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Planet Bahert.

After Xiling and Myers killed off Madix and Duke, the energy pervading the air began to gradually dissipate.

Raiga was completely speechless at this point. The powerful KI waves emanating off Xiling and Myers caused him to feel shocked and surprised at the same time. These members of Armored Squadron, who even he would have found difficult to deal with, weren’t able to resist these two Saiyan girls even a little bit and without any suspense died.

Thoroughly crushed!

They produced clouds with the flip of one hand, and rain with another, and influenced heaven and earth while raising their hands!

Expert, they are true experts!

Raiga trembled slightly; it wasn’t out of fear, but because the blood in his heart was boiling.

He glanced at Xiaya, who stood beside him, and thought, “Few years ago on Planet Bakuf, Xiaya told me that his Battle Power was more than 700,000. Now, after so many years has passed, he should definitely have become stronger.”

Saiyan is really an unfathomable race!

Raiga took a deep breath, suppressed his excitement, and said, “Mr. Xiaya, please collect the fruits of Tree of Might as soon as possible, and destroy the Tree of Might from existence!”

Now that the two alien enemies, who most likely would have tried to hinder the Saiyans, had been eliminated, all that remained was for the Saiyans to collect the fruits, and then his long-cherished wish would be fulfilled.

“Yes, we have to hurry up!”

Xiaya said seriously. From the appearance of the Armored Squadron’s Madix and Duke on Planet Bahert, he was certain that Slug, Cooler, and King Cold were all rushing over here for the Tree of Might’s fruits.

In order words, they were already on their way to here, and although he doesn’t know when they would arrive, he was sure that they doesn’t have much time.

This conclusion increased the sense of urgency in Xiaya’s heart!

“Everyone, pick up the pace. Pick up those reddish-purple fruits. We don’t have much time. Soon, there might be more powerful enemies coming to Planet Bahert!”

Xiaya shouted to the other Saiyans when he teleported back with Xiling, Myers, and Raiga.

“Right, right. Speed up!”

“Pick up as many as you can…”

The Saiyans were full of enthusiasm, and they quickly moved back and forth on the huge Tree of Might. After the nearby fruits had been picked, they flew further ahead.

Since the Tree of Might covered a vast area, occupying almost half of the planet, the Saiyans had to move by themselves, and their figures were no longer visible.

When he saw the eager-bloodshot eyes of the Saiyans, Xiaya was reminded of the craze that a gold rush would create in his previous life on earth. Hadn’t the people been full of dreams, hoping to earn a jackpot? The only difference between both scenarios was that the Tree of Might’s fruits were actually present, hanging from the branches of the enormous tree, and not vague like the gold that the golddiggers yearn for.

“Xiaya, catch!”

Xiaya suddenly heard Xiling’s delighted voice before he felt the sound of a gust of wind behind him. He casually reached out his hand and caught the Tree of Might’s fruit that had been tossed over.

It was a red-purple fruit, and its pointed horns made it look very ugly.

“Oh, I haven’t eaten the Tree of Might’s fruit yet. Let me taste it!” Xiaya smiled faintly at Xiling, raised the fruit to his mouth, and took a bite.

“It’s a bit sour!”

Upon chewing and swallowing a piece of the fruit in his hand, Xiaya’s eyebrows slightly furrowed as he didn’t think that the Tree of Might’s fruits would taste so delicious. It tasted somewhat like a sour unripe green apple. As soon as he swallowed the fruit, a warm current filled with vitality suddenly spread from his esophagus to his body, permeating everywhere. It was continuously surging and warm, making him intoxicated.

The fruit’s vitality wasn’t as intense as that of Senzu Beans. It spread slowly, like clear water flowing out from a small spring, gradually and silently moistening everything.

“Tree of Might fruit… It really lives up to its reputation.” Xiaya praised while savoring its taste.

The effect of Tree of Might’s fruit is hidden. After the few warm currents spread through his body, they quickly disappeared. However, Xiaya knew that they hadn’t disappeared, instead they were hidden in every cell, and had turned into vitality.

If the Fountain of Youth is said to greatly extend lifespan, then Tree of Might’s fruit nourishes the vitality of each cell, and to some extent, it can also be used as a holy medicine for healing, but it only nourishes over a long period of time, and was not as good and immediate as Senzu Beans.

After eating several more fruits, Xiaya felt that his Ki had only increased by a little bit.

“Tree of Might’s fruits are formed from the essence of an entire planet, and has a significant effect on improving body’s inner strength while increasing Battle Power is only secondary! It was like crafting a large piece of iron into a magic tool. The parts that were chipped off were the borders of the iron edges as the most important part was at the center of the metal..”

The most important benefit of the Tree of Might’s fruit is that it nourishes vitality, while the Battle Power upgrade is only secondary.

Xiaya could roughly deduce that the Tree of Might’s fruit was more effective for those with Battle Powers less than 10,000. Once one’s Battle Power exceeded 10,000, the number of fruits they’d need to improve it further would be significantly higher. The amount of fruits required may even go as high as several hundreds of thousands.

