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Haotian looked up at the girl who was playing not far away, and he felt much better at the sight of her. That cheerful girl, at the age of seventeen or so, was Yaoji. As a fresh reborn, she knew nothing yet about Untainted Land. Somehow, he felt that he had returned to the old days when he was a Child Attendant at the Zixiao Palace and didn't have to worry anything, yet time could never go back.

Haotian said sorrowly, "The reputation of the Heavenly Court was severely ruined this time, and I need a plan to restore it. Besides, I still need to appease the Dragon Tribe. Even though it was their fault at first, they were still the first tribe that offered services to my Heavenly Court. It was not the right time yet to estrange them."

At such words, an idea occurred to Yaochi. She said, "Haotian, I have an idea, how about we set up a Feast of Peaches and invite all the Cultivators over? With these Peaches of Immortality, we can not only restore our prestige but also recruit Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land. What do you think ?"

Haotian also agreed with that. There used to be quite a lot primordial spiritual roots in Untainted Land. Yet, after the two Cultivation Tribulations, only a few were left, not to mention the Highest Grade primordial spiritual roots, the Peento Tree. Those peaches were once used to foster Cultivators that joined the Heavenly Court. Now, it seemed that they were also useful in gathering Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land. Peaches of Immortality could improve cultivation once consumed. Besides, even the Sages-to-be could strengthen their power through drinking them, let alone those below.

Soon after the news about holding the Feast of Peaches was spread, the entire Untainted Land was stirred up. They had never thought that, in such a short time since the last calamity, the Heavenly Court would engage themselves in holding the Feast of Peaches. Therefore, it was quite obvious that the Heavenly Court was eager to rebuild its fame, instead of caring about all living beings of Untainted Land.

Still, the Peaches of Immortality were attractive and alluring to them. They had long heard of them without seeing a real one. Now the Heavenly Court had widely sent invitation cards and those who had been invited would never give up the chance. They were now all busy preparing for it.

Minghe in the Blood Sea also received the invitation card. However, he had never expected that the Heavenly Court would actually hold the Feast of Peaches because of what Musen had done. Although he wouldn't attend in person, he would send Liu Er and Kong Xuan there and ask them to bring back the pits of those Peaches of Immortality. In that way, he could grow his own Peento tree. By the time when he got the Bodhi Tree, he would have a complete collection of the primordial Five Sacred Roots.

Soon, Heaven and Earth Taoist would actualize. If he could plant the primordial Five Sacred Roots after the World of Heaven and Earth advanced to the small chiliocosm, it would help to stabilize the world. Yet, the Bodhi Tree was in Zhunti's hand. However, Zhunti's attainment treasure, the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, was refined with a mixture of the Bodhi Tree's branch, gold, silver, colored glaze, and other treasures. Therefore, It was very difficult to get the Bodhi-seeds from Zhunti and he could only give it a try.

Minghe gathered Liu Er and Kong Xuan over and said, " The Heavenly Court will hold the Feast of Peaches, so you will go there on behalf of me and bring three Primordial Unity Golden Elixirs as a gift. The Peaches of Immortality were Spiritual Products. Though not very useful to you, they can increase your supernatural power. Do remember to bring back the pits back. Got it ?"

Liu Er grappling his head and asked, "Teacher, why do you need the pits? We can bring you some Peaches of Immortality." Kong Xuan beside was startled and speechless on hearing that. It was obvious that Minghe wanted to grow his own Peento Tree, same as the Ginseng Tree planted on the island.

Minghe knocked Liu Er's head and said, " Do you think I was that foodie like you? It is because I want to grow my own Peento tree so I can use it in the future." Minghe was also struck speechless by Liu Er. Although Liu Er was already a Sage-to-be, he still couldn't change his personality of a monkey. Yet, it was quite precious that he could maintain such an innocent heart like that.

"Oh! " Suddenly Minghe remembered something and said, " If you see your junior there, pretend not to see him as this matter can't be exposed now." Minghe would not keep from Liu Er and Kong Xuan that he had accepted another disciple. He also told them about the Selfcentric Separation.

Liu Er and Kong Xuan nodded their heads. They were surprised when told that the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe was actually the Selfcentric Separation of Minghe before. Now they were quite happy to know that they got a junior. Kong Xuan was extremely happy as he wouldn't be the smallest one from then on. Although they couldn't be acquainted with him yet, they wanted to see what was so special in their junior to qualify him as Minghe's disciple.

