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During the cultivation of Martial Arts, a cultivator needed to experience four Postcelestial stages, including Martial Student, Martial Disciple, Martial Artist, and Martial Soldier. In the four stages, the cultivator could achieve the best condition of his body through refining his human body, blood, bones, organs, and so on. These would form the foundation of his Martial Arts cultivation later on. Musen referred to these as the Foundation Establishment of Martial Arts.

In fact, the primordial stage was the real beginning of the Martial Arts cultivation. When a martial cultivator reached the primordial stage, he would be able to choose his own Martial Arts. Though Martial Arts were just one of the 3,000 Ways of Great Way, it contained thousands of changes. This meant everyone's comprehension of the Martial Arts would be unique.

The initiation primordial stages of Martial Arts was from Martial Mentor to Martial Supreme, while the power explosion stage was Earth Changing Level. A Martial Artist would already be one of the top Martial Artist before, but would be unmatched when he reached Earth Changing Level.

From Earth Changing Level, the Martial Artist would begin breaking through the acupoints in his body one by one. The more one broke through, the more powerful he would be. In fact, there were 365 acupoints in the human body, representing the 365 cosmic stars in the sky respectively. If one could break through all of them, he would be on par with the Martial Artist of a higher stage.

When a Martial Artist broke through 36 acupoints, he could start breakthrough into Heaven Changing Level, which was the lowest standard to breakthrough Earth Changing Level. The more acupoints he broke Earth Changing Level, the more powerful he would be when he reached Heaven Changing Level.

When this Martial Artist reached Heaven Changing Level, he needed to combine his comprehension of The Way of Martial Arts. When his Way of Martial Arts formed into real shape, he would be a real Martial Artist at Heaven Changing Level. This meant he needed to be constantly refining his Way of Martial Arts.

Everybody's Way of Martial Arts was totally different. It could be a weapon, a part of one's body, or even a kind of creature. It depended on the Martial Artist's enlightment of the Martial Arts. The power of one's Way of Martial Arts was directly proportional to the level of his enlightment.

When one Martial Artist completely made his Way of Martial Arts into solidity, he would breakthrough into the Heavenly Signs Changing Level. From then on, the Martial Artist could start refining his human body on the base of The Way of Martial Arts. When his human body has merged with The Way of Martial Arts, he would ascend to Heaven Clashing Level.

At this stage, the Martial Artist would begin to enlighten the Divine Law of the Way of Heaven, combining his Martial Arts with The Power of Divine Law and forming his unique Magic Skills of Martial Arts. The more in-depth his enlightenment of the Divine Law, the stronger his Magic Skills of Martial Arts would be.

Fate Reading Level, which was the most pivotal stage of the cultivation of Martial Arts, was related to whether a Martial Artist could become a Martial Saint. Fate Reading was a star for a Martial Artist to rely his life on. When a Martial Artist ascended Fate Reading Level, he needed to integrate his Original Spirit, The Way of Martial Arts, and The Power of Divine Law together into Fate Reading in Sea of Consciousness.

As The Way of Martial Arts and The Power of Divine Law progressed, the Martial Artist's Fate Reading would become more and more powerful. While his Fate Reading still lived, this Martial Artist would not really die. If a Martial Artist could comprehend 70% of The Divine Law, he could accomplish Fruit of Origin, but might not become a Martial Sage.

A Martial Saint was based on the Martial Skills, not The Dao of Divine Law. If a Martial Artist wanted to become a Martial Saint, he needed a full comprehension of both The Way of Martial Arts and The Power of Divine Law.

Though The Way of Martial Arts was a branch of The Law of Martial Arts, they were different from each other. The latter belonged to the Way of Heaven, while the former belonged to the Martial Artist himself. Theoretically, The Way of Martial Arts could be strengthened unlimitedly, but still needed to be proved through practice.

The Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe were delighted after listening to Musen's understanding of Martial Arts. They believed their tribe would be as strong as the Sorcerer and Demon tribes with a person like Musen, who had a deep understanding of the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts. However, although the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts sounded amazing, it was also a tough journey towards the cultivation of Martial Arts.

