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Time passed by. A tower was erected on the vast plain. It was a sacrificial altar built for the abdication ceremony of the Human Tribe's sovereignty. The sacrificial altar was more than 30 meters high and square shaped. It had no fancy carvings on the surface, the altar had its own stateliness. It was the result of the concentration of the Human Tribe's will.

Many chiefs of the Human Tribe had gathered, surrounding the altar. They had galloped here as soon as they received the invitation to the ceremony. They were the chiefs of tribes in the Human Tribe. The abdication of the sovereignty was a top priority for the whole Human Tribe, so they had to attend the ceremony. There was a much bigger audience than last time when Fuxi had ascended the throne. It was striking evidence of the Human Tribe's prosperity.

When the right time came, Fuxi and God Farmer stepped onto the highest step of the altar. Their masters, Liu Er and Kong Xuan stood on the second step. Liu Er was quite sentimental. He knew everything about Fuxi's past. Today was the end of their master-apprentice relationship.

On top of the altar, Fuxi lit three incense sticks and inserted them into the censer. He was praying with incense, meant to be an invitation for the Sages. Inviting the Sages to the ceremony was the best thing to do since they were the supreme in the Untainted Land.

Shortly after the incense sticks were lit, several people came down from their mounts one after another. The first three people were Goddess Nv Wa on her Golden Phoenix, Lao Zi on his green Ox, and Minghe on his Blood Jade Kylin. They were followed by the Honored Lord of the Origin on his elaphure along with Tong Tian on his One Legged Ox.

Upon seeing these five people, the entire Human Tribe knelt down and said, "Salute to Sacred Lady, Sage Grand Pure, Sage Jade Pure, Sage Supreme Pure, and Ancestor Minghe." That the abdication ceremony could draw the attention of the five Sages was a major honor to the Human Tribe.

Suddenly, some sounds of Sanskrit came from the west. Golden flowers fell from the sky, such a marvelous view it was. It attracted many people from the Human Tribe to the point of obsession. Seeing this, the Sages snorted. The sounds and flowers disappeared immediately and so did the obsession of the people. Those who were deluded before now wondered what had happened to them because they had just lost control of their bodies.

After a while, there came two clouds from the west. One might be able to tell that they were Zhunti and Jieyin if he could take a close look. They came down after a moment. Now, the west had one of the Mentors of Human Sovereignty in its hand. They would not miss the abdication ceremony of the Human Tribe.

Of course, in addition to the Sages, there was more than one Almighty in isolation attending the ceremony, and Zhenyuanzi was one of them. He was not interested in the Human Sovereign; instead, he had come for his old friend Hong Yun. Earlier, Minghe had promised him the Fated Chance of the second Human Sovereignty after Hong Yun's reincarnation.

However, Zhenyuanzi frowned when he saw God Farmer. He found there was nothing left of Hong Yun in God Farmer. What he saw was just an ordinary human. Zhenyuanzi sensed something was off track, and he looked at Minghe, who was also frowning. Their eyes met, and he could not help but restrain the uneasiness in his mind. All he could do was wait to discuss it with Minghe after the ceremony.

Naturally, Minghe discovered that God Farmer was not Hong Yun, because God Farmer did not have the Dragon Aura of Human Sovereign that had endowed the Purusa of Hong Yun. The Purusa of God Farmer was nothing more than an ordinary human Purusa, not like the incarnation of a Sage-to-be. If Hong Yun had not incarnated as God Farmer, where could he be?

Given the abdication ceremony of the Human Tribe, Minghe could do nothing to deduce where Hong Yun was. Whereas, he discovered that the secrets of Heaven were in Chaos like they had been intervened by someone deliberately. He could not locate where Hong Yun was.

Finding no clues, Minghe frowned again. Although he had no loss in Hong Yun's failure to become the Earthly Sovereign of Three Sovereigns for the Human Tribe, he wanted to know who had disrupted his plan. Minghe could not rest until he found out who had done this.

At that moment, a group of people from the Human Tribe flew in from the east. They were led by the Four Ancestors of Humanity. Everyone in the Human Tribe knelt and said, "Salute to the Ancestors of Humanity." The Four Ancestors of Humanity still had great influence over the Human Tribe, even though they had not stood before the public for a long time.

Looking at the kneeling people before him, Suiren-Shi said, "Stand up, all of you. This time, we have just come for the ceremony. Now, get it started!" He had mixed feelings about seeing Fuxi on the altar.

