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Luther calmly stared at the silhouettes falling from the sky, his expression not changing the slightest bit.

Clap clap clap! Then he lightly clapped.

He glanced appreciatively at the Saiyans and faintly smiled. "Well, well, well, I didn't expect the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan to be so outstanding. I didn't make a trip here in vain."

"You can keep being happy as much as you like for now; because after I attack in a while, you wouldn't even have the time to cry."

Luther spoke arrogantly and didn't put the trifling Saiyans in his eyes.

"Everyone, prepare to fight!"

Adri said to everyone in a solemn tone.

Everyone nodded and took action at the same time. Since their opponent was also a Frost Demon like Frieza, Adri and the others used their full strength at the very beginning of the battle. Eight to nine people surrounded Luther and simultaneously used all kinds of powerful moves.

In an instant, red and blue energies intertwined.

Facing the stormy and torrential rain-like attacks of Adri and the others, Luther looked on with a smile on his face. His body lightly swayed, and then he extended a finger and turned it into a sharp sword before waving it with a muffled sound. Luther's fingertips suffused with a blue light were like hard drill bit drilling into an iron plate causing Adri and others to shot out uncontrollably.


A strong force hit their chest, and all of them spat out blood.

Adri's complexion was pale as he and Bardock glanced at each other, both of them could see the disbelief and shock in each other's eyes.

This Frost Demon, Luther, is really very formidable. Not only did their full strength attacks not have any effect, but they were also seriously injured within just a few rounds. It must be known that the Saiyans present here all had apex strength; they had a Battle Power of more than 100,000, and close to 200,000. Could it be that the Frost Demons were such ridiculous existences? Frieza was like that, Cooler was like that, and even the person in front of them was like that.

"Not good, our attack isn't effective at all!" Alice screamed.

"Moreover, he still hasn't used his true strength; no, maybe it's not even a warm-up for him!"

Brook quickly took a step back and said, his eyes flickering.

Ever since he learned the traditional martial arts of earth, Brook had a strong ability to observe people. From Luther's leisurely and indifferent appearance, he could see that their opponent hadn't yet exerted his full strength.

Even so, they had been seriously injured.

The disparity was so great that Adri and the others couldn't help but be dismayed, yet they once again began to vigorously attack Luther.

"Die!" An abyss-like ice-cold voice sounded.

Luther's purple pupils glimmered with a provocative luster as he lifted up his palm, his five fingers moving in the air like he was playing a musical instrument. Suddenly, a bluish-violet energy ball condensed into a ball like a tiny raindrop, and then it slowly changed into a huge purple energy ball.


The wind raged, lightning flashed, and thunder roared. The clear blue sky became overcast, and the reddish-black sea water churned, raising a huge wave 1 km high.


The rocks on the ground of the island suddenly split open. Several big and small stones fell into the ocean.

"Not good, quickly move back!"

Adri's eyes opened wide as he hastily shouted, and then he grabbed the nearby Rebecca's hand and hurriedly fled into the distance.


The energy ball fell down with a loud bang and smashed open the thousands of meters deep crust of Planet Hongshan. The scorching magma gushed out along with the unpleasant smell of sulfur. The lava flowed into the ocean,  causing a large amount of hazy hot steam to rise.

The surface of the entire reddish-black planet trembled, and a huge cloud of dust, like a black curtain, quickly covered the sky, blocking the sunlight. The dim color was like ink that had been upended and spilled all over the ground.

At this time, a powerful and imposing aura began to rise into the sky, and it appeared to be approaching from the distance.

Compared with Luther's ice-cold and bone-chilling dark aura, this aura was blazing and boundless; although it was equally violent, it caused people to feel calm.

A golden light streaked across from the distant horizon. When it got close, an attractive woman with long hair fluttering could be seen. The woman was about twenty years old. She was wearing a small double-layered jacket similar to that of Metamorans, and white trousers which had a red ribbon tied on top.

It was Meiling who was done fusing.

At this time, Meiling eyes were icy, and several clusters of hair in front of her forehead fluttered in the air due to her powerful imposing aura. The slender and delicate curves outlined the girl's mature and beautiful figure. After Xiling and Myers fused into Meiling, her Battle Power skyrocketed to 6 million.

