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Chapter 110: 110

Vicious Pill King watched the proud Iris Overseer with a critical eye, savagery dripping from his voice, “Humph, a wench thinks she can kill me?”


“You will see soon enough! Your heart has directly received my Cold Jade Palm and your meridians must be freezing right about now . You have no way of using Rainbow Cloud Palm!”

Qin Caiqing’s eyes flashed elated and prideful, “Yan Song, you’ve long got this coming . I may die from your poison but it will be without regrets!”


Qin Caiqing charged towards Yan Song, her palm glowing blue as she aimed for his chest .


Yan Song took a deep breath and staggered as he had to spit out more blood . Just as Qin Caiqing said, his Yuan Qi’s flow was hindered . And yet, he found no reason to fear . His green beard trembled as he made an evil grin on his face .


Qin Caiqing did not even manage to reach him before she started to tremble and vomit out black blood . The black blood was so potent that it ate through the ground when it landed .


Iris Overseer swayed then fell .


Qin Caiqing couldn’t understand what was going on .


“He-he-he, wench, don’t you know who I am? You think you can attack me that easily?” Yan Song snorted, “Look at your hand . ”


Qin Caiqing brought her trembling hand to her eyes and discovered it had turned from white to purple .


“Hhha, I am Vicious Pill King . Every inch of me’s covered in devastating poison . You think the Rainbow Cloud Palm is the only one thing I use to go against another Profound Heaven expert like you?”


Yan Song laughed at the sky, his sharp eyes filled with murderous intent, “Humph, no one would fear me if that was the case . He-he, dumb broad, what a fool . I will kill you and get rid of future troubles!”


Despite being wounded, his palm had enough power to end a Profound Heaven expert’s life .


Qin Caiqing was in despair, chewing her lip in hatred and remorse .


Zhuo Fan watched it all with a critical gaze . He didn’t join in because he knew there was only one person who could save the Iris Overseer .


And sure enough, a white figure flew before the Vicious Pill King and struck .


Frowning, the Vicious Pill King redirected his attack towards the white hand of the newcomer .




With a loud explosion jarring to the ears, Vicious Pill King stumbled ten feet back and spat blood . His hand was encased in ice .


The white figure landed next to Iris Overseer, her manner was filled with power and demanding respect from any who dared look at her .


“Sister Chuchu, why are you here?”


Zhuo Fan still had to fake he knew she was hiding nearby, “Were you always behind me?”


“Humph, you stole from Drifting Flowers Edifice and think I could not catch up?” Chuchu glared at Zhuo Fan .


Zhuo Fan was startled as he gave a pretending cry, “What? Sister Chuchu you’re from Drifting Flowers Edifice? Which Overseer are you then?”


Zhuo Fan looked anywhere else but at her, like a child who knew he did something wrong . He tried to prove his innocence as he pointed at Qin Caiqing, “Sister Chuchu, it’s not my fault, I was forced . It’s her, she is your traitor . She is the one to blame, not me!”


Shaking her head, Chuchu held her forehead in anger, “You brat, you dare say this when you don’t have the courage to take responsibility? You deserve to be punished!”


She then leaned over Qin Caiqing to check her wounds .


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“It’s… ruined…” Qin Caiqing lifted her heavy head with difficulty as tears streamed down, “Forgive me, I betrayed Drifting Flowers Edifice!”




Vicious Pill King cracked the ice on his hand and glared at Chuchu, “Profound ranked martial art, Arcane Moon Art . Hhha, Drifting Flowers Edifice Lord, Chu Qingcheng, you finally show yourself! How is your wound, I wonder . Would you like me to ease your pain?”


“What? Sister Chuchu, you’re Drifting Flowers Edifice Lord, Chu Qingcheng?”


Zhuo Fan watched her beautiful figure in stunned silence . He wasn’t faking it this time .


The scourge woman he met in the slums was actually Drifting Flowers Edifice Lord? What was she doing there?


