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Chapter 13: 13
“Never thought I’d make a mistake . ”

The stall owner was carrying his bag while walking along a remote alley . He didn’t talk, just sighed as he walked .

But then a voice came from behind, “Owner, please wait . ”

He stopped with a startle and looked to see Zhuo Fan walking over .

“You’re the one from before…” He recognized Zhuo Fan . It was him who showed everyone his black jade was fake .

“Is there something you need?”

“Hhha, owner, I like your black jade and will pay ten spirit stones for it . ” Zhuo Fan laughed, taking glances at the man’s bag .

After some muttering, the owner looked oddly at Zhuo Fan, “Mister, you know this stone is fake, so why pay 10 spirit stones? The lady said it was worth 3 . ”

Shaking his head, Zhuo Fan added, “Even if it is fake, it can still pass off for the real thing . I might be able to sell it as a black jade . ”

“Oh, I see . You want to trick others into buying it . ” The owner nodded in understanding then scanned around, “Since this is the case, things are different now, it is worth much more than just 10 spirit stones . ”

“How much do you want then?” Zhuo Fan squinted with murderous intent .

“At least 50!” The owner showed his own sneaky side, “If not, I’ll just find my own target and sell it at a hundred . ”

Thanks to Zhuo Fan’s reminder, the owner realized how rare were people who could tell the real black jade from fake . He could sell the fake himself and earn a fortune .

“Are you buying, or do I have to look elsewhere?”

Seeing Zhuo Fan’s expression, the owner knew he didn’t have that many spirit stones on him . But it was fine since he could sell it himself and dupe another in the process . He walked away .


The moment he took the first step, a hand grabbed his shoulder like an iron claw, eliciting a shout of pain from the owner .

“Owner, don’t be too greedy . ” Zhuo Fan warned .

“Humph, so what if I am? The black jade is mine and I’ll sell it at whatever price I want…”

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His voice choked as a black Yuan Qi entered his body .

After his body turned black, a breeze scattered his dust into the wind .

Releasing his breath, Zhuo Fan felt his Yuan Qi grow a bit . He was a 1st layer Qi Condensation expert . The 7th layer Foundation Establishment owner hardly helped in increasing his power .

He just wanted to trade, but the owner had to be ruthless and force his hand .

Zhuo Fan took the black jade and returned to the tavern .

He wasn’t addicted to killing, but some people were addicted to courting death .

Zhuo Fan met with Captain Pang at the tavern and threw him a pouch, “Old Pang, here . ”

Captain Pang didn’t understand, “Eh? The 10 spirit stones are all here? Didn’t you buy it?”

Zhuo Fan left Captain Pang at the tavern after borrowing 10 spirit stones, saying he found something that caught his eye . Yet the same spirit stones were left in the bag, untouched .

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“Oh, that old man was so nice he just gave it to me . ” Zhuo Fan dodged .

“Also, Old Pang, guard my door and don’t let anyone come in . ”

With that, he closed the door to his room . Captain Pang found it strange, but since they were like brothers now, he helped him out . As such, he sat before Zhuo Fan’s door as a guard .

Zhuo Fan was clear as to what happened beyond his door and nodded, pleased . He lucked out in finding such a loyal man .

Next, he settled the black jade on the table and released his dark Yuan Qi .


The stone’s exterior cracked and fell, revealing a blood-red light .

It was no longer a black jade but a bloody one . Moreover, it gave the impression of a heart as it flashed on and off like heartbeats .

“I knew it, it’s the Blood Spirit!”

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Zhuo Fan swallowed, his face working hard to restrain the obvious delight in his voice .

The Blood Spirit stems from any stone . It’s only requirement of formation is to be bathed in the blood of millions of people, absorbing the essence of sun and moon for thousands of years, it would take form . It was a demonic cultivator treasure, rarest of treasures .

A cultivator would use the Blood Spirit to form a Blood Infant . In battle, he could send the Blood Infant to absorb the opponent’s blood essence then kill him . And the Blood Infant could grow along with the cultivator . Once Zhuo Fan grew strong enough, even an Emperor wouldn’t dare mess with it .

According to the Nine Serenities Secret Records, there was once an ancient demonic cultivator expert, Patriarch Blood Demon, that trained the Blood Infant to the Saint Stage . Even the ancient ten Emperors were unwilling to make an enemy out of him .

Patriarch Blood Demon felt invincible and went to challenge Nine Serenities Emperor for the title of the strongest demonic cultivator . It was a drawn out battle, with the Nine Serenities Emperor heavily wounded at the end; barely overcoming the Patriarch Blood Demon by half a move .

However, the Nine Serenities Emperor obtained Patriarch Blood Demon’s secret method to raise the Blood Infant, improved it, and added it to the Demon Transformation Art . The Nine Serenities Emperor wanted to train the Blood Infant too, but never got the chance .

Never did he, Zhuo Fan, the Demonic Emperor, think he’d have such a stroke of luck after rebirthing to train the Blood Infant .

If he had it in his past life, a Saint would’ve been nothing .

That thought made him eager to slash his wrist and pour his blood onto the blood jade .

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