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Planet Hongshan, Mission Administration Office.

The Administration Office had been in a state of turmoil since they received the report from Muying and the others. Even though Feidaya people hates Frieza as Zarbon had attacked their homeworld—they don't understand Frieza's horror. However, Saiyans were different; they had deeply experienced the horror and pain that Frieza brought when he killed people of their race.

Therefor, when news of the appearance of Frieza's subordinates spread, every Saiyan thought that Frieza was preparing to invade the East Area.

The news surprised the Saiyans, who had survived the battle that resulted in Planet Vegeta's destruction, as the fires of long-lasting hatred burned in their hearts.Frieza who the Saiyans regarded as a nightmare-like existence had always been a thorn stuck in their throats. Their hatred would never be resolved unless they completely destroya Frieza's race.

However, Frieza was too strong; the Saiyans, with their current strength, couldn't exact their vengeance on him. Therefore, the First Corp members who had been caught became scapegoats that the Saiyans used to vent their hatred. One could only imagine the tragic end that awaited them.

In a location close to Planet Bahert, East Area. After sailing for more than a year, the members of the Armored Squadron, Madix and Duke, gradually closed in on their destination—Planet Bahert.

"Beep!" The spacecraft's central computer beeped consecutively.

"About to reach the target, Planet Bahert. The estimated time of arrival is three days."

"About to reach the target, Planet Bahert. The estimated time of arrival is three days."

As the beeping sounds continued, both Armored Squadron members, Madix and Duke, awoke from their hibernation and stood up before moving around their bodies which issued creaking sounds.

"Hehe! Soon, we will reach Planet Bahert. I feel my bones have grown rusty after being in hibernation for over a year." Madix exercised his wrists and said to Duke.

"Madix, contact Captain Aiolos and inquire about the situation on their side," Duke said as he licked his lips with his lizard-like tongue.

Captain Aiolos had gone to Planet Dongke, which was much closer than Planet Bahert. Therefore, he should have already obtained some information from Planet Dongke.

Madix laughed and replied: "Right, right, I will ask him now."

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" The call connected, and Madix quickly got in touch with Aiolos. After Madix hung up, his eyes revealed a fiery glow.

"Captain Aiolos informed me that they didn't discover any trace of the Tree of Might on Planet Dongke or the other two planets in the North Area!"

"So, Tree of Might is most likely on Planet Bahert!" Duke gulped, his eyes glowing.

Tree of Might is a very magical plant; It is said to be a type of Divine Plant. Therefore, it is usually impossible for two Trees of Might to appear simultaneously. The probability of the Tree of Might being located on Planet Bahert had increased greatly since it wasn't on Planet Dongke and the other two planets.

"Hurry up! Let the spaceship advance at full speed. I can't wait to arrive at Planet Bahert." Feeling that his tongue was dry, Duke quenched his thirst with a glass of water.

Finding the Tree of Might would be a great achievement.

He couldn't wait.

"Well, spaceship, advance at full speed!"

As soon as he spoke, a beam of light flashed past in the dark void. The small spaceship rapidly streaked through the starry sky like a meteor.

Three days later, Armored Squadron's spaceship approached the galaxy where Planet Bahert was located.

The galaxy was still young that was burning with endless brilliance and heat, nourishing a yellowish-brown planet situated in a distant habitable area.

"Look! What is that?" When the spaceship neared Planet Bahert, Madix suddenly pointed at an umbrelllike object that was protruding out of the side of the planet.

It was a huge plant.

One could clearly see the giant tree even from outer space. Its trunk looked extremely sturdy and had numerous crooked branches extending in all directions. Below the ground, its sturdy roots permeated the planet's crust, absorbing the life force of the entire planet.

The planet which used to be suitable for life had now turned yellowish-brown, and large expanses of its land had turned into deserts. Once the Tree of Might's fruits ripened, the planet would become completely barren within several hundred years —gradually turning into a dead planet.

"Yes. That must be the Tree of Might!"

Madix and Duke looked at each other and saw burning excitement in each other's eyes. Although they hadn't seen the Tree of Might before, it ffits the tree's description in documents.

The spaceship gradually approached Planet Bahert and quickly passed through its atmosphere. Since Tree of Might was growing here, the planet's atmosphere has become thin. As they approached Tree of Might, it rapidly became larger, causing them to sigh in amazement at its size.

Its enormous branches blotted out the sky as though they were thick clouds, depriving the ground of sunlight.

Orange fruits the size of a clenched fist hung at the intersection between branches and leaves. The fruit had still not ripened.

"Hurry up! Contact King Cooler. We have found Tree of Might and its fruits on Planet Bahert."


In the far-away northern region of the North Area. A message was delivered that caused the entire Cooler's palace to seethe with excitement.

A purple alien hurriedly ran into the palace and kneeled before Cooler: "King Cooler, Sir Madix and Sir Duke of the Armored Squadron have found the Tree of Might on Planet Bahert!"

Swoosh! Cooler suddenly stood up from his throne, his sandstone armor glowing with a resplendent white light. Cooler laughed heartily, and his clear voice reverberated across the palace.