Since he couldn’t make heads or tails of it, he pushed this question aside . What upset Zhuo Fan even more was that Chu Qingcheng was called the number one beauty in the empire . And he did witness her visage once .


Who could have those impeccable features if not Chu Qingcheng? He never questioned her identity, making him doubt if his brain had a screw loose to be this foolish .


[But when did I become so foolish? It was when I saw Chuchu’s face . ]


Zhuo Fan sighed, even now he felt relaxed when he recalled that image . [To think a woman could actually possess such charm . ] The him of before would never have imagined it possible .


Ignoring both of their gazes, Chu Qingcheng watched Qin Caiqing’s wound and a bottle appeared in her hand .


She opened it and the sweet smell had the two people’s eyes flash with greed!


Bodhi Jade Sap!


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“Senior sister, I know how much you care for Drifting Flowers Edifice . Forgive me, I failed as a Lord and made you suffer . ” Chu Qingcheng moved the blue veil a bit and let a drop fall on Qin Caiqing’s mouth .


Qin Caiqing’s body began shining in a green hue, filled with endless vitality . Even the grass beneath her began to grow unchecked .


The poison on her hand had also retreated and wasn’t long before it recovered its white color .


The greedy Yan Song and Zhuo Fan gulped, their eyes fixed on the bottle .


It was the second time he saw Bodhi Jade Sap’s effect and its endless vitality left him in awe all the same!


[Ahh! Nooo! another drop ruined!]


Zhuo Fan lamented, considering whether or not to steal the bottle . This thought was on Yan Song’s mind too!


“He-he-he, Bodhi Jade Sap is a legendary cure! How mystical!”


Vicious Pill King licked his lips, “Lord Chu, how about we make a deal? That hag is about to die and Drifting Flowers Edifice will collapse without you . Give me the Bodhi Root and I will give you Rainbow Cloud Palm’s antidote . It will ensure the survival of your Drifting Flowers Edifice . ”


“Humph, Bodhi Root is the basis of Drifting Flowers Edifice . Without it, Pill King Hall would run amok and Drifting Flowers Edifice would lose its place among the seven houses . Do you take me for a three-year-old, Yan Song?” Chu Qingcheng’s eyes with bone-deep hatred, “And Grandmother’s vengeance…”


“Hhha, those old hags were narrow-minded . Served them right . Lord Chu, I advise against making the same mistake!” Vicious Pill King laughed in mockery .


Chu Qingcheng tightened her fists .


Iris Overseer gasped a few times and got up weakly . Her pale face glaring at Yan Song, “Qingcheng, I wounded him and now he can’t use profound ranked martial art . Together, we can end this geezer . ”


“But senior sister, what of the poisoned overseers…”

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Pain laced her gaze but soon her focus recovered . Iris Overseer said, “Everything is for Drifting Flowers Edifice’s future, even the death of all overseers . Qingcheng, attack!”


Chu Qingcheng was still reticent as Qin Caiqing shouted, “Qingcheng, we will never get the chance to kill this old dog again . We won’t get revenge for Grandmother!”


Chu Qingcheng woke up and her eyes became increasingly colder .


“Song Yu, stand aside!” Chu Qingcheng’s bitter voice came out .


Zhuo Fan meekly got out of their way! He was now watching the bustle and waiting for the perfect moment to strike . None of them were on guard against the 2nd layer Bone Tempering cultivator .


[He-he-he, fight, fight! Die all of you and let yours truly reap the rewards . ]


Zhuo Fan had a twisted grin .


Squinting, Vicious Pill King watched the two’s determination and his hand rested on the gourd at his waist, “Lord Chu, think it through . Don’t regret it later!”


“Humph, I will regret it for all my life if I don’t kill you now!”


Chu Qingcheng snorted as she and Iris Overseer charged towards Yan Song . In this two against one, Yan Song, who couldn’t use profound ranked martial art was at a disadvantage .


But he wasn’t panicking, his knuckles were white as he gripped against his gourd .




A sudden purple lightning struck, stopping the two women . Vicious Pill King frowned as he turned his head towards the newcomer…


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