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Houtu turned into the reincarnation and became a Sage. Minghe's Merit body established the Nether World. Both things were not trivial. Since the Nether World was responsible for the reincarnation of creatures, it was a good place to obtain Merits. Even the other Sages in Untainted Land were jealous. With Houtu in the Nether World and Minghe in Blood Sea, no one had the opportunity to interfere in the matter for the moment.

Compared to the establishment of the Nether World, all living beings of Untainted Land was much more concerned with how Houtu became a Sage, or more precisely, where she received the Hongmeng Immortal Qi. When Ancestor Hongjun conferred the titles of Sage, he sent seven Hongmeng Immortal Qi in total. However, there were now eight Sages in Untainted Land. How could the people not be alarmed?

On Mount Kunlun, the Three Pristine Ones gathered together with grave expressions. Honoured Lord of the Origin asked first, "Brother, do you know where Houtu got the Hongmeng Immortal Qi? Ancestor Hong Jun conferred seven seats for the Sages and Minghe occupied the last one. But now Houtu has become a Sage as well. Could it be there's an eighth seat?"

Laozi was puzzled as well, so he speculated, "Maybe. We three got the seats from the Honorable Ancestor, while Houtu is the descendant of Pangu. The Hall of Pangu inside the sanctum of the Wu Tribe is so mysterious that I'm afraid Great Divinity Pangu left the Hall to the Wu Tribe. Perhaps he also left the Hongmeng Immortal Qi inside for them."

Honoured Lord of the Origin agreed with Laozi's words. He was a little jealous of the thought that Pangu left the Hongmeng Immortal Qi for the Wu Tribe. Why not for him? Yet he never thought that his achievements today did not mostly come out of his own efforts, but the Cultivation Will left by Pangu instead.

Tongtian also agreed with Laozi's words. However, another thought came to his mind and shocked him, so he asked, "My brothers, is it possible that Minghe left his Hongmeng Immortal Qi for the Wu Tribe and achieved the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin rather than the Sage?"

Hearing his words, Laozi and the Honoured Lord of the Origin were stunned. Was it possible for anyone to give up the Sage seat of Hongmeng Immortal Qi? For them at least, it was impossible. But what about Minghe? He was already in the Sage-to-be Peak Level and adept in the Tao of Divine Law, so it was possible for him to get Rectification of Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin by the Tao of Divine Law.

Laozi suddenly recalled the mysterious sign appearing above Blood Sea when Minghe got his Rectification and he cried out involuntarily, "I see. Minghe achieved Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin rather than the Sage. When someone becomes a Sage, auspicious signs will fall from the heaven and the whole land will join in the jubilation. Yet when Minghe got his Rectification, the mysterious sign only appeared above Blood Sea. Presumably, it's the mysterious sign of the Divine Law rather than the Sage."

What Laozi said made Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongrian to take a double take. When the Sages appeared, there must be mysterious signs in Untainted Land. Among the eight Sages, only Minghe's sign was different. It would make sense only if Minghe got the Rectification of Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin.

In Untainted Land, perhaps no one would give up Hongmeng Immortal Qi for the Rectification of the Origin by the Divine Law. It was not a sure thing to get. On the contrary, since Minghe owned the Hongmeng Immortal Qi, he could easily become a Sage of the Heavenly Way with so many Merits.

Tongtian burst out laughing and said, "Minghe is awesome. He's only below the seven Sages and now he's able to resist the temptation of Hongmeng Immortal Qi and instead get the Rectification of the Origin by the Tao of Divine Law. And he did it. I really want to fight with him to fulfill my wish."

Honoured Lord of the Origin showed no expression as well, but he was filled with rage inside. When he was still a Sage-to-be, he fell behind Minghe. Minghe even got Rectification of the Origin by the Divine Law without the Hongmeng Immortal Qi, which he treasured so much. Was this not telling him that he was not as good as Minghe? To his relief, he was in the Secondary Stage of the Sage while Minghe was only in the Early Stage of the Origin, so Minghe was definitely no match for him.

