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Chapter 99 - EscortEdited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“Little Qi, I’ve discovered something fun recently.” Ye Lang saw Princess Qi and spoke to her with a smile.

“What did you discover?” Princess Qi warily looked at Ye Lang. This was because looking at the smile on Ye Lang’s face right now, she could tell that he was once again about to do something weird.

“I don't’ know what to call it yet, I just completed it now. Either way, it’s really fun… ” Ye Lang continued smiling.

“Really fun? Then go play by yourself, I don’t want to be your guinea pig. Haven’t you hurt me enough already?” Princess Qi replied somewhat helplessly.

All these years, Ye Lang had intentionally or accidentally messed with Princess Qi countless times. One time, Princess Qi refused to leave her room for an entire month because of him, as for what he had done, nobody knew even now, they only knew that Ye lang had been the cause.

According to the rumors, at that time, all of the hair on Princess Qi’s body had changed color, which was why she had been too scared to leave her room.

And even with things like this, Princess Qi had never gotten mad at Ye Lang. On the contrary, she still spoiled him every way she could. This made everybody feel that the doting love she had for Ye Lang did not lose to anybody.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already found people to test this on and it was very successful… ” Ye Lang said.

“What were the results?” Princess Qi asked.

“She tried to kill me for 3 days, she wouldn’t even cook for me.” Ye Lang replied.

“...So it was Xiaoyan, she was so mad she wouldn’t even cook for you. There must be some serious problems with your thing, I refuse!” Princess Qi refused.

“What problems, it just turned her into a rabbit, don’t all of you girls love them?” Ye Lang said innocently.

“Turned her into a rabbit?” Princess Qi and Ye Lanyu asked, baffled.

“Yeah, my earlier experiment failed and produced a weird alchemy spell that could turn all organisms into rabbits. The duration is unknown however, the longest was 3 days, the shortest was less than 5 minutes.” Ye Lang said.

“Oh… ”

“One day you guys were looking for me, remember? You couldn’t find me and you picked up a rabbit to embrace and called it cute. That rabbit you were hugging and cuddling was me!”

“...So it was you, I was wondering where that rabbit disappeared off to, and at the same time you suddenly appeared. Wait that’s wrong, at that time, I carried the rabbit with me to the bath and I also said that… YE LANG!!!” Princess Qi suddenly yelled at Ye lang as she realized the problems within her words.

“It’s not like we haven’t bathed together before, what’s wrong with it?” Ye Lang shrugged his shoulders.

*Thump* Princess Qi whacked Ye Lang “That was when we were kids, we’ve grown up now, it’s not the same!”

“Isn’t it all the same? You’re you, I’m me… ” Ye Lang innocently said.

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“Hmph! I can’t be bothered with you!”

“Hey hey, stop fighting. Little brother, this rabbit transformation alchemy spell of yours, does it affect all living things?” Ye Lanyu asked.

“In theory yes, I’ve done lots of testing, it’s all the same!” Ye Lang nodded.

“Then aren’t you undefeatable like this, if we turn all of those opponents into rabbits, aren't we invincible?” Ye Lanyu excitedly spoke.

“Won’t work, this kind of shapeshifting alchemy can only affect outside appearances, wisdom and strength are not changed. An expert transformed into something as small as a rabbit is even harder to defeat than their original form! Moreover, as long as something hurts the rabbit, it will immediately turn back. That is to say, you can’t fight them! Besides, there might be other things that could remove the transformation, so this train of thought is incorrect… ” Ye Lang shook his head, denying the possibility of becoming invincible in this abnormal way.

“Oh, that’s a pity, then this can only be used to play around.” Ye Lanyu was a little crestfallen but she quickly recovered. To her, this had never been that big of a deal.

“Being turned into a rabbit isn’t much, why did Xiaoyan get mad, did you do something else to her?” Princess Qi thought something was off. Considering Zhen Xiaoyan’s attitude towards Ye Lang, she shouldn’t get so mad over something this small that she wouldn’t cook for him.

“It’s nothing much, after she turned into a rabbit, her clothes didn’t transform with her, so when she reverted back to normal, she wasn’t wearing clothes…” Ye Lang gestured with his hands as he spoke.


