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"Still waters are really deep. Forget it, it's pointless to think too much. I should focus on finding a way to get the Super Dragon Ball!" Xiaya thought for a moment, but with the current situation, it seems that the only way he could get the Super Dragon Ball would be to forcefully rob it!

"However it's somewhat difficult!" Xiaya's eyes turned sharp, and his gaze wandered to where Bofei and his 2 sons were sitting in the VIP sections of the auction venue.

These three people were the most powerful beings on the planet. Even Xiaya didn't have full assurance that he could defeat them. As for the other aliens, their battle power was only in the tens of thousands, something that he doesn't even take seriously.

His gaze returned to the auction platform, he couldn't help but feel pity for the beautiful slaves who were bought away by the merchants. However, he didn't have the impulsiveness to intervene in the ongoing trade because there was no way he could rescue them from the hands of so many powerful experts.

After the slave trading ended, it was time for the long awaited planet trading. As the beautiful planets were being traded, the atmosphere within the venue reached its peak.

"Below is the finale of this auction, the final item that will be sold. Everyone take a look at this floating dark orange crystal planet in the middle of space…"

The auction was drawing to a close, and finally the Super Dragon Ball was to be auctioned.

Many of the merchants who were present had hurried over precisely for the crystal planet. If they could obtain this mysterious planet, they could perhaps earn a big fortune upon reselling it. So when they heard that the Super Dragon Ball was finally going to be auctioned, everyone became spirited while their eyes emitted golden lights.

The auctioneer nodded in satisfaction, and began to eloquently introduce the various magical aspects of the crystal planet. What functions the 'great prophet' had predicted, and how Sir Bofei suffered untold hardships just to snatch this from a particularly powerful expert.

In short, the crystal planet was incredibly magical, and ridiculously rare, and it would be an enormous loss if it couldn't be obtained.

Relying solely on his mouth, this auctioneer managed to turn black into white, from trash into a rare treasure, such a conman! Had it not been that Xiaya knew the origin and the true function of the Super Dragon Ball, he would have probably been conned by the auctioneer.

"Such a talent!" Xiaya didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Although the Super Dragon Ball was in fact very magical and super rare, everything that the auctioneer said was not to the point!

However, there were many people in the venue that believed his words. The moment the auctioneer put down the microphone and declared the start of the auction, all the business magnates immediately began to bid, and the price went up little by little.

"You all can continue to bid while I'm just going to take the dragon ball away…"

Seeing this, Xiaya smiled faintly. He found a secluded place and disappeared while nobody was paying attention.

The next second, Xiaya appeared next the the Super Dragon Ball wearing a simple breathing apparatus.

At this time, the sun's rays were refracting off the huge dark orange 'planet', giving off a lustrous sheen. From far away, it would seem like another sun had risen in space.

Xiaya saw a group of fully equipped spacecrafts floating around the dragon ball. There were probably around a thousand of them, and they were all closely guarding the dragon ball.

"I must take care of them as soon as possible and quickly leave with the super dragon ball!"

Pondering for only a moment, Xiaya prepared to attack. Highly compressed shiny energy waves condensed between his hands, and like a laser beam as thin as hair, shot out in a straight trajectory and charged towards the spacecrafts.


The moment the ships were hit by Xiaya's energy wave, there was a sudden burst of muffled trembling in space, and fierce explosions immediately followed. Fire and black smoke raged in space before it was quickly dispersed by the surrounding vacuum.

This was immediately discovered by the surrounding spacecrafts. As a result, "Beep Beep Beep" the alarm sounded. The nearby spacecrafts immediately gathered around in a two-pronged attack, and at the same time, an emergency signal was transmitted to Trading Center's headquarters as quickly as possible.

Xiaya was aware of this situation, but he was not alarmed. He had predicted that this would happen from the very beginning. His attack speed grew faster and faster, throwing huge energy balls with every wave of his hand.

With his current battle power, even energy bursting out from a casual attack of his was enough to blow up an entire continent. Hence, when the blazing and explosive energy came in contact with a ship, an earth-shattering explosion would occur, and the whole spacecraft would explode and crashed to the ground.

"I must speed up, or it would only attract more and more aliens to come!"

With more and more ships moving closer together and even more ships on the ground joining the assault, Xiaya soon found that he had underestimated the defenses of the Trading Center. Therefore, he made a quick decision and stepped up his attacks. For a moment, beautiful and dazzling ring of lights appeared around the Super Dragon Ball.

Every bright spots was a spacecraft exploding.

At this time, Bofei Trading Center's artificial fortresses had also opened fire. A thick black cannon was aimed at Xiaya, and a powerful attack was launched. The concentrated firepower converged together creating an inescapable net surrounding Xiaya.

Unfortunately, the fortresses were only designed to be able to defend against experts with the battle power around 50,000. So even if they were firing with full power, in front of Xiaya, a super expert who had more than 700,000 battle power, it had no effect whatsoever.


Between his rapid attacks, Xiaya's body was so fast that there were only traces of afterimages that could be seen. With just a point of his finger, large amount of objects would be destroyed. Before long, all the ships and artificial fortresses were destroyed under Xiaya's fists.