"Father, all of you withdraw, and leave this Frost Demon to me!"

Meiling shouted towards Adri in a cold voice. Xiling usually called Adri, Dad(informal way to call father). After fusing with Myers into Meiling, she called him father(formal). In essence, Meiling had a completely new personality.

"Okay, be careful!"

Adri nodded slightly. He knew that by relying on their measly "several hundred thousand" Battle Power, they wouldn't be able to do anything to Luther. If they rashly attacked, it would only interfere with the battle between Meiling and the Frost Demon. Therefore, he and others carefully withdrew by several thousand meters, leaving the battlefield to Meiling and Luther. Then, he started watching carefully.

"Hm? Saiyan, why don't you have a tail? Anyway, looking at you, it seems you are somewhat different from other Saiyans," Smiling faintly, Luther looked somewhat surprised, but his voice was unperturbed.

His powerful strength gave him immense confidence, allowing him to maintain an indifferent attitude towards whatever complex and unknown environment he was dealing with; because in his view, except for his father King Davidow, King Cold and Cooler who were similarly also from the Frost Demon race, there was nothing that could threaten him.

Meiling frowned slightly, her bright eyes staring at the white-like-snow Frost Demon. He was giving her a feeling full of oppression even more powerful than the usual oppressive feeling that Xiaya gave her. Of course, because of her close relationship with Xiaya, he usually won't transform into Super Saiyan.

Overall, her opponent's Ki was very strong, but it was far from Cooler's level which would cause people to feel despair.

"If I forcefully transform into Pseudo Super Saiyan form, I might be able to defeat him. But, in my fusion state, I can't use Cloning Skill. Damn it, only if I could transform into a real Super Saiyan."

Meiling sighed in her heart.

Meiling and Luther stood facing each other at a distance as everything in the world seemed to have sunken into a state of silence.

At the same time, in the far away eastern region of the North Area, the galaxy where King Cold's headquarters was located had become extremely chaotic. Various large and small meteorites were densely scattered in the orbit of a planet. In the distant place, a large planet's wreckage was drifting around.

In the deep and quiet space, two figures were surrounded by meteorites.

One of them had a white body with purple, crystal-like skin on both arms, shoulders, and top of the head. His blood-red eyes were exuding an evil radiance just like those of a demon. He was King Cold, but his appearance was different from his appearance in Normal State. Right now, King Cold was in the same Final Form as Frieza.

At this time, unlike Frieza's Final Form where he was petite and young, King Cold's Final Form was much more balanced and tall. His strong and muscular body was full of powerful muscles, immense strength and an explosive power.

This was how the emperor of an era should look like.

In the original work, King Cold died quite wretchedly. When he came to Earth with Mecha Frieza to find the Super Saiyan for revenge, he was however killed by Trunks who had come from future. His death was too simple. Even until he died, he was somewhat ashamed of his identity as "Frieza's father".

And on the opposite side of King Cold, was a warrior whose whole body was surrounded by a shining golden aura—Super Saiyan Xiaya.

Not long ago, when King Cold, inside his palace, was guessing who killed Frieza, Xiaya, the murderer, appeared in front of King Cold. After a fierce battle, Cold's planet turned into dust amidst a huge explosion.

The wreckage of the Planet was scattered in its former orbit.

"I didn't expect a Super Saiyan to really exist. The legend passed down by the ancestors wasn't wrong. It seems that Frieza was killed by you." Looking at the person not far away whose entire body was emitting a golden burning aura, King Cold's face looked stiff, his voice rueful, and he was also feeling astonishment.

Xiaya nodded and smiled, "You are much smarter than Frieza. At least you recognize my identity. Even until Frieza died, he didn't think that I was a Super Saiyan. He thought I was an ancient warrior created by the Feidaya people! "

"Frieza, that fool, I had long ago warned him to kill all the Saiyans as soon as possible. He didn't take it seriously. Now, it has finally led to a disaster!"

Hearing him, King Cold slightly frowned and secretly cursed in his heart, and then his expression turned solemn as he prepared to defend.

