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Chapter 216

In the southern part of the North Area, Planet Jishui . It was a low-level planet with a very small military force .

One day, two balls of red flame streaked through the sky, as though a punishment from the god was descending, raising fire and dust throughout the sky . This made the primitive people living on the planet to fall into extreme panic .

Immediately, all the aboriginal races kneeled on the ground one by one and prayed to their gods .

The spaceship crashing on a grassland created a crater, and stirred up a cloud of dust which smeared the verdant green with a layer of dirt .

Located at the center of the crater, the door of the spaceship opened, and a graceful blonde woman drilled out from it .

“Cough, cough . It hurts!” Tights climbed out of the crater in a sorry state .

When she pried open her clothes, some redness and swelling were revealed . Tights bared her teeth from the pain and quickly took out a box of Hoi-Poi Capsules from her purse . She took out a bottle of spray-type healing medicine from within and sprayed it on the injuries .

The red and swollen skin quickly became white and smooth .

“Hm, where am I? Right, I seem to have seen a sphere-shaped spacecraft colliding with the spaceship?” Tights looked around, searching for the spacecraft that fell alongside her’s .

However, Tights eyesight was only that of an average human, and it was impossible to find the whereabouts of another spacecraft with naked eyes . So, she took out a Hoi Poi Capsule containing a small aircraft, pressed a button on the capsule and threw it on an empty expanse of land . Bang! Smoke rose, and a small jet appeared .

Tights climbed aboard the aircraft, took off into the air and drove at a high altitude, seeking the whereabouts of the other spacecraft .

Flying the aircraft high in the sky, her line of sight became much wider . Far away, at the foot of a mountain dozen kilometers away, Tights found another crater which had a small, spherical spacecraft half hidden in the soil . Its white surface had few black scratches because of the crash .


Tights jumped into the crater and saw a small figure, who appeared to be wearing a breathing apparatus, through the round glass window .

“Ahh, the person inside seems to have been seriously injured!” Tights cried out with worry, and immediately, she rushed back to the aircraft to find some mechanical tools which she used to pry open the hatch of the sphere-type spacecraft .

As the hatch opened, a boy wearing a white Battle Armor fell out of the spacecraft . The boy had pointy hairs and looked to be about ten years old . The cloak fastened to the back of the Battle Armor trailed behind him, and he looked quite handsome and bright . But now, he was seriously injured and needed an oxygen apparatus to preserve his life .

“What to do, this child seems to have been seriously injured . If he is not quickly taken for treatment, he will lose his life . ” Tights held the youngster, feeling somewhat anxious .

“Cough, cough . Who are you? Quickly let go of me!!” the youngster struggled and shouted in an indifferent, cold voice when he woke up to find himself being cradled in someone’s arms .

“Don’t move . You are seriously injured . If you move around, you could lose your life . Let me think of a way,” Tights hurriedly placated him, then quickly pondered .

“You, woman, let me go…”

The youngster’s eyes were very fierce, and he struggled for a bit before his head turned sideways, losing consciousness .

“Ah!” Tights thought that the boy had died, so she could not help but scream . She placed her hand below the boy’s nostrils . Fortunately, he was still breathing!

Tights patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief . She took out a villa from a Hoi-Poi Capsule and placed it on the ground . Then, she picked up the youngster and walked into the villa .

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Through the portable diagnosis equipment within the villa, Tights realized that the youngster’s injuries were really serious . If these wounds were inflicted on an ordinary person, then that person would have died long ago . However, this boy was really very resilient; his body had already begun to slowly recover .

There was no need to worry about his life now .

“This guy is really fortunate!”

Muttering in a low voice, Tights transferred the boy to a bed and covered him with a quilt . While she was doing that, she was surprised to find that the boy had a brown tail behind him .

“Is this boy a Saiyan?”

Tights remembered what Jaco had said about Saiyans: they looked exactly the same as humans . The boy had a brown tail behind him, and his personality is very bad . Uhm, the information was completely right . This boy must be a Saiyan .

“Didn’t Jaco say that Saiyans were very savage? But this boy is quite good-looking . ” Gently caressing the boy’s cheek, Tights observed him seriously; she wanted to ascertain the difference between Saiyan and ordinary humans .

When Jaco came to Earth before, it was to kill the Saiyan children who was sent to Earth, but he did not find any traces of Saiyans even till he left .

“He looks exactly the same!”

Even after examining the boy for a long time, Tights could not find any differences between a Saiyan and an earthling . Tights smiled slightly when she saw that her body had been covered by dust, so she walked into the bathroom while humming a song, and soon, the pitter-patter sounds of water echoed from the bathroom .

Not long after, Tights came out with a bath towel draped over her shoulder . After changing her clothes, she came up to the bed and looked at the unconscious boy, and a thought crossed her mind . “Jaco said that the vitality of a Saiyan is very tenacious, so the boy should not be in danger! ”

“Well, look at him he is also very dirty . Should I give him a bath…” Tights thought for a moment before dragging the boy into the bathroom to give him a bath .

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The next day, Vegeta woke up from his sleep, and he suddenly felt that something was wrong . A soft, octopus-like thing was tightly coiled around his body .

“What’s going on?” Vegeta woke up with a start . A stern expression flashed across his face, and when he turned his head, he saw a beautiful human with long blond hair hugging him like a doll .

“Damn, who is this woman? This prince actually revealed such a disgraceful appearance!”

Vegeta felt a surge of humiliation, and a strong killing intent couldn’t help but flash in his eyes . However, because his body was seriously injured, he could not move .

“Ah, you are awake . You must be a Saiyan, right? How can you be so seriously hurt? Sorry, if it was not because my spaceship bumped into your spacecraft and damaged it, you wouldn’t have fallen down here . ”

Tights immediately let go of Vegeta’s arm and apologized to him while putting both her palms together .

“You know that this prince is a Saiyan?” Vegeta’s face became severe .

“Yi, so you are the prince of Saiyans . It’s a really good fantasy setting . Hum, hum . This may be a good material…” Tights cried out in surprise . She quickly took out a pen and paper from the drawer, and began to write .

“Answer my question, woman . From where did you hear about Saiyans?” Vegeta’s emotions grew agitated, and he asked impatiently .

After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, The reputation of Saiyans was quickly flushed out from the universe . This little human actually knows about Saiyans, and this made Vegeta suspect whether she have other intentions .

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“I heard from a friend who is a member of the Galactic Patrol that Saiyans have a tail . ”

As she said this, Tights grabbed Vegeta’s tail and shook it .

Vegeta’s face turned as black like ink, and he shouted loudly, “You still aren’t letting me go, woman!” Immeasurable killing intent flashed through his mind .

“Why are you shouting woman, woman . This sister is called Tights, remember it!” Tights glared with dissatisfaction as both her hands casually rubbed Vegeta’s head .


Vegeta was gloomy for a while, but he was not able to budge even an inch because of his serious injuries . Otherwise, this woman who had dared to be so disrespectful to him would have already been killed by him .

“My Battle Armor, were you the one who changed it?”

“Those hard clothes ah! You may not know but in order to take off your clothes, this sister had to put in a lot of effort . Don’t you have anything better to do than wearing such clothes…” Tights began to chatter away .

Vegeta was so annoyed that he simply closed his eyes and did not speak .

“Hey brat, don’t you have any manners!”

Chapter 216 Severely wounded Vegeta

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