"Good! Good. Prepare the spaceship immediately. This king will personally go to Planet Bahert!" Cooler waved his hand and ordered the aliens at his side.

"Oh, by the way, tell both of them to properly guard the Tree of Might. If anyone makes trouble, they should kill them all without any mercy! After they have done this, I can reward them with some fruits of Tree of Might. Furthermore, restrict this information and ensure that nothing pertaining to the Tree of Might leaks out!"

"Otherwise, don't blame this king for not showing mercy!"

King Cooler found it necessary to emphasize this threat as the information pertains to the Tree of Might's fruit.


Everyone acted immediately while trembling with fear; soon, the spaceship was prepped and ready to depart for the East Area.

Planet Slug.

Shortly after Cooler set off on a spaceship, the alien who had been closely monitoring Cooler's headquarter, immediately passed on the information.

Slug held the information in his hands and laughed crazily: "Hahaha! The Tree of Might has finally been found. Heh heh! Cooler, you wouldn't have thought that I sent someone to monitor you. The one who ultimately gets the Tree of Might's fruit will surely be me!"

"It is a legendary fruit formed from the life force of an entire planet. After eating it, I can definitely become young! As long as I have a sufficiently long life, the Frost Demon race will surely die by my hands someday.

Slug thought while filled with confidence.

Then, he ordered to march towards the East Area. Planet Slag was closer to the East Area, so he could certainly reach before Cooler.

At the same time, in the eastern part of the North Area. All the information had been collected and was placed atop King Cold's desk.

As King Cold read the report, his scarlet pupils flashed with a cold light, and his purple lips curled up, revealing a cruel expression.

Madix and Duke who were on Planet Bahert had no idea that the information, regarding their discovery of the Tree of Might and its fruit that they had sent to Cooler, had set the entire North Area's Forces astir. While, they were feeling ecstatic that they had performed "an outstanding service", and were fantasizing of when they would receive extra credits from King Cooler.

King Cooler had just now sent back a message, which contained an order asking them to properly guard the Tree of Might. Thus, after receiving the instructions, they obviously didn't dare be careless.

They knew that the information regarding the Tree of Might's existence couldn't remain bottled up forever, and it would certainly draw the attention of the surrounding starfields. The fruit was about to ripen, and if it gets stolen before King Cooler arrived, they'd to definitely shoulder the blame.

When Cooler's angry appearance comes to their minds, they shuddered. If they weren't careful, they would lose their lives, ah! Therefore, they remained in a state of combat readiness and carefully guarded the Tree of Might.

However, the Tree of Might was too huge, so they couldn't possibly keep an eye on every nook and cranny of it. Fortunately, although Planet Bahert was suitable to live, there were no civilizations on the planet.

"The Tree of Might's fruit hasn't ripened yet; however, it should be close to ripening by the time King Cooler arrives. It seems that even the gods are aiding King Cooler!" Madix laughed, as he gazed at the unripened fruit.

"That's true; when that time comes, King Cooler will become the ruler of the entire North Area; And he has even promised to reward us with some fruits when all of this is done."

Duke licked his lips, and his pale, golden, erect beast-like pupils flickered. The numerous fruits on the Tree of Might were well within their reach; however, King Cooler's might made them give up any ideas of taking even half a step forward—let alone overstep their boundaries.

Suddenly, the glass monocle-type detector beside their ears began making beeping sounds that attracted their attention.

Startled, Madix said with surprise: "Weird… Why did the energy detector suddenly start beeping? Could there still be other living beings on Planet Bahert?"

"Wait, let me see!"

Duke tapped on the energy detector beside his ear. It beeped, and a series of data highlighting the energy source suddenly appeared on the lens.

"Wow. There really is a little mouse hidden on Planet Bahert," After a while, Duke indifferently smiled. He pointed in a direction and informed: "The energy source has Battle Power close to 17,000, and is about 40 kilometers away from here."

"Oh? Interesting. This Battle Power — It seems that we have an expert nearby!" Madix exclaimed with a hint of admiration: "It just so happens that my hands and feet have somewhat gotten rusty; let me finish off that little mouse."

"As you wish." Duke shrugged, letting Madix do whatever he wants. A pitiful 17,000 Battle Power doesn't really interest him.

"Good!" Madix laughed heartily as soon as Duke assented. He nodded at Duke and soared into the sky, before shooting off in the direction of that hidden little mouse. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared into the horizon.

Duke shook his head helplessly and found a comfortable position atop a huge branch of the Tree of Might; he proceeded to lay down and prepared to sleep. After all, Madix alone could easily handle that insignificant little thing possessing 17,000 Battle Power.

At the same time, more than 40 kilometers east of their position.

The enormous branches of the Tree of Might also blotted out the sun and sky here. The thick leaves resembed an enormous unfurled umbrella—blocking out the light.Sunlight couldn't pass through, causing the down below to appear dark and cool.

However, the energy source on Madix's energy detector flickered consecutively, which was very bright. Soon, Madix found his target in the middle of a huge branch.