Just like Turles, it took only one fruit to raise his Battle Power from 1,000 to 3,000, but he had to consume more than a dozen just to increase his Battle Power from 3,000 to 17,000.

Of course, it was also because Turles was a low-level warrior, and his latent talent was not high, but the drop in Battle Power increase was not without reason: as Battle Power increases, the effect of Tree of Might’s fruits on increasing Battle Power becomes lesser and lesser.

An expert like Xiaya, whose Battle Power had exceeded 7 million, would require an astonishing amount of fruits if he wanted to use them to increase his strength. Naturally, this didn’t mean that the fruits lose their effects, its essence is just hidden within every cell, which was immensely beneficial from a long-term perspective.

Cooler sought to use the Tree of Might’s fruits to increase his Battle Power, so as to fight against King Cold, however, such an approach wouldn’t work as he was clearly mistaken about the effectiveness of the Tree of Might’s fruit.

However, if he ate a lot of Tree of Might fruits and painstakingly trains simultaneously, it wouldn’t be impossible to achieve his goal.

Time passed. Ten minutes later, Saiyans had picked up lot of fruits, which were piled up like a mountain. Afterwhich, someone proceeded to put them into Hoi-Poi Capsules.

At that moment, Xiaya eyebrows suddenly wrinkled, he looked up into the sky, and his sharp eyes penetrated through the thick clouds, reaching all the way outside the planet.

“What’s wrong?” Upon noticing Xiaya’s reaction, Xiling asked softly before she also immediately frowned.

“Hm? Looks like something is approaching this place…” As time passed, she could clearly feel a very powerful Ki approaching. The frightening aura was deep and dark, like a black hole.

“Ah… such a frightening aura!”

Xiling’s tender and beautiful cheeks immediately turned stiff. For the first time, she was feeling fear.

“Xiaya, who the hell is it? How can there be such a powerful aura?” Myers asked with a slightly pale face while leaning against Xiaya, as though seeking comfort.

“Quick, gather over everyone! Forget about the fruits!” Xiaya’s countenance changed, and he loudly shouted.

Although he couldn’t clearly ascertain the strength of the approaching aura as it was far away, he faintly felt that this opponent who was about to arrive on Planet Bahert, was extremely formidable. The dark aura that the approaching opponent exuded was so frightening, that Xiaya didn’t dare say that he could win… even if he used the Pseudo Super Saiyan mode!

As the aura got closer, Xiaya could distinguish it much better. The Ki wasn’t as powerful as Coolers, nor was it as icy as King Cold’s, so it could only be that it belongs to someone else, i.e. Namekian Slug. It was rumored that Slug was a natural-born Super Namekian, and it now seemed that he lives up to his reputation!

“Everyone is too far apart and will not be able to assemble so quickly!” Rebecca flew over from far away.

Previously, the Saiyans had scattered about to pick Tree of Might’s fruits, so it would take some time for them to assemble together.

“Damn!” Xiaya eyebrows creased from anger, regretting his carelessness.

“I don’t care anymore. Myers, leave immediately with Aunt Rebecca, Bardock and the others using Instant Transmission. And Xiling, you go and find the other members of the Guardian Corps and take them away. I will go and stall the enemy for a while.”

Xiaya looked at Xiling and Myers with a serious expression. They were the only ones here, apart from himself, who could use instant transmission, so the evacuation could only be carried out by them.

“Leave it to us!” Myers patted her partially-developed chest.

“Be careful!” Xiling cautioned in a soft voice.

She knew that the enemy this time was different from those they had faced before. Usually, in the times she had encountered a stronger enemy, she was accompanied by Xiaya. Xiaya’s existence was like a harbor. He had always taken care of her as she grew up, but this time, the enemy was someone even Xiaya founds troublesome!

“You be careful too!” Xiaya said.

“Wait, what the hell is going on? Are there still enemies coming over?” asked Raiga, who was unclear about the situation.

Xiaya solemnly replied, “It should be that Slug who was mentioned by the Galactic Patrol organization. He is going to arrive soon. Damn, there is no time to talk!”

“Slug?” Raiga’s expression became grave. Without considering much, he courageously said, “I will stay to help you!”

Xiaya and the other Saiyans came here because of him, so he couldn’t just leave.

“No, Mr. Raiga, if the opponent is Slug, it will be useless even if you stay. You quickly go with Bardock and the others. Myers will teleport you away!”

He glanced at Myers, and the little girl resolutely nodded in acknowledgment. She pulled Rebecca’s hand and said, “I have no way to sense the faraway Planet Hongshan directly. I can only first look for a life planet.”

After saying this, Myers held her breath in concentration and searched for a nearby planet. Then she quickly opened her eyes and vanished along with the crowd of people around her.

“Xiaya, this time, do you have any certainty?”

Xiling’s bright, shiny eyes stared fixedly at Xiaya.

Since the dark aura was somewhat unusual, making her soul tremble, she wasn’t feeling very good. She had never felt such enormous darkness.