Laozi looked calm, but felt puzzled as well. It was easier said than done to get the Rectification of the Origin by the Tao of Divine Law, and even harder than becoming a Sage. Minghe was so talented and hardworking that he achieved it. Besides, with such priceless treasures like the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, his Luck must be powerful. Minghe would deand finitely be a strong opponent for him in the future. What was worse, he wondered whether Minghe had other trump cards.

Honoured Lord of the Origin suddenly said, "Brother, Minghe must have exchanged something with the Wu Tribe with his Hongmeng Immortal Qi. Could it be the current Nether World? If so, Minghe made a good deal." The Nether World was a good place to collect Merit and the Luck there was also strong. It was no wonder that Honoured Lord of the Origin was jealous.

Laozi thought for a while before he said, "I'm afraid not. Houtu enlightened the Fated Chance to be a Sage by herself. Minghe won't know that, let alone being able to exchange it with the Nether World. Moreover, the Wu Tribe without Purusa are unsuitable to live there. Since Minghe owns the supreme treasures of the Nether World, such as the Book of

Book of Life and Death, the Judge Pen, it's well-reasoned that Minghe established the Nether World."

Tongtian nodded. What Laozi said was reasonable. However, if they could not figure out what Minghe had exchanged with his Hongmeng Immortal Qi with the Wu Tribe, they would always be concerned. Perhaps only Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery and Minghe knew the details, while they came up with nothing for the moment.

In the Wahuang Heaven, ​​Goddess Nvywa was greatly surprised that Houtu had become a Sage. With her around, the Demon Tribe was able to deal with the Real Entity of Pan Gu. Unexpectedly Houtu became a Sage. What shocked her most was that, with the help of Minghe's Merit body, Houtu had rebuilt her body with a drop of Blood of Essence from the Ancestor of Sorcerer.

Houtu became a Sage and kept her body of the Wu Tribe. So it was only a matter of time before the previous real entity of the Ancestor of Sorcery was restored. If there was one Sage among the twelve Ancestors of Sorcery arranging the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, it was unimaginable how powerful the Real Entity of Pangu would be.

Fortunately, Ancestor Hongjun requested Houtu not leave the Six Path of Reincarnation within two Cultivation Tribulations. This was good news for the Demon Tribe. However, when Goddess Nvywa found that Houtu gave Minghe the Nether World, she guessed the origin of Houtu's Foundation of the Dao as the Three Pristine Ones did. This also made her worried.

Minghe handed over the Hongmeng Immortal Qi to the Wu Tribe, for whatever reason, and their relationship became closer. Then Houtu created the Six Path of Reincarnation while Minghe's Merit body established the body established the Nether World. They even shared the Luck of the Nether World, showing their closeness. Even if Houtu could not fight, Minghe would not stand by. And as long as Houtu fought, Minghe would step in to offer help.

Then the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe seemed to have returned to their prior relationship. They were on their own again. Fortunately, the Wu Tribe lost one Ancestor of Sorcery. Even replaced with a Great Wu, the power of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation they arranged would be greatly reduced. Besides, the Great Wu could not bear the Boomerang of the tactical formation. This way, the Demon Tribe had higher chances of success. This was most gratifying for Goddess Nvywa.

In the Nether World, there was a city with empty streets called Pingxin City. It was the city where Houtu lived. Houtu turned into the reincarnation and bore the Purusa, but she was no longer a member of the Wu Tribe. She should have changed her name to Goddess of Pingxin, but because of Taoist of Heaven and Earth, she did not need to do so. However, the city was named after her.

Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery gathered in Pinxin Palace of Pinxin City. Emperor Jiang spoke to Houtu sternly, "Sister, you're too reckless. If the Merit allows you to bear the Purusa, I'm afraid you'll die." Though Houtu has become a Sage, their relationship was still as firm as ever.

Houtu laughed. "Brother, don't be angry. I'm safe now. Yet I can't leave the Nether World, so I'm afraid I'm not much help in the war against the Demon Tribe." Houtu has wanted to become a Sage to help her Tribe, but she could only stay in the Nether World for now. This truly depressed her.

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