential. In the original work, Gohan was the first one to break through to Super Saiyan 2, and although Trunks was not as good as Gohan, he was still very outstanding.

Saiyan and Earthlings half-breeds often had great potential. Firstly, their fathers gave birth to them after they had their breakthrough. Secondly, their dissimilar bloodlines were in harmonious proportions. Unfortunately, the second generation lost their Saiyan nature because of such inheritance.

But no matter how outstanding they may be, they couldn't possibly become Android 17 and 18's opponent within such a short period of time. Even if they were proficient in martial arts, it would still be impossible for them to make unnatural leap in strength immediately!

At this time, he looked at Korin on the side, and suddenly, a bright light flashed in his mind and he asked, "Immortal Korin… since you are here, does that mean that Korin Tower and The Lookout have been destroyed?"

Korin shook his head after listening to Xiaya, indicating that he was not certain. "Korin Tower has already been cut in half by those Androids. As for The Lookout above, it must have also been destroyed; however, I am not certain about it. Why are you asking this Mr. Xiaya?"

"I thought of an excellent place to train. If The Lookout hasn't been completely destroyed, it might be possible to quickly improve Gohan and Trunks' strength."

"What?! Is there really such a place on The Lookout that can improve their strength?" Master Roshi suddenly shouted in surprise.

"Where?" Korin frowned, deep in thought.

"Hyperbolic Time Chamber!" Xiaya slowly spat out a few words.

Korin shook his head after listening. He was only the guardian of Korin Tower. Although several Kami had been appointed over the past 800 years, he was not clear about the specific situation in The Lookout.

"But these are all based on the fact that The Lookout hasn't been destroyed." Xiaya wasn't hot-headed like them. Seeing their hopeful look, he couldn't help but splash cold water on them. "Forget it… You people should wait here. I will be right back," Xiaya said, and then, he launched Instant Transmission and went to The Lookout.

Far away in the sky, a dimension separate from Earth…

The blue sky was as clear as a mirror. Here, the air was thin, and the atmospheric pressure was extremely low; the temperature was also lower than below. As it was located at an extremely high place, there were not many clouds around.

In the vast and spacious empty sky, a crimson hemispherical building, which had a lot of different racial characteristics, was floating in place, but it appeared to be very empty at the moment. The bright-red hemispherical-shaped building, The Lookout, was on the verge of crumbling. It's hard marble material was covered in zigzag and winding cracks.

Xiaya's figure appeared on The Lookout. He sighed at seeing two rows of coconut trees which had died and withered long ago.

It could be seen from The Lookout's collapsed pillars and the torn open roof of the palace hall that an intense battle had occurred here. It was extremely ironic that the sky of The Lookout was as calm as ever, and the blue sky looked spotless; it was as if it had just experienced cleansing from the rainwater.

"But fortunately, Lookout has not been completely destroyed."

Maybe Android 17 and 18 only thought that this was where Kami lived, so after killing Piccolo and Mr. Popo, they didn't care too much about the buildings here.

Slightly relieved, Xiaya moved the stone pillars, which had collapsed horizontally at the entrance of The Lookout, away and familiarly walked down along the winding corridor, before quickly arriving in front of a golden gate. Although there were some cracks on it, it didn't affect the environment inside.

After roughly inspecting the condition of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Xiaya nodded his head and once again used Instant Transmission to return to the island where the others stayed.

"How was it?" Seeing that Xiaya had come back, Master Roshi and the others hurriedly surrounded him.

Xiaya lightly smiled and gave them a surprising answer, "The Lookout has not been seriously damaged. We can still train inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber."

"Really? That's great!"

Not only Master Roshi and Korin, but even Gohan and Trunks were also happy. Hence, they were itching to quickly go to The Lookout.

"You should go. I will stay behind with Chi-Chi to look after this place, and also study Dr Tokunoshin Omori's data," At this time, Bulma said that she wasn't going. She was just a scientist, and she didn't understand anything about martial arts.

"Then I will also stay behind." Blonde-Launch and Videl also decided to stay behind.

Xiaya glanced at them and said to Master Roshi, Korin, Gohan and Trunks, "Then let's go! Grab my hand."

After explaining the key points, Xiaya soon left with Gohan and others using Instant Transmission, appearing on The Lookout thousands of miles away.

Chapter 272 Fortunately, Lookout hasn't been destroyed.

"So, this is Lookout!" Master Roshi coughed uncomfortably as he tried to breathe in the thin air at such high altitude. This was his first time at Lookout. However, he didn't expect it to be in such a condition.

