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Chapter 122

Later when he recalled this, Dudunjiya thought he was really stupid. He only knew that Saiyan’s homeworld had suffered a planetary crisis and only a few Saiyans had escaped, but he didn’t think it from a different perspective that those who could escape from the destruction of the planet, would they be weak? Although Saiyans didn’t come to Planet Hongshan relying on their own strength, Dudunjiya could have avoided this ending if he had thought about it!

Dudunjiya, who wanted to cry after the ‘group of wolves abusing dog’ fight was now in a very sorry state. Not only was his body trussed up, but his face was also badly battered, and his hands were tied behind his back, dragging a long chain. There was an indescribable sadness in his heart.

The small chain naturally could not restrain the powerful Dudunjiya, but his earlier experience had made him terrified, and every time he looks back at the group of Saiyans which was glaring at him with ferocious eyes, Dudunjiya could not help but shiver, and obediently get escorted as a prisoner.

“What was wrong with me? I ran over to teach a lesson to Saiyans. Great, I didn’t teach others lesson but instead was captured!” Dudunjiya feels remorse in his heart while his mouth endlessly grumbled.

On any other day, he could go anywhere he wants, however, he was caught and taken prisoner after running over to Planet Hongshan. This was destroying lifetime’s reputation in one day ah! Whenever he thinks of it, Dudunjiya beats his chest in annoyance, wishing to slap himself!

Called a king if successful, called a bandit if defeated*, he blames himself for being too much addicted to war.

[*Losers are always in the wrong.]

Jack and others, really, why didn’t they know to persuade him at that time?

“What are you grumbling about? Why aren’t you walking quickly? I think this guy is big, bungling and stupid. How can he not even endure just this much beatings!” Seeing him walking so slowly, the Saiyan who was holding the chain spoke

rudely, and again hit Dudunjiya, who was physically and mentally exhausted.

“More than hundred people fighting one person, who would be able to win the fight…” Sullen, Dudunjiya said bitterly: “I said it was really a misunderstanding. Look, I’m also a guardian warrior hired by Galactic Patrol. See, this is Galactic Patrol’s symbol!”

Dudunjiya’s hands were tied and could only use his chin to point towards the Galactic Patrol’s symbol on his chest.

“You are saying that you are a hired warrior of Galactic Patrol. And that’s it? Tch, wait a while, we Saiyans will thoroughly investigate it.” We don’t need to know whether or not you are Galactic Patrol’s hired warrior, as long as you come to Planet Hongshan to stir up troubles, you must pay a corresponding price.

Dumbfounded, Dudunjiya stared almost choking due to other’s tone. The other side does not believe his identity at all, or has clearly figured it out but is simply feigning ignorance. In that situation, he really has nothing to say and can only obediently and honestly be a captive.

Shortly afterward, the Saiyan team escorted Dudunjiya to Guardian Corps observation center. Meanwhile, the luxurious dark gold spaceship that they had come in was also confiscated by Feidaya people.

At the Guardian Corps observation center, Dudunjiya saw his teammates, similarly trussed up, and badly battered. Seeing this, Dudunjiya’s heart sank, and his complexion turned pale. So, he was not the only one who was caught!

Really this… they didn’t even teach a lesson to Saiyans, but instead were all caught at the same time.


“Boss Dudunjiya, you have also come!” Seeing that their big brother was also captured, the few of his teammates looked at him excitedly.

What did you say? Did you say I have also come? Do you think I wanted to come?

Dudunjiya felt his face was burning, he wished he could run over and slap their faces. However, he immediately found that he could not do it. He could not help but be frustrated with his teammates while standing together with them.

“How did you get caught?”

caught?” Dudunjiya asked in a low voice.

They looked at each other helplessly, not knowing from where to speak. Thinking of how their group had arrived on Planet Hongshan with full of confidence and soaring ambition, that bearing, ambition as well as free and unfettered, but in the blink of an eye, however, they were reduced to captives. Who could understand how much they were depressed.

So when they were asked how they were captured, they were speechless for a moment before looking up while heaving a sigh together.

They were from rich families, living a comfortable life. When they ran over here, what were they trying to do by coming over to Planet Hongshan and looking for Saiyan’s to trouble!

“Boss, later on, you really can’t anger these Saiyans. They are just a bunch of bandits!” Jack whispered.

This was an experience learned from the accumulation of bloody lessons. Saiyan is a Fighting Race. They don’t know how to show mercy when fighting.

