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"This is the inside of a planet. Why am I here? Oh, that's right. I had gotten seriously injured in a fight, so I hid here to treat my injuries…" The beautiful orange-haired girl's expression gradually changed from bewilderment to calm. Suddenly, she frowned and looked at her surroundings with dissatisfaction.

The reason why she had chosen to treat her injuries here was because she valued this planet which had been full of vitality, but what happened afterwards in the past 200,000 years? Why has the life aura here became so thin?

Such a cold and desolate life aura doesn't appear to be aura of a life planet!

Just as the orange-haired girl was pondering in confusion, vibrations were transmitted from the surface of the planet, making the orange-haired girl, who had been recalling her past, come back to herself. The girl stretched out her slender little hand and waved it lightly in the dark space. Kacha! The rock and planet's crust suddenly twisted and deformed, opening a straight and wide passage.

This passage continued from the core of the planet to the surface of the planet.

The orange-haired girl exerted her strength slightly, and a hurricane rose from below her feet, lifting her body to the surface of the planet.

On the surface of Planet Bahert, the fight between Xiaya and Cooler was still going on. Rumbling sounds of thunder and intermittent sounds of explosions reverberated across the sky, and multicolored lights rose from the ground every now and then, causing the sky to lit up.

After nearly half an hour of fighting, Xiaya's Ki had already been consumed by more than half—and even continuing to maintain the Super Saiyan State had become quite difficult.

On the other hand, although Cooler's energy was overall higher than Xiaya's, he had already lost his rationality. During the fight, it was as though he didn't want his opponent to know how much energy he has, so he splurged it like a nouveau rich, and was now nearing the brink of exhaustion.

However, compared to Xiaya, the amount of energy Cooler has was still very large!

Peng, peng, peng. The lightning-like attacks kept intersecting, but their might was much worse than before. Compared with the vigor and liveliness from before—although his face was still calm and collected—Xiaya was already breathing hard, and the rhythm of the fight had become a little disordered.

Every time he moved, Xiaya's sore and swollen body caused him excruciating pain, but at this point in the fight, the excitement stimulated his nerves, and his Saiyan bloodline continued to seethe with excitement.

"Hahaha, once more, once more!" Xiaya exhaled, and his body moved quickly and agilely within the whistling whirlwind.

"Damn it, if this king hadn't lost an arm, then I would have killed you long ago!"

Cooler's breaths came in pants as he pondered with bloodshot eyes. They looked as if they would jump out of his eye sockets. His wounded body left him unable to exert his full strength.

"You are the only one who has been able to force this king to such a situation in so many years, for which this king has no choice but to gasp in admiration. However, you can never imagine the strength of the Frost Demon race!" Cooler floated about a dozen meters above the ground, and his eyes gazed locked onto Xiaya, who was not far away with a golden aura being emanated from his body, with a mocking smile on his beautiful face.

Suddenly, in the void, a raging fire streaked, and both of them resumed their battle.

Two rays of light in the sky moved back and forth, like two helixes intertwining with each other, while erupting with flashes and powerful colliding rumbles from time to time. At the moment, the final outcome of the fight between Xiaya and Cooler still couldn't be ascertained as they both were trying to suppress each other.

"Death Laser!" Cooler pushed his lone hand forward.

Large peanut sized sparks flashed in midair and turned into a huge fireball that had a diameter of several hundred meters. This was the usual attacking method of the Frost Demon race. There were countless planets that had been destroyed under this technique.

Xiaya raised his head, and his dark green eyes flashed with ridicule. He had already seen this technique a lot of times. Without thinking much, he dashed straight towards the huge fireball. Light flashed, leaving behind a helix vacuum orbit in the air. The forming process of Death Laser strangely stagnated, and then its surface immediately cracked, the crack expanded and split open into two pieces.

Rumble! A violent explosion erupted, and the huge fireball which had yet to take the form of a Death Laser dissipated into thin air.

After destroying the Death Laser that had not yet fully formed, Xiaya didn't stop for even a moment as he turned around, moved in a beautiful arc, and attacked Cooler.

With the powerful fighting intuition that had been honed over the many years, a series of closely coordinated attacking techniques that overlaid each other was let loose. The attacks like moving clouds and flowing water, were not clumsy at all, and in one go, Cooler was suppressed.

Creating this chance with great difficulty, Xiaya succeeded in getting close to Cooler's back. He reached out and grabbed Cooler's rough, purple tail, and then he swung it forcefully, while his other palm kept releasing energy waves. With a resounding explosion, countless lumps of fire appeared on Cooler's body.


Bang, bang, bang… bang! Another several hundred attacks fell on Cooler's flesh simultaneously, and a liquid suspected to be blood splurged out of his body.

