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Chapter 20: 20
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“Uncle Jiu…”

Long Kui watched Long Jiu wide-eyed, who instead watched the calm Zhuo Fan with his only eye .

Zhuo Fan gazed back with a grin, “Too low . ”


They all cried out in response .

1 . 8 million was an inconceivable wealth for the Luo clan . Luo Yunchang never dreamed of having such riches . Yet in the eyes of Zhuo Fan, it wasn’t enough .

Luo Yunchang and Captain Pang looked lost at him . If not for being born and raised in the Cloud Manor, they’d be thinking he was a noble descendant .

His gaze traveled so far .

Yet before others could recover from Zhuo Fan’s attack, here came Long Jiu’s reply .

“I understand, but this is the most this old man can give . ”

“Uh, then I’ll sell it as a favor for grandpa Jiu at this price . ” Luo Yunchang chuckled embarrassingly as she wiped her brow .

She never imagined a random drawing from Zhuo Fan would garner such an insane price that took all of Godeye Long Jiu’s wealth to pay for it .

And by the looks of it, Long Jiu seemed to have set his sights on it . As such, it was better to earn his favor and be on good terms with Veiled Dragon Pavilion .

Long Jiu showed a gratified smile, as expected, being extra careful as he rolled the drawing .

But then, Zhuo Fan slapped the table, “Since you can’t go higher, the deal is off . ”

“Zhuo Fan!”

Luo Yunchang gave him a look, but he ignored her as he reached for the scroll .

Squinting his eyes, Long Jiu unleashed his awe-inspiring power, “Kid, this old man wants it . ”

Under such tremendous pressure, everyone recoiled, while Luo Yunchang and Captain Pang were overwhelmed from shock .

Long Jiu was far above Cai Rong . Offending him would be tantamount to instant death .

Yet, Zhuo held his own under the man’s power and even sneered, “Grandpa Jiu, you’re staining Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s reputation . ”

“Kid, are you not afraid?” Long Jiu kicked his power up a notch .

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“Humph, aren’t you?”

Blanking out for a second, Long Jiu took back his power and laughed, “Hhha, good kid . With you in charge of the Luo clan, they have nothing to worry about . ”

The others were baffled . The two were a step away from jumping at each other’s throat and in the next instant all went up in smoke .

Yet, no one knew the two moved the battle from brawn to mind .

Long Jiu released his power to soften Zhuo Fan into selling him the drawing . Instead, Zhuo Fan pushed through the pressure and asked the old man about his honor . Veiled Dragon Pavilion was the number one appraising house among the seven nobles . If this coercion leaked then the damage would be unimaginable .

Zhuo Fan bet on his fate and the clan’s honor’s place in Long Jiu’s heart and won .

With a deep look directed at Zhuo Fan, Long Jiu took the direct approach, “Kid, I know you didn’t come just to sell this drawing . What are your terms?”

Grinning, Zhuo Fan pushed the drawing before Long Jiu, “Ten million is a fair offer . Let’s start by having you pay us a million and the rest slowly . ”


Long Jiu eyed the scroll then nodded after a while, “Alright . Until the debt is paid, the Veiled Dragon Pavilion shall owe Luo clan . ”

Long Jiu took the scroll and left . Yet once he was gone, his voice lingered, “Little Kui, give them a million spirit stones and walk them out . ”

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“Uh, yes!”

Long Kui was overwhelmed with different thoughts as she had never seen Long Jiu with such a sour expression . Turning back to Zhuo Fan, it was the first time she saw him sporting such a content smile .

Next, she handed a million spirit stones and saw them out .

At the gate, the two guards were eager for them to show up and teach them a thing or two, but Long Kui’s respectful attitude threw a wrench in their plans . And when they heard the deal they made included a million spirit stones, they were stunned .

Never had they imagined a remote place like this could come with such an important deal . It became one of the top three deals in Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s history .

“Damn, thank god we didn’t do anything or disaster might have struck . ” A guard watched the four leave and wiped the sweat off his brow . The other just bobbed his head .

Veiled Dragon Pavilion treated a rich clan with respect . If any of their men dared to offend the clan, the noble house would exact punishment .

In the case of a clan with a million spirit stones, the guards’ complete lack of courtesy would even end with their deaths .

Thinking about it, they began to sweat buckets…

On the other hand, Long Kui returned to Long Jiu who was now looking at every detail of the 1st-grade array .

“Uncle Jiu, isn’t it just a 1st-grade array? How is this worth ten million? I never even seen an item worth that much . ” Long Kui asked the moment she went through the door .

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Sighing, Long Jiu gestured to her next to him, “Little Kui, look closer, this might be the only one of its kind in the empire . ”

“This is…” Long Kui’s eyes flashed with shock .

“An Ancient Array!”

Long Jiu showed how moved he was with every word, “The ancient arrays are a lost art, yet this has essentially proven their existence . It is priceless, and even ten million is too low . ”

“What? It’s that valuable?”

Nodding, Long Jiu revealed a childish smile, as if he got his most cherished toy . But something occurred to him that soured his mood .

“Little Kui, tell Ah Jie to find five experts and watch over the Luo clan . They offended the Sun clan today . ”

“Why should we help them?”

Long Jiu snorted, “Haven’t you been listening? We owe them . ”

Long Kui began to recall . [So this is what Zhuo Fan and Long Jiu were haggling over . ]

Yet, the veteran uncle Jiu was defeated in negotiations by a pup . Of course he was in a bad mood .

Long Kui couldn’t help but let out a giggle…

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