When Saiyans were still at Planet Vegeta, the training for young children was not just straightforward punches and kicks. Not to mention the treatment of intruders. If Charlene hadn’t made it clear to capture them alive, Dudunjiya and others have no idea whether they would have lived or not.

“We really miscalculated. Who would have thought that Saiyans were still hiding such a powerful force? I hope that they can let us off on behalf of that we are also similarly like them, hired warriors of Galactic Patrol!”

Dudunjiya’s voice was very gloomy, the always prideful him had spoken such words, feeling very uncomfortable in his heart.

“But what should we do if Saiyans refuse to let us off?” Jack lowered his head, completely lacking his high spiritedness from before.

The several people fell silent. They were a meat on somebody’s chopping block*. The situation was already beyond their control. However, they at least believe that considering that they were part of Galactic Patrol Organization, the opposite party at least wouldn’t be too excessive. But suffering some bitter hardships is unavoidable. [*at mercy of others.]


of others.]

“You people, what are you muttering about? Could it be that you are not aware that you are prisoners?”

The Saiyan, who was watching over them, frowned and scolded. Listening to that, Dudunjiya and others coldly snorted, but they also stopped talking.

Then several Saiyans walked over, and brought them to a small room. Before a desk, a beautiful Saiyan woman sat on a sofa.

Charlene held a report in her hand and compared the above information, saying: “Guardian Corps’s report says that you came to Planet Hongshan to find trouble with Saiyans?”

“Misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding. We are people from Galactic Patrol Organization. This time, we came here because we wanted to look at the situation of our comrades.” Dudunjiya said with a smiling face and completely denied those previously stated words. At any rate, he wouldn’t admit even if he dies.

“Oh?” Charlene glanced at him, and slammed the report in her hand down. “I don’t believe it!”

The sharp voice made Dudunjiya and others heart tremble, and their complexion abruptly changed. Not good, are these Saiyans not willing to let them off?

Dudunjiya said: “Our Dudunjiya Defense Squad is also considered a first-class in Galactic Patrol Organization. However, who would have thought that we are far from you Saiyan’s opponent… You have seen our spaceship, that is allocated by Galactic Patrol. You should believe us.”

“As for whether or not you are hired warriors of Galactic Patrol, we will naturally go and investigate it. Never mind, send them down first!” Charlene waved her hand and looked at Saiyan next to her, saying: “Seeing that their strength is pretty good, arrange them to do some heavy manual labor, and don’t let them waste resources.”

Then, she again turned around and looked at a Feidaya person on the side: “Furthermore, contact Galactic Patrol and say that Dudunjiya and others are in our hands and ask them if they are their people!”

Charlene could also be considered as a smart person, otherwise, she would not stand out from the crowd and become Xiaya and Adri’s assistant. Seeing Adri’s assistant. Seeing Dudunjiya, she knew that it would be strange if there is no incitement from behind by Galactic Patrol. Looking at Dudunjiya’s group big, bungling and foolish appearance, she could see that they look like people who are used as a tool to attack others!

Galactic Patrol had used them to probe Planet Hongshan’s strength, without their tacit consent or bewitchment, how could Dudunjiya and others stupidly run over to Planet Hongshan and provoke Saiyans? And even if you take a step back, and this really happened because of Dudunjiya and their intentions. Don’t tell me Galactic Patrol doesn’t even have a little bit of responsibility?

Even after knowing it, they didn’t stop it. It reveals a lot of information. It seems regarding Saiyan race… Galactic Patrol still has some misgivings, or to say different opinions, and happened to borrow Dudunjiya and others trip to feel out Saiyan’s strength while also somewhat terrorizing Saiyans with force. They would be surely glad to see it happen!

What Galactic Patrol Organization, what Galactic King ah!

The more she thinks the more she feels that it was not that simple. Charlene couldn’t help but narrow her eyes as a cold light flashed in her eyes.

Since the Galactic Patrol Organization wants to test Planet Hongshan’s strength, then we will generously show it to them! If they don’t reveal a little bit of their strength, then they would really be regarded as any cat and dog!

Sometimes, proper display of strength can be more suitable for survival in the universe.


Saiyan’s Guardian Corps loudly shouted in agreement and then maliciously looked at Dudunjiya and others.

Looking at everything, Dudunjiya’s body stiffened, his face revealing a smile that was uglier than crying.

He wasn’t afraid of any physical work that he would have to face next. To be honest, he doesn’t particularly care about doing some heavy labor. The main point is his reputation. If Galactic Patrol knew that he was taken prisoner, then his lifetime’s reputation is really going to be destroyed!

This is more difficult than any punishment Dudunjiya want to accept.

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