Cooler retreated again and again in defeat.

However, changes on the battlefield are always rapid. If one isn't careful, then things may take a turn around! What's more, Xiaya's opponent was the powerful Cooler in his Final Form, and it was unrealistic to expect to suppress him all the time. Although Cooler had been taught a very cruel lesson, he, in fact, still had enough means to turn the tables.

And sure enough, Cooler's life is definitely tough like a cockroach. He saw Xiaya flip his huge hand, causing a huge ball of energy to bloom in the sky. Cooler immediately broke away from Xiaya's attack range, and like an arrow, he quickly moved back and forth, suddenly appearing in different places in the sky. Cooler's afterimages were linked, looking like stars connected by a string.

"Go to hell!"

Bang! Xiaya only saw black, before a hard, steel-like fist ruthlessly struck his shoulder, causing him to fly out sideways.

He crashed to the ground, cutting a sorry figure. As he bared his teeth, making evident the pain he was feeling, a dark red energy wave fell from the sky.

"Does Cooler intends to destroy the entire planet?"

Violent and domineering energy waves keep falling, seeming to convey the monstrous anger in Cooler's chest.

Startled, Xiaya frowned slightly. He didn't dare to be careless. He quickly looked up and gave a loud cry, and immediately, his golden energy burned more intensely.

Facing the falling dark red energy waves, Xiaya waved his hand and produced a golden energy wave, then he took a step forward, and a huge energy whirlwind wrapped around his whole body.

The falling dark red energy waves and the golden energy waves collided, after which they turned into a surging momentum for an instant, before dissipating into nothingness.

"Bang!" Xiaya and Cooler punched and kicked, and 'pa pa pa' sounds reverberate as a result of flesh being struck.

"Perish together with the planet!"

Cooler swiftly moved back, lengthening the distance between them. His eyes were malevolent as he roared loudly. Both his both hands twisted, and soon, a purple-red energy ball was condensed between his hands. The red energy ball wrapped in a layer of lightning and thunder trembled, and a frightening energy flickered above it.

"Energy Explosion Ball!!"

Cooler's bloodshot scarlet eyes ruthlessly swept over him, and a cold and bloody, murderous aura, which like a cage, instantly locked down onto Xiaya. When Cooler hurled the enormous red energy ball, the burning aura emanated a strong smell of death, and the powerful energy eroded the energy ball causing the space around it to completely distort.

At this moment, even the sky seemed to collapse.

Xiaya looked up at the scene and trembled. He realized that Cooler had become desperate.

If he allow this purplish-red energy ball to fall down, the entire Planet Bahert, without any surprise, would disappear from the universe. Cooler could, of course, survive in a vacuum, which should be his ultimate objective, and this why he went all out and gathered all the energy within his body for a final attack.

In the sky, the purplish red energy ball suddenly expanded, spanning more than a kilometer. The energy contained within it was vast, causing people to shudder just thinking about it!

I can't let it fall!

Xiaya clenched his teeth and began to gather all the energy in his body.

He knows that if he let the purplish red energy ball fall, then the battle could be regarded as finished. Planet Bahert would disappear from the universe, and he could only use teleport to leave!

This result was not something that he wanted to see. He only wanted to fight in order to see if his attacks could stop Cooler's, and if possible, turn things around and injure, or even kill, Cooler!

After all, they were now competing to see who had more energy left!

"Space-time Breaking Fist!" Xiaya gave a loud shout and forcefully pushed both of his hands forward.

Icy blue light rays rose into the sky, like a small star, exuding a dazzling brilliance. The vast amount of energy brought along an imposing momentum and a sweeping force, and welcomed the "Rising Sun" in the sky.

The ground cracked open, and the energy formed a thick Ki wall obscuring the sky. Ice blue light rays, like a moving giant hydrogen bomb, erupted out and formed ring-like shock waves, as the vast expanse of land was scraped off by a layer. The strong impact almost destroyed the entire planet.

But at this time—

When both balls of energy, which were capable of destroying heaven and earth, were about to collide, a petite figure suddenly appeared. Her soft orange hair were fluttering in the wind. The girl's slightly tender little face looked curiously at the energies on both her sides, and then she extended both of her palms and placed them above the purplish red and ice blue energy.

And softly pinched!


The heaven and the earth changed colour, and the two balls of energy that could destroy heaven and the earth instantly exploded with a big bang like when a planet in ancient times was born, and the dense energy instantly disappeared into nothingness.

"How is this possible? This king's Energy Explosion Ball disappeared?" Upon seeing his full strength attack easily received by someone, Cooler turned sluggish.


Xiaya was also in disbelief. No one knew the strength of his attack better than himself. That energy wave which could easily destroy a planet had actually been stopped and dissipated into nothingness.

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