According to the ancestral teachings passed down from the Frost Demon race's ancestor Chilled, as long as they saw any Saiyan, they should kill them as soon as possible. However, after numerous years passed, King Cold's family forgot about the warnings, and Frieza had even gone against the ancestral teachings and accepted Planet Vegeta's Saiyans as subordinates. Today, when he saw a Super Saiyan suddenly appear, King Cold felt as if his heart was being smashed by a hammer; he had finally begun to see his errors.

But due to the confidence in his own strength, King Cold still did not realize that his life was already being threatened.

King Cold's Battle Power in Final Form was about 450 million. It was naturally many times stronger than Frieza's, but it was still lacking when compared with Cooler's Battle Power. Xiaya looked at him with seriousness as the Spirit Eye secret skill presented him his opponent's situation.

"Although my strength is above King Cold's, the advantage is not very big." Xiaya inwardly thought.

At a higher level of combat, 480 million Battle Power and the 450 million Battle Power, although it may seem to have a difference of 30 million, if actually reflected in strength, this small amount of difference was not as big as it might have been thought. During a fight, the ability to react, and how well you exhibit your strength on the spot also play a crucial role; both of which may affect the final outcome.

Therefore, even though Xiaya knew that his Battle Power was above King Cold, he didn't dare to be the slightest bit careless while facing King Cold. A fight was fast-changing. If you don't control the tempo, it was not impossible to meet with an unexpected failure.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The golden burning aura raged, and an electric light suddenly flashed in Xiaya's transparent green eyes before his body moved like lightning.

His movements were extremely fast because he had space-time ability to assist. He moved back and forth in the vacuum environment like a fish in water. Within a 1/10000th second, countless blurry afterimages connected.  These afterimages were scattered all over the place in the deep outer space, and every dot was just placed right as if done via meticulous calculations. At this moment, a golden starlight spread out in the huge network, locking King Cold firmly in the middle.

As far as he could see, only golden shadows that looked either real or unreal could be seen.

King Cold looked tense, and his cold cheeks were twitching.

Although he couldn't understand his opponent's actions, King Cold knew that the strength of the Super Saiyan in front of him was not less than his. Facing the enemy's move, he could not remain indifferent and allow his enemy to act, so King Cold responded quickly. His arms began to twirl rapidly, swinging at an incredible speed. A large blue energy wave was formed by squandering his seemingly inexhaustible energy, and soon, as if the calm surface of a lake suddenly caved in, a great wave of energy rose.

"Ice Energy Wave!"

With a fierce and loud shout, more than a hundred energy rays suddenly appeared in front of King Cold's body, and like a huge energy dragon that had surged out of the abyss, roaringly whistled ahead. Then it entangled in a complex geometric diagram, forming a powerful and dynamic energy zone.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya frowned. King Cold went on the offensive and cleverly neutralized his attack. Facing King Cold's attack, he also quickly responded.

His two palms joined together, and a golden energy surged out.


The blue energy and the golden brilliance met, but there was no expected earth-shattering scene. They both fiercely trembled, like the annihilation phenomenon which occurs after positive and negative matter encounter each other. After which, a fiery red fireball slowly rose, the blazing high temperature noiselessly melted away all the matters in the starry sky, and then space expanded, spreading in all directions.

It was a spheroidal dispersing wave faintly visible to the naked eye, and just like transparent water droplets, it spread towards the depths of the universe.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Xiaya suddenly stepped forward, leaving a blurry afterimage in his place; he disappeared silently, and then reappeared near King Cold.


King Cold turned pale with shock. However, King Cold was, after all, an old guy who had lived for several hundred years. After the brief surprise, he quickly calmed down, and his body, before his brain could react, instinctively launched an attack.


A strong punch smashed towards Xiaya, but it went straight through Xiaya's body.

"This is an afterimage!"

He didn't receive the feeling of a fist hitting a solid object. King Cold instantly understood that his attack had failed, so he turned around and surveyed his surroundings vigilantly.


Another strong punch shot out; however, the attack had unfortunately failed again, yet this time not only was King Cold not dismayed, instead, the corners of his mouth suddenly curled upward.