"As Lookout is located in a very high place, the air here is very thin, so strenuous exercise will bring discomfort; however, it can also be considered as training."

The feeling of tranquillity and remoteness welled up in Xiaya's heart, and he couldn't help but think of the scenes from many years ago when he had trained at The Lookout. At that time, he and Xiling were only six or seven years old. They were trained by Korin and Mr. Popo. So many years seemed to have passed in just the blink of an eye.

"Come with me!" Xiaya said and then lead Gohan and the others towards the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Soon, they stopped outside the entrance of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Xiaya pointed at the golden door and said, "The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is inside it. One day out here will be one year inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and the environment inside is extremely bad. A person can only enter twice throughout their lifetime, and since there is a rule that only two people are allowed in at a time, then I will go with Gohan first."

Master Roshi and the others nodded. The main force amongst them was Gohan and Trunks. Master Roshi and Korin came here just to be bystanders, so they didn't have any objection towards Xiaya's arrangement.

After pushing open the entrance of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, a world of nothingness and emptiness appeared in front of them. With a loud sound, the entrance slammed shut, and the connection between the flow of time inside and outside was cut off.

From now on, one year inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber would be one day in the outside world.

Re-entering this spacious and vast white world, which was also hot and dry, Xiaya discerned that the "negligible" amount of gravity inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber would have no effect on him and Gohan, so he took out two bracelets. The bracelets were similar to Launch's bracelet-type gravity machine, only, the former was used to increase gravity while the latter was to reduce gravity.

"Wear it, then turn the gravity on!" Xiaya handed a bracelet to Gohan.

As gravity was turned on, a tremendous pressure suddenly appeared on their body and superimposed with the gravity in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Both Xiaya and Gohan felt it very strenuous to withstand the gravity in their normal state.


A golden light suddenly flashed as both of them simultaneously transformed into Super Saiyan state; a vigorous and vast aura swept out in all directions, blowing the layer of white dust on the ground.

"From today on, I will train you from the very beginning. I hope you can endure it," Xiaya said seriously.

"Yes! Please do not hesitate during training," Gohan straightened his back and said loudly.

After experiencing the cruel pain of the disaster caused by the Androids, Gohan deeply felt the lack of his own strength. Now, there happened to be a senior, who was far ahead of him in respect to Super Saiyan, and willing to give him pointers; Gohan was glad that he had finally gotten what he had been looking for.

"OK!" Xiaya glanced at Gohan with appreciation.

Although this fellow has wasted all these years on the wrong path of training, he has abandoned his childhood's childish dream of becoming scholar, so he should be able to make good progress under the encouragement of a strong expert. 

Of course, Xiaya also knew that even if Gohan worked hard now, it was already too late, as it would be impossible to reach the heights of "Gohan" in the original work.

While training Gohan, Xiaya also planned to use this year to once again summarize his own martial arts.

If Gohan's problem lies in the solidity of his power and lack of foundation, then Xiaya was still lacking perfect control of his power. In the previous battle with Androids 17 and 18, he clearly felt that when his power was compressed to a certain extent, flaws would appear in the control of his energy.

This would be the drawback left behind from his reckless use of power over the years.

Because in Xiaya's past battles, he never had to consider the problem of the planet's durability. Even on Planet Hongshan, he had never used his full-strength; not to mention that after Planet Hongshan was strengthened by the crystal dragon balls, he had even more reasons to not take this into consideration.

But on Earth, his battle with the Androids exposed this problem.

I can see that I'm not able to completely control the intensity of my energy attacks and the range of destruction, which is a flaw. Since I am now aware of this, then I will need to rectify it. Xiaya inwardly thought.

So during this year, Xiaya and Gohan stayed in this empty and quiet world, and analyzed, trained and improved their martial arts little by little.

Gohan was also very hardworking and followed Xiaya's instructions accordingly. Unlike Piccolo's teachings to Gohan, Xiaya was slowly training him from the basics. The training process was naturally very strict, but Gohan grit his teeth and endured it; this made Xiaya see him in a new light.

"Very good… Try to keep your breathing steady while fighting. If your Ki is in disorder, it will disrupt your fighting rhythm."

"Don't look at my movements with the naked eyes, instead, use your heart to sense and use Ki to perceive…"

Xiaya observed Gohan's movements from the side, giving pointers from time to time, and he sometimes took advantage of when Gohan's guard was down to suddenly launch attacks.