Bofei main star, auction venue.

Fiery auction biddings were still going on. Every merchant were constantly bidding with a struggling red face. Every single time, the price of the dragon ball would shoot up to the extreme. Observing all this, Bofei and his sons' faces were glowing with happiness.

Just then, a guard hurried in and yelled, "Not good Sir Bofei, someone is trying to steal the crystal planet. Most of the guard ships are already destroyed!"

Kacha! The wine glass in Bofei's hand shattered and a green liquid spilled to the ground. His lips moved slightly, and a wisp of chilliness congealed in his dark blue eyes. He suddenly stood up and a powerful imposing aura immediately erupted out, causing the guard in front of him to have difficulty breathing, shivering in fear.

"Well well well, someone unexpectedly dares to act wildly in my Sir Bofei's territory. How many years has it been since something like this has happened!" His voice was icy and piercing to the bone, like a cold wind blowing out from hell.

He, Sir Bofei had been an agent of the Trading Center for hundreds of years and rarely has such an incident occured. Was it because he had not taken action for more than a hundred years that people had forgotten how he had seized the Trading Center from his predecessor?

To the side, Boku also stood up and coldly said, "Father, let me and Bolton go first and catch that presumptuous guy!"

"Yes, let us do it!" Bolton shouted loudly, his body emitting a formidable energy that swirled around him like a whirlwind.

This whirlwind suddenly rose, and all sorts of objects that were arranged in his surroundings swirled along with it. Even some nearby aliens were blown up and around. They had to hurriedly use their hands to tightly cling to the surrounding pillars, and only barely managed to stabilize their bodies.

Everyone around them were silent in fear, unaware of what was going on. Gazing at Bofei and his two sons, their eyes were full of fear… and crazy worship!

Bofei waved his hand and had his two sons calm down. His icy expression was furious as he coldly said, "Both of you come with me. I want to see what that person is relying on to dar act wildly in this uncle's territory!"

Destroying Trading Center's business was not putting him, Sir Bofei, in its eyes. For such people, only death could appease the anger in his heart.

"Hehe, we should go over quickly!" Bolton said while rubbing his fists and palms. Covered with scales, his palms rubbed against one another, making a jarring sound.

"Let's go!"

With a loud shout, father and son trio soared into the air and flew straight towards the direction of the Super Dragon Ball, quickly turning into a black spot and disappearing into the atmosphere.

"Huh, what's going on? Why did Sir Bofei suddenly fly away?" Seeing Sir Bofei's burly figure suddenly soaring into the sky, some aliens asked, puzzled.

"I'm not sure, but I think someone is trying to steal the crystal planet….." A merchant who had probably heard something, whispered.

Everyone was dumbfounded, and then suddenly they all burst into laughter as if they heard something funny.

"Hahahaha, how can this be? Someone actually dares to stir up trouble in the Bofei Trading Center. Are they tired of living? Go and find out who it is. In the past several hundreds of years who has dared challenged Sir Bofei's prestige?"

"There's no way someone would come and stir up trouble, right?"

"How can it be!"

Everyone felt it was unimaginable. They did not believe that someone would really dare behave in this manner.

"Let's go, we'll take a look too. Maybe we can get a chance to see Sir Bofei take action personally!" A universe merchant suddenly shouted.His words were like a sudden clap of thunder causing everyone's hearts to become excited.

"Yeah, it’s extremely rare for Sir Bofei to personally taking action. If we miss it this time, we might not ever see it again." Someone responded.

"Go go go, let's take a look!

"Wait for me! Let's go together, let's go together!"

At the venue, when both the lone travelers and merchants found out that they could see Sir Bofei personally take action, they were unwilling to miss such a splendid and outstanding fight. They boarded their spacecrafts under the protection of their bodyguards and flew towards the outer space.

For a time, a large number of spacecrafts flew out of the space port of Bofei Trading Center's main star, and this dense crowd of ships flew near to the where the Super Dragon Ball was located.

However, when they came to about a distance of 150,000 km from the place where super dragon ball was located, some merchants whose strength was weak did not dare approach any closer. Without any prior discussion, they simultaneously stopped and chose to observe the situation from afar using high-tech equipment. Only a select few lone travelers who were confident in their strength dared to get closer.

Between the horizon in the vast starry sky, the lights were flickering.

In his hand, Xiaya held a energy chain which he was continuously brandishing it around. Like a dancing silver snake, it entirely destroyed large groups of spaceships that were coming towards him.

Xiaya knew that the longer he stayed here, the more likely new problems would arise. There was no time to lose. He immediately teleported to the surface of the Super Dragon Ball, preparing to move it away.

However as he prepared to launch Instant Transmission, he suddenly felt a ripple in space. It was a large-scale spatial vibration. Because of this, it became difficult to teleport the dragon ball. At the same time, he detected three powerful auras that were quickly approaching him.

"Is Bofei coming?"

Xiaya's eyebrows creased. This thought had only appeared in his mind before he saw three beams of light rushing towards him. Like three sharp arrows, they appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye.

They were three red-skinned muscular and tall aliens, they were entirely covered in scales and had four eyes. Two of the eyes were closed, and the other two were open. Their deep blue eyes were full of coldness, and gazing at them made people feels like being in a boundless hell.