The white and muscle-covered arm suddenly withdrew, and the tail behind him moved as though it was a fifth limb.


There were no sounds of vibrations as light distorted, and Xiaya's body suddenly flew out.

He immediately spread out his two arms, and a energy cyclone formed, stopping his body in the space as if it was a large net, quickly eliminating the kinetic energy of his body. Xiaya coughed out a mouthful of blood; his spittle in the vacuum environment quickly curled up into bead-shapes.

"Good!" Xiaya stared at King Cold, his face revealing a smile, then he laughed wildly, and the blazing aura around his body burned even more. Soon, Xiaya again started fighting with King Cold.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Two people, one white and one gold, fiercely collided after a short pause. Both of them threw out dazzling energy waves, causing explosions to occur as if a planet had exploded. In a flash, the entire galaxy was stirred up, and the massive planets in the distance were affected by the energy storm and began to slowly deviate from their original orbit.

During the battle, both Xiaya and King Cold kept moving at a very high speed in the starry sky before colliding in 1/10000th second. After fiercely fighting, they quickly separated again. In just a few seconds, the two people had already fought countless times.


A sparkling and beautiful figure moved through the vast expanse of the starry sky. As he had already learned Planet Metamor's Vacuum Technique, the space environment was no longer the shackle that affected Xiaya in exhibiting his full strength.

"King Cold, receive my move!"

Xiaya suddenly stopped and moved back by some distance. Then, he fiercely pushed both of his palms forward, and a huge energy wave that was emitting a white-blue radiance shot out from his palms with unparalleled power and momentum, before it whistled towards King Cold in the distance.

"Super Saiyan, you have made a mistake!"

King Cold weirdly laughed and didn't receive the energy wave. Instead, his body swayed and agilely dodged out of the way like a viper. Then, he brushed past from above the Energy wave and launched a counterattack against Xiaya.

In an instant, King Cold came above Xiaya's head, and then he raised his arm high, turning over his palm into a blade and chopped down; a sparkling and shining radiance flashed across Xiaya's head.


King Cold once again despaired as Xiaya's figure again turned out to be an afterimage.

But just as King Cold was looking around for the enemy's position, that afterimage suddenly erupted out with a golden glow, and rapidly attacked King Cold who was very close.

Planet Metamor martial art — virtual and real change!


Xiaya shouted, and both of his palms made a triangle shape.

Suddenly, a bright white energy fiercely shot out in the shape of a triangle. In such a short amount of time, King Cold had no time to react. He broke out with cold sweat on his back as the formidable Tri-Beam appeared in front of him, and before he could resist, he was engulfed by the chaotic storm.

Tri-Beam was one of the powerful techniques developed by Master Mutaito.

Afterward, it was passed on by Master Mutaito to one of his two disciples, Master Shen, and then taught to Tien Shinhan by Master Shen. Due to its enormous power, it was extremely exhausting to use, and the Thunder Shock Surprise that was passed down to Master Roshi was similarly Master Mutaito's secret technique.

In the original work, after passing down Thunder Shock Surprise and Tri-Beam, Master Roshi and Master Shen worked hard and spent countless years, finally developing their own school's unique skills — Ka Me Ha Me Ha and Dodon Ray!

In the early days, the Tri-Beam technique had a great hidden danger due to its consumption of stamina. It was only after it was upgraded by Tien Shinhan that it really developed into a master-level trick.

And with Xiaya's current level, the Tri-Beam he developed naturally had assimilated the essence of the original Tri-Beam, abandoning its limitations. Its power was a lot better than in the original work. King Cold had suffered the attack at such a close range, even if he did not die, he would be half crippled.

Sure enough, when the strong shock wave dissipated, King Cold, who appeared in front of him, could only be described as a tragic sight.

The originally white as snow skin was torn, revealing gaping flesh, and it had been scorched black. One of his arms powerlessly hung down, and from its twisted appearance, it could be seen that it had become completely crippled. There was also a large depression on his chest; the sturdy and thick muscles on his bones were scorched by the burning energy and were shedding off his body. His beating heart could also be faintly seen hanging down.

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