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Chapter 255


“Cough, cough… You really were the one who killed Luther . If I haven’t guessed wrong, even King Cold died by your hands . ” King Davidow calmed down .

Both Xiaya and Meiling stopped for a rest, and looked at him with a frown, not answering .

King Davidow shook his head; he already got the answer he wanted to know from their expression .

“It looks like it really was you . Hehe, Super Saiyan, I should thank you for helping me take care of that trash, King Cold . Now, let me show you my real strength!”

“Is this guy’s head broken? Why is he speaking nonsense? ” Both Meiling got closer to Xiaya and said . The two girl’s voices were as if they were overlapping, their tone exactly the same .

Xiaya shook his head and looked at her with a solemn expression . “Be careful, he may not be bluffing . ”

Xiaya was feeling a little bit anxious because the Frost Demon race had always been a race that was good at transformation . This transformation ability did not drastically increase Battle Power like that of Super Saiyans, instead it constantly suppressess their original power . For instance, Frieza, who forcibly compressed his Final Form by several levels .

However, it seemed that this King Davidow is in the Final Form same as of Frieza . It stands to reason that it should not be possible to once more transform, but something unexpected could always happen; such as Cooler, who he had fought before, could transform once more after his Final Form .

It seemed that the transformation ability of the Frost Demon race also had levels . The crux depends on the ability of the person transforming itself .

Right now, King Davidow’s Battle Power was far stronger than King Cold . Xiaya was worried that he also had such an ability .

Sure enough, in just a breath of a time, Xiaya’s worries became a reality . King Davidow was really preparing to transform .

“Not good!” Xiaya shouted loudly, and pulled up Meiling’s hand and began to attack; he did not want to let King Davidow successfully transform .

“Hehe, it’s too late!” King Davidow sneered .

The energy hidden inside his body was released . There seemed to be a layer of Ki, three zhang* around his body, protecting him . Xiaya and Meiling’s attacks did not have much of an effect for a while .

[*1 zhang= 3 . 3m]

Huo huo huo!

The atmospheric pressure began to decrease . The somber and desolate weather was similar to a soul-trembling profound scene that appears before doomsday, making the battlefield look even more desolate .

A beam of light appeared in the sky, and the fierce muffled sounds seemed to have opened a certain switch . At this time, King Davidow’s body suddenly tightened, and then, a suffocating energy began to spread out .


The ground cracked open as if it was soft mud, and then it suddenly sank down . The entire enormous planet uttered sad calls, and it was on the verge of collapse…

“Hahaha, this is the real strength of this king . Now, I can kill you as easy as pinching an ant . ” King Davidow laughed wildly and showed himself .

King Davidow, who was originally two meters tall, became even more tall and sturdy, and the blue skin on his shoulders and top of the head slightly protruded out, slowly turning into a horn . His aura was much stronger than before .

Xiaya frowned as he looked at King Davidow, who had completed his transformation . Feeling his vigorous and tyrannical strength, he became serious, but at the same time, he also felt relieved .

“Fortunately, he hadn’t truly learned transformation . ”

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Right now, rather than saying that King Davidow had transformed, it was better to say that he had gained explosive muscles, just like the muscular form of Super Saiyans .

In the original work, in order to deal with Androids, Vegeta and Trunks entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for training . Perhaps, because he lacked dragon ball warriors pointers from childhood, Trunks did not grasp the real training methods, so he had developed a deformed Super Saiyan muscular form for himself .

While gaining powerful strength, he lost the most basic speed .

Similarly, there was King Cold . Generally, after losing their rationality, a muscular form was almost the first choice of these people .

“Hehe, this King Davidow is just like King Cold . Does he deem it as a transformation if he has just changed into a muscular form?”

Xiaya breathed a sigh of relief .

He was really afraid that King Davidow will transform into fifth form of Frost Demon race just like Cooler . Then, his Battle Power would have upgraded by several times, and he and Meiling wouldn’t have the need to fight as they could only directly run away with Instant Transmission .

Fortunately, King Davidow’s transformation was incomplete . Rather than transformation, it was mostly a muscular form . Although his strength had increased a lot, Xiaya felt that dealing with such King Davidow was much better .

