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Published at 20th of November 2020 10:51:53 AM

Chapter 8: 8
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Editor: Silavin

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“H-how can you…”

“Forget about how for now, and do what I said . This is a bewildering array which can affect the perceptions of others inside . And this is also a killing array, controlling wraiths to kill your enemies . ”

Luo Yunchang copied stiffly as Zhuo Fan performed the gestures . However, he was too fast . She could only watch him do it as she fumbled to a stop . Unable to remember the movements as he carried on, stuck on the last sign she did .

“Sigh, how are you so slow? This is the simplest method!” Zhuo Fan got angry and cursed, “If you keep going like this, Steward Sun will be upon us . We might as well just serve ourselves on a silver platter . You’re as slow as a pig . ”

All her life, Luo Yunchang was handled with finesse and attention a pearl would need . She received others love and respect . Never has she been mistreated like this, degraded to such a degree .

Glittering tears started welling in her eyes as she lowered her head . Yet, she persevered .

Seeing his sister humiliated, he found courage and shouted at Zhuo Fan, “Stinky slave, don’t mock my sister . ”

Zhuo Fan just shook his head, not having the time to bicker with the brat .

He found his Yuan Qi was only enough to start the array, failing to control it .

If one were to speak of a complete Wraith Array, even if none of them controlled it, a trash like Steward Sun would end up beaten to a pulp either way . However, he only had around a thousand spirit stones . If not for being a natural array, he wouldn’t have been able to set even a damaged one .

It was now in the hands of 3rd layer Qi Condensation young miss to control the array .

But for her, the method was long and complicated . It was hard to grasp . Worse, they were on the clock .

Helpless, Zhuo Fan embraced her from behind and took hold of her hands .

“What are you doing?” Luo Yunchang froze up as her cheek blossomed with red .

“Don’t move and let me guide you . ” Zhuo Fan led her hands and taught her the signs .

Despite catching his intent, being embraced by an unfamiliar man threw her heart in chaos and cheeks burned hotter, since this was the first time it ever happened to her .

Each time her mind drifted, a voice would ring in her ear, “Pay attention . ”

She peeked at him and saw how serious Zhuo Fan was, that his actions were not aimed to take advantage of her .

[Humph, he knows when to be a gentleman!]

Luo Yunchang calmed down and her body drew nearer to his . Feeling the strong arm behind her, this was the first time in the last three days she felt safe .

“Steward Sun . they went towards the Misty Forest . ” Ten miles outside the Misty Forest, a lanky bandit checked for tracks and reported to him .

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With cold laughter, Steward Sun straightened his white moustache, “Quite a good hiding place . We know the mountain area but not that eerie place . However…”

Steward Sun looked at the bound captain and his eyes flash with an evil glint .

“Captain Pang, you’re up soon . With how kind young miss is, she won’t ignore your pleas . ”

“Ptooey, don’t think you can use me to threaten young miss . ” His eyes were bloodshot as he glared at Steward Sun .

“You’d better kill me, or I will murder you and avenge my fellow guards . ”

“Hhha, when I get the martial skill, I’ll be happy to fulfill your wish . ” Squinting his eyes, Steward Sun let out a creepy laughter . “Let’s go . ”

It took an hour for their group of twenty to reach Misty Forest .

Yet before they could get any closer, snoring came from a man sleeping against a tree . A careful look identified him as Zhuo Fan .

“Steward Sun, it’s the one who killed the fatty . ”

Woken up by the voice, Zhuo Fan yawned and opened his weary eyes . Seeing Steward Sun and co . , he showed no fear, no anxiety . Instead, a smile .

“Steward Sun, I’ve waited so long to see you . ”

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Frowning, Steward Sun watched him . He eyed him with utmost care yet nothing seemed to tell him anything . He was just calm .

“What a deep-rooted schemer you are . I underestimated you,” thought Steward Sun .

If it were any other time, he would’ve never paid attention to a servant .

But ever since Steward Sun witnessed Zhuo Fan kill so brutally, Steward Sun’s image of him turned upside-down . [This punk not only hid deeply, but he’s also ruthless . If he matures, only suffering awaits . ]

“Zhuo Fan, you’ve quite the nerve to show off before me,” squinted Steward Sun at him .

Zhuo Fan cut to the chase instead of replying, “Steward Sun, want to make a deal?”

“What deal?”

“I’ll give you the Luo clan’s young master and mistress . So, secure my career in Blackwind Mountain . ”


Not only was Steward Sun shocked, but even the guard captain was also dumbfounded .

He rested his hopes on Zhuo Fan to take the siblings far away . Who’d have thought Zhuo Fan would defect and use them as bargaining chips .

“Why are you doing this? Luo clan hasn’t scorn you,” doubts arose in Steward Sun’s heart .

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“Hhha, then why do you? Luo clan treated you even better . ”

Steward Sun reddened at this and felt his rage boiling .

As he calmed himself, Zhuo Fan continued,”Every man for himself . With how much the Luo clan has fallen, reviving it isn’t something one man can do . Why should I walk towards my death? Using them to secure my life is but human nature . ”

He picked the red rope from the ground who followed into the mist .

“Young miss is at one of the ends of the rope . I left a few forks on the rope along the way that only I know about . ”

Steward Sun nodded as he grabbed it, “Good plan, to use a rope to mark your way . And you even included forks to safeguard the right trail for yourself . A true double-crosser, hhha…”

He gave the rope back, “Deal, lead the way . But don’t even think of playing tricks . ”

“Steward Sun, I am an honest man!” smiled Zhuo Fan .

Steward Sun sneered, “I would’ve believed you before but now… who would!?”

The two locked their eyes, each laughing as their looks hid devious thoughts .

The captain’s hair stood on end . He kept cursing Steward Sun as a rotten and vile human, while he barked at Zhuo Fan as one who betrayed their master . Though everyone ignored him as he was escorted by other men as they ventured into the thick mist .

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