In particular, Xiaya noticed that among the three powerful auras exuded, the two smaller ones were not bad. But Bofei in the middle made him feel palpitation in his heart. His expression could not help but become grave.

This tall and powerful person's battle power was not any less than his! Xiaya determined in his heart.

Floating in front of Xiaya, his five meter tall body was like a small hill, and in addition to the blazing blue Ki radiating off his body, he gave off an extremely oppressive feeling.

These must be the Bofei Trading Center's agents – Bofei and his sons. Seeing them up close they are really tall!" Xiaya stared at the three people before him.

At this time, Bofei and his sons also noticed Xiaya.

"I was wondering who would want to rob my crystal planet, but it turns out it was just a small brat." Bofei swept his eyes over Xiaya like a viper would over its prey before turning to his two sons, laughingly saying.

"Yeah, doesn't he know? Who would dare act wildly in our Bofei family's territory. Isn't that just looking for trouble?" The older son, Boku raised his head and said arrogantly.

Normally, sound could not be transmitted in space, but Bofei's species did not seem to communicate through soundwaves. As a result, such a vacuum environment did not hinder their communication. The universe was really full of wonderful and strange things. Due to evolution, these kinds of aliens who could survive in a vacuum environment managed to create this unique form of communication.

"Father, let me twist his neck!" Bolton eagerly switched on his high-level detector distributed by the Universe Commerce Alliance.

After a moment of "beep beep beep" sounds, the detector showed Xiaya's battle power.

Tapping the energy detector in his hand, Bolton showed an incredulous expression. "Aiya, he really is not simple. This human's battle power has reached 50,000! He has really extraordinary strength."

However his voice was rather unperturbed, not even the slightest bit intimidated. Instead his eyes were glistening in amusement as he stared at Xiaya, like he was observing an interesting toy.

In Universe 6, the humans were very weak. Xiaya's aura may had surprised him, but in the end he was only an enhanced version of an ant, nothing more.

Boku was also a bit surprised, "Unexpectedly, this small human has such high Battle Power. He couldn't be a Saiyan right? Hehe, this is interesting!"

"Why are you talking so much, lets go together?" Bolton gave him a meaningful glance, and together they went ahead and surrounded Xiaya from both directions. One on the left, and the other on the right.

"Bolton, this kid is so thin. Perhaps, you would be reluctant to hit him, so just let your elder brother handle him. I'll even give you a planet in exchange?" Boku smiled and spoke to Bolton while operating his skill.

Listening to him, Bolton was dissatisfied and shook his head. "That's no good. He's my prey!"

"Fine, fine, let's fight together. Whoever kills this guy first will have to give the other five planets as reward, how about that?" Boku smiled and proposed a bet, clearly not putting Xiaya in his eyes.


When the two reached an agreement, they tacitly approached Xiaya.

Xiaya noticed both of them moving. Although he did not clearly hear their conversation, he could feel the malice behind their words and actions.

"Do they intend to gang up on me?" A sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth.

A multicolored light flashed in his eyes, and the brothers' strength and information appeared in his eyes. It was his "Spirit Eye" secret skill, it revealed to him that his opponent's battle power was 270,000 and 240,000 respectively!

This sort of battle power may be quite rare in the universe, but their arrogance to annihilate him was really just indulging in fantasies.

"You asked for it!" Xiaya softly shouted, and immediately erupted out in an imposing aura. Two fingers of his hand crossed into a sword, and a frigid light flashed between his fingers. Hualala, and a vigorous Ki attacked towards both Boku and Bolton.

A sharp electric ray flashed and immediately divided into two!

Xiu xiu, both brother's body trembled. Subconsciously feeling danger, they quickly dodged to the side, avoiding the flash. Feeling a slight chill on their chest, they looked down and found scarlet blood splashing out.

"What?" While covering their chests, both brothers had an incredulous look on their face. The powerful impact caused them to fly away, completely out of control. In just an instant, they were wounded by the opponent.

"Argh! This damn guy actually wounded this uncle!"

Bolton's temperament was extremely violent, he stretched out both his arms and stopped his body. Suddenly getting wound caused him to explode in anger. Immediately, a blazing blue Ki burst forth, and a sinister and disgusting aura began to emit form his body.

"Huh?" Xiaya raised his eyebrows. This sinister aura is truly disgusting.

"Bolton, calm down. This guy seems to be different from our other opponents from before. The data displayed on the energy detector is not accurate at all."

Boku was clearly more experienced and knowledgeable, and knew that it was impossible to judge Xiaya's strength. The 50,000 battle power shown by the detector was clearly incorrect.

Observing not far away, Bofei watched his two sons being repelled with a hint of uncertainty in his heart. His face was dark like dripping ink. An icy voice echoed out, "Don't be deceived by his surface strength, he must have learnt a skill that allows him to burst out his strength. Both of you will act together!"


Although Boku and Bolton were astonished, they had the most utmost faith in their father's words. Since their father said so, it must be true. They immediately changed their formation and attacked. This time, they did not dare to be careless and went all out from the beginning.

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