“Meiling, how much is your Fusion time left?”

“Only four or five minutes!”

Panting, Meiling’s eyebrows bunched together as she answered . Half an hour of fusion time had shortened by a lot because she had previously greatly exploded out her Ki . Now, only four or five minutes were left, and then her physical strength would be exhausted .

“Then, we can only finish him quickly!”

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“Umm . ” Nodding her head, Meiling withdrew her clone, so that it would reduce the consumption of Ki and physical strength and enable her to exert more of her strength .

The snowy world; the weather was cold, and the ground was frozen .

The biting cold wind brushed past the ground, and it tore apart the leaves floating down in the distance . The surrounding scenery was quiet and still .

With the three people as the center, a surging airflow swept outwards .


With a slight shake, a light flashed, and Xiaya and Meiling attacked in unison .

The lingering rumbling sounds of the fight resounded, and the fierce battle was beginning to enter its climax . On the snowy field, the golden, white and purple brilliance continued to flash . The sky seemed to be shaking from the fervent battle, and the dark, cloudy sky became even darker; then, lightning flashed and thunder roared . With a loud “huala” sound, innumerable winding and bright lightning bolts perpendicularly struck down with a fierce destructive power .

The snowy field welcomed the thunder and lightning as if the Armageddon had arrived .

At this time, turbulent airflows began to surge out like a tide and fell down like a waterfall from the sky . The atmospheric pressure at the center further dropped . One after another, the sound of attacks intersecting was heard, and several golden rays of light kept flashing . Xiaya and Meiling’s speed was extremely fast, and their attacks couldn’t be clearly seen with the naked eye . Within a second, they would often explode out with hundreds of full-strength attacks .

Because Meiling’s Fusion time was not long, they were grasping every opportunity to attack . A cloud of swirling sand arrived just like a desert storm, sweeping away everything . As the battle between them continued, some small rock fragments escaped from the planet’s gravity under the effect of different forces, and leisurely floated in the sky; then, they suddenly accelerated and were drawn in by the chaotic flow at the high altitude, flying all around…

Due to the unrestrained release of a great amount of energy, the planet began to tremble as the sea surged and the tectonic plates loosened .

“How can you dodge all of my attacks!” King Davidow spat out blood from his mouth, severe pain coursing through his whole body . The side effects of excessive use of power had begun to appear .

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To King Davidow’s question, Xiaya sneered, raised his aura and fiercely attacked .

Bang, bang… Bang!

A strong fist fell on King Davidow’s abdomen . “Ahhh!” King Davidow bent down from pain as his internal organs seemed to have shattered . At this time, Meiling’s attack also came .

“Damn it, Damn it!” King Davidow screamed with a distorted expression . He wantonly used the vast amount of energy containing icy aura, without any fear .

Xiaya’s expression suddenly changed . Although King Davidow’s speed in his muscular transformation had somewhat decreased, his powerful strength was an undeniable fact . If he was merely attacked or swept by King Davidow, then, the consequences would be disastrous .

Xiaya understood that if this muscular form was properly used to develop a wide-area attacking move that the enemy would have no choice but to retreat, and not just rely solely on speed to fight, perhaps, it would be considered as an emergency method when facing strong enemies .

“Chi chi…”

The suddenly appearing Ki wall rolled over like tigers roaring and apes howling . The density of this energy was definitely two times that of before . The first to bear the brunt of it was Meiling . She stepped forward, slightly bending her body forward, and put both of her hands in front of her forehead, trying her best to block the impact on her face .

Upon seeing this, Xiaya hurriedly reached out and pulled her behind him . With her ability, facing King Davidow’s energy move by herself was really somewhat conceited and arrogant .

The ground began to crumble, and the soil below them was blown away, layer by layer…

“I didn’t expect this King Davidow to have so much energy . Really a frightening guy . If he were to recover his rationality, we certainly would suffer . ” Meiling tilted her head and said to Xiaya .

“Then don’t let him recover his rationality!”

Xiaya gasped for breath as he said coldly . Maintaining the Super Saiyan transformation for a long time and the high-intensity battle, had almost caused his body to reach its limit .

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