Among the Sages, expect Goddess Nvywa and Houtu, the others were accepting disciples in large numbers. Laozi, who only had Xuandu as the inner disciple, still had thousands of listed disciples. However, Minghe had only accepted three disciples so far. Yet, in term of power, they were far superior to those of other Sages.

In the Holy Land of Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi looked at the invitation card in his hand and asked with a puzzled expression, " Any idea what was Haotian brewing? We have just embarrassed the Heavenly Court, and now they are going to hold the Feast of Peaches and they even invite us to come over."

Musen laughed and said, " It is not so hard to understand. The Heavenly Court lost their face so they want to regain it and we, the Human tribe, was the strongest tribe in Untainted Land. If they are to hold the Feast of Peaches, they will invite us if they still want peace with us."

Youchao-Shi asked, "The Feast of Peaches will be held in forty-nine days, so are we going or not ?" If they refused to attend it, it meant that they turned on Haotian. Yet, if they go, wouldn't it mean that they are apologizing? They were caught in a dilemma.

Musen laughed and said, " Go, why not going? We are not afraid of Haotian, but our tribesmen were still in his charge, so we don't want a worse relationship with him. We four don't need to go there in person in case of any awkwardness. Yet we can send Wuchen and some others, together with Black Tortoise there. The Peaches of Immortality in the Heavenly Court will do them good."

Inside the Mount Shouyang, Laozi received the invitation card from Haotian. Soon Laozi sank into a deep thinking. Hao Tian was really unquiet. He was just defeated by the Human Tribe, and then stood up again and created an event like this. Haotian was ambitious indeed. With the geographical advantage of the Heavenly Court, he might bring some trouble in the future, if it was done at the right time when the Honourable Ancestors were being entitled.

As the invitation card had been delivered, Laozi couldn't ignore it. He asked the Child Attendant to come over and said, "Child Attendant, I need you to find Xuandu and tell him to come back soon." Laozi had no interest in attending it, so he sent Xuandu there on behalf of him as to show his respect to Haotian.

Inside the Mount Kunlun, the Honoured Lord of the Origin received the invitation card. He spurned at it. Yet, he had to show his respect. Therefore, he sent the Immortal Crane Child Attendant to ask the Twelve Golden Immortals back, so they could attend the ceremony on behalf him. The Peaches of Immortality benefited them a lot, so it did them no harm to go there. This time, he did not forget Dipamkara.

Inside the Jadeite Palace, Tongtian who also received the invitation card immediately let the Child Attendant tell Abundant Treasures and the others to come back. He did not care what Haotian wanted to do. All he cared about was that the Peaches of Immortality were real treasures and beneficial to Abundant Treasures and the others, so he could never miss them. During thousands of years, he told them to preach outside, who indeed learned a lot. Now they could rest a while.

And in the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti wished he could send out all of his disciples. When the Honourable Ancestor bestowed the Peento Tree to Yaochi, he was very envious. Though he already had a Highest Grade primordial spiritual root, the Bodhi Tree, the Bodhi-seeds could only use for refining elixir or weapons and only bore twelve seeds every ten thousand years. Therefore, It was far from enough for them to be distributed among his disciples.

Inside the Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa also received Haotian's invitation card. She hadn't accepted any disciple, so she asked Ling Zhuzi to represent her. Looking at the excited Ling Zhuzi, Goddess Nvywa did not know if her decision was right and could only hope that she would not cause any trouble.

Inside the Pingxin City, Houtu also received Haotian's invitation card. Although she could not leave the Nether World, they still invited her. Therefore, she told Xuan Ming who was in the Hall of Pangu to send someone in her name to attend the Feast of Peaches .

Although the Wu Tribe was not as powerful as before, their foundation still remained. Same as Goddess Nvywa, Houtu also wanted the Wu Tribe to thrive again. Especially after she got the Bell of Chaos, this idea remained in her head. The power of the Bell of Chaos even surpassed Houtu's expectation. Taiyi once had it before, and it was like a pearl before swan.

Still, the Wu Tribe didn't get any chance. Yet, compared with the Demon Tribe that was still being hunted by the Human Tribe, the Wu Tribe was far better. Besides, in the Human Tribe, there were still Human-Wu Mixed-Blood, so they still had some connection. With that connection, it was very likely the Wu Tribe could thrive again.

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