“Don’t worry. If it’s just Slug, I should be able to deal with him, and even if I cannot beat him, I can just escape; don’t forget that I can still transform into Pseudo Super Saiyan!” Xiaya smiled heartily, revealing pure white teeth.

Pseudo Super Saiyan puts on a heavy burden on the body, because it wasn’t a normal Super Saiyan form.

It was a form situated between the Saiyan and Super Saiyan. If the situation is unfavorable, transforming into Pseudo Super Saiyan could multiply his power by several times. His Battle Power was 7.5 million in the Normal State, but once he transforms into Pseudo Super Saiyan, it would instantly rise to 30 million. Then, his Ki wouldn’t be much weaker than Slug’s.

What’s more, Slug should be old at this time, based on his knowledge from the original work. Therefore, it was questionable whether he could use his full strength or not.

“Ok!” Xiling lightly nodded and stared at him for a moment before she turned around and soared into the sky.

Watching Xiling disappear in the horizon, Xiaya’s complexion sank. He was confident that he could deal with Slug. Perhaps fighting with Slug could help him make a breakthrough.

However, what made him feel uneasy was the icy aura which was much further away!

Cooler was also coming to Planet Bahert.

Because of their strength, Xiling and Myers couldn’t sense Cooler’s aura, which was much further away, but Xiaya can. So he knows that he didn’t have much time left!

“First, stop Slug and create enough time for Xiling!” Shaking his head, Xiaya focused his consciousness.

From the approaching dark aura, he could feel that it was vast, but it was also decaying and old. Slug had grown old, but the strength of his energy still exceeded Xiaya’s energy in Pseudo Super Saiyan form.

“I hope Slug doesn’t disappoint me…”

Xiaya faintly muttered to himself as his dark eyes shone, while his blood boiled, and an earth-shattering battle intent suddenly erupted from him.

At the moment, outside Planet Bahert’s atmosphere.

Looking from outer space, an umbrellshaped colossus like a mushroom was growing on the surface of Planet Bahert.

“King Slug, that is the Tree of Might!” A cyan-colored alien pointed at the huge plant on the not far away planet, his voice filled with disbelief.

“Ha ha ha, right, right. This is the Tree of Might. It really is domineering and valiant! Only this kind of divine tree, which absorbs the essence of a whole planet, can bear the Life Fruit!” Slug stared at it as the muscles on his face slightly trembled from the excitement.

The spaceship approached Planet Bahert, quickly passed through its thin atmosphere and landed on the ground.

As the black shadow landed down on the ground, the soil and rocks below it were crushed. Kacha, Kacha, like a soft tofu, the ground immediately collapsed, and then more and more spaceships landed.

Once the hatch opened, a large group of aliens emerged from the inside. They thoroughly swept away the obstacles on both sides, before finally Slug, who was dressed in a yellow robe, stepped out of the spaceship.

“Ah, this is Planet Bahert. How wonderful!”

Slug’s voice was not as loud and clear as a young man. Instead, it was faintly hoarse and weak. He took off the purple helmet on his head, revealing the two tentacles that were unique to a Namekian.

“Children, quickly start working and collect the Tree of Might’s fruits. We have to leave before Cooler arrives!” Slug waved his huge hand and ordered his subordinates to start working.

He had suffered a lot at the hands of the Frost Demon race, so he was extremely afraid of Cooler and other Frost Demon race members; thus, he didn’t dare to confront them rashly.

However, before that, he had decided to first get rid of the two little guys from Cooler’s Armored Squadron.

But at this time—

A handsome and tall figure appeared before him without any warning, followed by a chilly voice:

“Slug, the evil Namekian. It’s a pity but you’re not the first one to arrive on Planet Bahert!”


Slug’s countenance suddenly changed as an unfamiliar tall, black-haired young man had suddenly appeared before him. The youth looked indifferent and had his aura restrained, just like an ordinary person without any Battle Power.

But, it made Slug feel even more uneasy in his heart.

Slug immediately returned to himself and shook his head helplessly, as he felt that was overthinking things. There weren’t that many experts in the universe who has Battle Powers as high as his, and the ones who did were famous and well known. How can he so easily come across one of them on this small planet?

“Hehe, let me see how much your Battle Power is.” Slug raised the small detector on his wrist, and with “beep beep beep” sounds, the fluctuating numbers stopped at 12,000!

“Hehehe, it’s only 12,000 Battle Power!”

Slug stroked his chin and laughed evilly; to think that he had been overly anxious just now.

When Slug used his energy detector to probe his opponent, Xiaya also quietly launched the “Spirit Eye” secret skill. Multi-colored lights flashed through his pupils, and he immediately saw Slug’s complete situation.

Slug: 373 years old, Battle Power 36 million!

36 million Battle Power!

This line of data appeared before him, causing Xiaya’s eyes to lit up.

This Battle Power was a lot higher than his in the Pseudo Super Saiyan form, but he was not sure how much Slug, who already had one foot in the grave, would ultimately be able to use.

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