"Ha ha ha! So it was hiding here. It didn't take long for this uncle to find it!" After speaking, Madix streaked towards the target.

Madix's harsh yell jolted the sleeping person on the tree branch awake. When the person saw Madix who had suddenly appeared, his complexion changed, and he inquired with vigilance:" Who are you? This is Uncle Turles's territory. If you know your place, leave quickly!"

Turles had kept watch beside the Tree of Might for many years. However, seeing that when the fruit was about to ripened, a troublemaker suddenly had pop out, Turles expression was quite unsightly. However, after pondering over it carefully, he still left some leeway in his words.

"Oh, you can really talk big!" Madix was just about to taunt; however, after getting a clear look at the other person's appearance, he was surprised: "Hey, you're only a little fellow!"

"Bastard! You dare to look down on Uncle Turles?!" Turles was immediately enraged by Madix's words. Initially, he had wanted to remain well-behaved, but his heart now burned like gunpowder; he was angry.

Madix looked on with interest as if watching a clown's clumsy performance. Looking down from above, and the feeling of having everything within his group, always brought Madix an infinite amount of pleasure that left him feeling quite intoxicated.

"Aiya! You are unexpectedly a Saiyan. Weren't all of them destroyed? It seems that a fish managed to slip through the net!" After noticing the brown tail behind Turles, Madix laughed out loud, "A Saiyan's Battle Power can actually reach 17,000? Hehe, it seems that you have definitely eaten fruits from the Tree of Might."

"Snort! This uncle isn't the same as those Saiyans from Planet Vegeta. That useless guy, King Vegeta, this uncle has already surpassed him!" Turtles proclaimed with pride.

Turles was very pleased with himself. How could that trifling King Vegeta be his match?!

Fortunately for Turles, he wasn't on Planet Vegeta when it was destroyed; thus, escaping the disaster. Afterward, Frieza deployed his subordinates to annihilate any surviving Saiyans, but due to various coincidences Turtles was able to escape through the net. He had then wandered over to the East Area.

At that time, as a Low-level Warrior, Turles wasn't capable of protecting himself, so he acted extremely carefully, for fear of attracting anyone's attention.

Until, one day, Turles came across fruit of the magical Tree of Might on a deserted planet. After eating the fruit, his strength began to skyrocket; initially, his Battle Power that wasn't even 1,000, slowly rose to an astonishing 3,000.

This left him feeling ecstatic.

With a Battle Power of 3,000, Turles was close to the middle of Mid-level Warrior. He realized that, if he can get more of these fruits, he could become a High-level Warrior, or even a more powerful existence. At that time, wouldn't success just come naturally?

Then he brought the seeds of the Tree of Might and carefully hidden himself on the relatively remote Planet Bahert, and planted the seeds. When the tree grew and bore fruits, Turles was able to consume more than a dozen ripe fruits, causing his Battle Power to soar to 17,000! He spectacularly transformed from an ordinary Mid-level Warrior to a Universe-level Warrior.

At this point, the dormant ambitions in his heart were ignited. Looking at the innumerable fruits about to ripen, Turles began to fantasize about the day when he'd become the emperor of the universe.

Unexpectedly, other aliens had now arrived at Planet Bahert, and Turles realized that things weren't looking good.

"Kill him, so that the Tree of Might will remain a secret. As long as these fruits ripen, this uncle can dominate the universe!" Turles decided in his heart and immediately attacked first, hoping to gain the upper hand.

However, Turles had no idea that his opponent was a member of Cooler's Armored Squadron. If his opponent could be selected by Coole, then he definitely couldn't be someone ordinary. Madix's Battle Power had reached 130,000; this was enough to make him look down on everything, including the Saiyan monkey making threatening gestures at him!

"Oh, you even dare to attack—" Madix looked astonished, as he swayed lightly, just dodging Turles's every attack.

"Zeze, these attacks' strength is really only 17,000. It isn't even enough to scratch an itch on my body!" Madix sneered at Turles, feeling somewhat regretful. Suddenly, he extended his arm and caught Turles's fist.


Turles was shocked, and instinctively felt a sense of foreboding in his heart; the pores on his entire body couldn't help but tighten.

Madix chuckled and exerted strength into his palm which held Turles fist. Kacha! The sound of bones shattering could be heard, and Turles gave a heartbreaking scream; he wobbled for a while and fell to his knees.

Madix haughtily looked down and sighed with disappointment.

This Saiyan couldn't even land a hit on me. He had barely warmed up, yet the Saiyan monkey was already down. "Sigh, these Saiyans… useless wild monkeys! They even dared to presumptuously claim that they are a Fighting Race. Really too embarrassing."

"Boy, obediently accept your death. Sir Madix has already gotten tired of playing with you." Madix said without sparing Turles a glance and began to condense a crimson energy wave in his hand.

"No, No!" Turles's pupils suddenly contracted.

He hadn't accomplished his ambitions yet, and there were still numerous fruits on the Tree of Might that he hadn't eaten. He couldn't die like this! He raised his head and looked at the unripe fruits—his heart filled with unwillingness.

Chapter 187 Saiyan Turles

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