In fact, with Gohan's strength, this training was considered too simple, but the simple and basic things were usually the most important. Just like in mathematics, there were many people who studied complicated and difficult to understand formulas, but very few people who could truly understand them. People were willing to study the difficult to understand and profound formulas, but no one had ever thought about why one plus one would equal two; everyone simply became accustomed to it because it was accepted through common practices, and was the most basic universally accepted truth.

As for why one plus one would equal two, it stemmed from our understanding of the physical world. As we all know that if a sheep entered a sheep pen, we can now see one sheep in the pen, and if another sheep entered the same pen, we now see an additional sheep, which makes it two sheep in the pen. The objective physical reality tells us that both sheep would not disappear or come out, so we take it for granted and accept what our eyes see, which defines that one plus one equals two.

But behind this simple universal principle is a concentrated reflection of the laws of the cosmos. Why can we see such a result with our eyes? How many motive forces have contributed to the emergence of this result? Surely, these "basic" content is what we should pursue.

After Gohan's training got on the right track, Xiaya gradually paid less attention to him. After checking the time, he realized that half of their designated time, in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, had already passed, so he had to train himself next.

Xiaya moved away from Gohan and began to fully devout himself to training.

At present, he had reached the Super Saiyan level, but the Super Saiyan realm had very wide-ranging levels, which could roughly be divided into four levels.

The first level is the rage mode, Initial Super Saiyan level. An example would be-Goku in Planet Namek Saga. As a result of breaking through via rage mode, the Super Saiyan state was not be very stable at that time. Although it gave a 50-times increase under Normal State, it was, however, the weakest of all the modes in the Super Saiyan state.

The second level is the Ordinary Super Saiyan mode. An example of this would be when Xiaya himself transforms into Super Saiyan, and also Goku, after returning from Planet Yardrat. At that time, Goku had very good control over Super Saiyan transformation, and was extremely powerful, and if said specifically, he could easily control his own strength!

This level also had the largest span amongst the Super Saiyan levels and the widest range among the Super Saiyan First Stage. So, after achieving the ordinary Super Saiyan mode to perfection, different people would have different Battle Power, such that the disparity could be very big!

The third level is a mode that surpasses Ordinary Super Saiyan form. Compared to Ordinary Super Saiyan mode, there was a spike in the strength increase this time, such that it could be considered to surpass Ordinary Super Saiyan mode and turn itself into a level of its own! An example would be when Vegeta came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the original work. At that time, he was stronger than an ordinary Super Saiyan and could achieve an even more powerful transformation. His strength was probably between the Imperfect Cell and Perfect Cell.

The fourth level is Full Power Super Saiyan, and this mode looks similar to the ordinary Super Saiyan mode. However, in this level, one would be able to maintain the Super Saiyan mode for a long time and overcome the huge weakness of a Super Saiyan's physical exertion during battle, maximizing the use of a Super Saiyan's Battle Power.

Therefore, comprehensive Battle Power would be greatly improved, and this level belonged to the peak in the Super Saiyan state.

The first in the original work to reach the Full Power Super Saiyan mode was Goku and Gohan, which was achieved by training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned four Super Saiyan levels, the Super Saiyan first level could still be divided into several stages according to the transformation states mentioned above.

The first stage is Pseudo Super Saiyan; In this stage, one is not really regarded as a Super Saiyan yet. The second stage is the ordinary blonde and green-eyed Super Saiyan (Ordinary Super Saiyan mode), which also includes three levels; Initial Super Saiyan, Ordinary Super Saiyan and Ascended Super Saiyan. The third stage is the Power-Weighted Form; this is a false transformation in which one obtains powerful strength, but at the same time sacrifices speed. The fourth stage is Full Power (Full Power Super Saiyan mode), which is also the above-mentioned fourth level, and which has the highest comprehensive Battle Power.

Xiaya was currently in the second level of Super Saiyan's first stage, which is Ordinary Super Saiyan. Of course, he was still at a quite high level in this stage.

Xiaya had always believed that the four levels of Super Saiyan state were actually the transition from Normal State's 50-times amplification to 100-times amplification.

After attaining Super Saiyan, there were only two ways to increase one's strength; firstly, one could enhance Battle Power under Normal State, and secondly, one could enhance the strength of the Super Saiyan transformation and make it gaining more powerful amplification.

Both the angry Super Saiyan mode (rage mode) and Ordinary Super Saiyan mode have a 50-times amplification of Battle Power, but the Ascended Super Saiyan transformation and Full Power transformation are even more powerful, and the strength amplification is also greater.

Xiaya believed that when he achieves a 100-times amplification of Battle Power, at that time, he would be Super Saiyan 2.

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