Only a few people knew about Fuxi's past, including the three Ancestors. It was Mu Sen who had told them the truth. However, none of them opposed. It was a favor to Goddess Nvwa, and Fuxi had made an enormous contribution to the Human Tribe. Additionally, he had promised before his incarnation that he would be Fuxi of the Human Tribe in this life. Therefore, the other three Ancestors tacitly approved.

When everyone was in their position, the ceremony officially began. Fuxi stepped atop the altar, and loudly announced, "I, Fuxi of the Human Tribe, have been the sovereign of the Human Tribe for a century. Today, my merit is fulfilled by arousing all my efforts to make the country prosperous. Now I shall pass the crown as sovereign of the Human Tribe to a Great Sage, God Farmer. From this day on, God Farmer is the new sovereign of the Human Tribe."

At this point, Mu Sen pulled out his Kongtong Seal, and whispered, "Human Sovereign, rise." A dragon's roar came out of the Kongtong Seal, a streak of Dragon Aura of Human Sovereign soared abruptly and went into Fuxi's body. After that, Fuxi's whole body shone like a star in the night.

The people of the Human Tribe shouted the names "Fuxi" and "God Farmer" loudly. At that moment, a thick Golden Light of Merit shot from heaven. The ordinary people did not know what it was, they just stared at the Golden Light of Merit with puzzled faces.

Approaching the crowd, the Golden Light of Merit was divided into different parts. 80 percent of it was merged into Fuxi's body, 10 percent fell on Liu Er, 5 percent was integrated with the Kongtong Seal, and the rest went to the elders who had supported Fuxi, including the Water Kylin who had delivered food for him.

Fuxi closed his eyes as soon as the golden light merged into his body. The golden light was glowing from his body, which shocked everyone under the altar. After the Golden Light of Merit finally faded away, Fuxi opened his eyes. His gaze was full of vicissitude and joy. Loudly he proclaimed, "My name is Fuxi, I am Fuxi!"

An ancient Chinese zither came to him immediately. It was Fuxi's Eternal Spiritual Treasure, the Fuxi Zither. It had perceived the return of its owner and come back to him automatically.

Now, Fuxi had gained the position of the Heavenly Sovereign of Three Sovereigns of the Human Tribe. Thus, he reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Although he was not as powerful as a Sage, he was an immortal who would not be afraid of any calamity, as long as the Human Tribe existed.

Liu Er gained 10 percent of the Human Sovereign merit. Instead of absorbing it right away, he preserved it. He knew it was not the right time to separate the Good separation. He would separate the Good separation with this Merit when he found one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction; it would only be a matter of time.

Needless to say, Goddess Nv Wa was the happiest about Fuxi's actualization. But when she thought about how Fuxi was a human now, she felt slightly frustrated. The good news was that Fuxi had recovered his memories from the previous life. No matter what species he was, he would still be her brother. It was an undeniable fact.

Witnessing Fuxi's actualization, Lao Zi said, "My fellow Taoist, now that you have made your actualization, you should keep cultivating in the Fire Cloud Cave and protect the Luck rather than staying in the mortal world." What he had said irritated Goddess Nv Wa at once. She knew it was confinement disguised as well-meaning advice. She would never let that happened.

But before she could open her mouth, Mu Sen said, "Sage Grand Pure, Fuxi is the first Human Sovereign for the Human Tribe. We have already built the palaces for the Three Royals and Five Emperors in the Holy Land of the Human Tribe. Now that he has finished his actualization, he should go to the Holy Land of the Human Tribe. As for the protection of the Luck, the Holy Land of the Human Tribe will do the job."

After Mu Sen's words, the other three Ancestors said simultaneously, "Sage Grand Pure, you don't need to worry about the Human Tribe. We will contrive the future of the Human Sovereign. It would be reasonable for the Human Sovereign, Fuxi, to come to the Holy Land of the Human Tribe and protect our Luck."

While Lao Zi was unhappy with this answer, he restrained himself, and said in a calm voice, "It seems you have made up your minds, so I will let you be." Lao Zi had no excuse to oppose the decision made by the Four Ancestors of Humanity. Never mind that his Clan of Humanity had lost its dominant position in the Human Tribe.

Goddess Nvywa felt great relief after hearing their words. Protecting the Luck of the Human Tribe in the Holy Land of the Human Tribe was very different from doing so in the Fire Cloud Cave. In the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, at least, Fuxi would have his freedom. She could not help looking at Minghe with gratitude. She assumed it must have been Minghe who told Mu Sen what to say.

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