With Musen succeeding his Martial Arts breakthrough, it was the right time for him to begin Sermon to the Human Tribe. The Three Ancestors of Human Tribe called over all the humans to listen to Musen's sermon. Looking at the nearly ten millions Human Tribes gathering at the birthplace of the Human Tribe, Musen felt gratified.

At Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Minghe constantly kept an eye on the Human Tribe all the time. He did not realize what his obsession was until Goddess Nyuwa created humans. Right! His obsession was humans because he had never forgotten he was also a human before coming to Untainted Land. Even now, he had kept his emotions of being a human.

Since he had realized his obsession, it was the right time for him to separate it from him. But he had not decided on the treasure he needed to use. Though Minghe had many Spiritual Treasures, he also worried that the Separation would not turn out to be human if he used his treasure to separate it. Since it was so, Minghe decided to directly put his obsession into Goddess Nyuwa's first-made human.

If Minghe tried to separate his Selfcentric Separation using a powerful Spiritual Treasure, his Selfcentric Separation needed to be at the stage of Sage-to-be. However, a human body could not bear the power of Sage-to-be, so Minghe chose to put his obsession into a new-born human. His Selfcentric Separation was actually the same as others in the Human Tribe, a mere mortal.

This way, Goddess Nyuwa would not take notice since the Separation was only an ordinary Human Tribe. To Minghe's surprise, the Sacred Tools of the tribe, the Punisher Whip that was formed from the whip Goddess Nyuwa used to create humans, unexpectedly chose Minghe's Selfcentric Separation as its master.

Fortunately, Goddess Nyuwa did not pay much attention to the Human Tribe so she never noticed anything different about Minghe's Selfcentric Separation. Though the Separation was normal without any supernatural power or Original Spirit, he still carried Minghe's obsession and had a mental force stronger than any other humans. If Goddess Nyuwa was a little more careful, she would have sensed something was different.

Since Minghe's Selfcentric Separation was a Human Tribe, Minghe named him Musen. That was his name when he was a Human Tribe. Though Musen currently did not have any cultivation, with the Realm of Sage-to-be as Minghe did, he could make great progress at a very fast speed. The only things he lacked were supernatural power and Original Spirit

To Minghe's surprise, Musen did not want to cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality even though he could directly reach the Realm of Sage-to-be without any obstacle. Minghe had never thought about what would happen to his Selfcentric Separation. What he really cared was just to make the separation, so he could become the real Primordial Mazinger and completely focus on his cultivation.

As for the old memories that could disrupt his mind, Minghe wanted Musen to deal with. He did not actually plan on realizing his Tao through the Way of the Three Separations. It was just a way to enhance his force. Even if he met The Sage one day, he would not be passive.

What Minghe tried to realize was the Tao of Rakshasa. Among his three Separations, the Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist had already found the gate to become the Realm of Origin. He would progress further when he got the Origin of Golden Lotus of Merit. Minghe could not anticipate how far Red Lotus Taoist would get.

Besides, the Good Separation, Taoist of Heaven and Earth, chose to realize his promotion of Tao in the Way of Universe. Though the Way of Universe was still in its experimental stage, Taoist of Heaven and Earth could rival Red Lotus Taoist if he truly realized his Tao. However, the Way of Universe was too difficult to comprehend and Taoist of Heaven and Earth needed to accumulate a wealth of power. Therefore, it took time for him to finally realize his goal.

As for Musen, the Selfcentric Separation, he had succeeded all human qualities from Minghe. Minghe thought Musen was the worst one, though he was created from the power of creation on the base of [rimordial earth and Three Light Holy Water. Compared with primordial spiritual treasures, the human was much worse.

Therefore, Minghe did not have many expectations of Musen. Instead, he hoped that Musen would live an easy life as a human on his behalf. However, Minghe had forgotten one thing. When he was still a human, he was a homely person with unlimited creativity.

Musen naturally knew Minghe's perception of him. Compared with the other tribes in Untainted Land, the Human Tribe was too weak. Even though the humans had chosen to cultivate, they had no advantage against other tribes. The Human Tribe had less than 100 years of history. Even if Minghe had the heart to help the tribe, he would still have a lot of doubts.

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