“At that time were there people present?” Princess Qi believed that if no one was present and there was only Zhen Xiaoyan and Ye Lang, she wouldn't get mad.

“There were, at that time mother, father, seventh brother, and seventh sister-in-law just happened to come by. They said they needed me for something, but they didn’t see, when she turned back I shielded her with my body!”

“Idiot. What use does you blocking have, to lose face like that in front of mother and father, she might even be suicidal… ” Ye Lanyu hit Ye Lang’s head and unhappily spoke.

“Is it like that?”

“Ai…” Ye Lanyu and Princess Qi shook their heads at the same time.

“Fatty…” Ye Lang called out to Zhen Xiaoyan.

“Hmph!” Zhen Xiaoyan turned her head and ignored him.

“I want to eat a thousand layer cake!” Ye Lang acted like he hadn’t seen her ignore him and got straight to the point.

“Here take it, I hope you choke to death!” Zhen Xiaoyan took out the best thousand layer cake and shoved it straight into Ye lang’s mouth.


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Recently the Imperial palace had been filled with waves beneath the surface. Of course, because it was beneath the surface, not many people knew, even people who considered themselves to be well-informed didn’t know.

Yet, even among these hidden waves, even in the face of this formless menace, power struggles still occurred. Within the Emperor’s group of progeny and trusted advisors, each and every one was engaged in a struggle for authority on the field of power.

And on the Imperial academy’s side, another struggle was occurring today. However, unlike the struggle of the people above them, this struggle was not as hidden. The academy gave a majority of people an uplifting feeling, this was the competition of hot-blooded youth.

This was the examination of the academy, a full-school examination conducted for the sake of next year’s big competition!

Just as Ye Lang had mentioned earlier, he did not attend this grand examination that mobilized the entire academy. No matter what method others used, carrot or stick, they were all unable to cause him to change his mind.

However, he kept on appearing at the examination grounds, and not even just at the alchemy academy, he also appeared at the magic academy...

The reason?

“Sis, it’s your turn.” Ye Lang sat on the sidelines of the competition grounds while eating the snacks prepared by Zhen Xiaoyan. After eagerly watching the conclusion of one competition, he spoke to Ye Lanyu.

“I know! Little brother, is there anything you want to say to me?” Ye Lanyu looked at Ye Lang as she spoke.

“Go easy this match, don’t kill anyone!” Ye Lang replied.

“What are you saying? What do you mean don’t kill anyone? You talk like I’m very violent!” Ye Lanyu somewhat unhappily said.

“You’re not very violent, you’re extremely violent. Out of the people who have competed with you, which of them didn’t get injured? The worst was that one guy, who knows how long he had to stay in bed!” Ye Lang retorted without exaggerating or mincing his words.

“It’s not to that extent...” Ye Lanyu had been scolded about that to the point her face started turning red.

Ye Lang thought for a bit and then continued: “But you don’t need to especially hold back, swords and sabers have no eyes, a contest between two people is full of sudden twists and turns, accidents can happen if one is careless for an instant, safety first!”

“In the end are you saying to prioritize not killing or safety first?” Ye Lanyu stared at Ye Lang and asked. Ye Lang’s words contradicted themselves, achieving one policy while giving up on the other.

“Safety first!” Ye Lang didn’t need to think and immediately replied.

“Good boy, I know you love your sister.” Ye Lanyu pleasedly said. She then wore a smile as she walked down to compete.

“Ye Lang, how come you never say that to me, so unfair!” On the side, Princess Qi jealously spoke.

Ye Lang watched the field and didn’t turn his head to reply: “You don't need it, you do things properly unlike my sister.”

“Sometimes, I really want to do things like Ye Lanyu, at least that way, you’ll care about me a bit more.” Said Princess Qi.

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“Isn’t it all the same? There’s not much difference at all.” Ye Lang said in a tone that showed he didn’t really care.

“As if, you clearly favor your sister, it’s not the same at all!” Princess Qi said.

“Of course, she’s my sister, you are two different people, of course there will be differences.” Ye Lang countered.

“Then why did you say it’s the same just now!” Princess Qi shouted, looking very unhappy.

“What’s the same is that I won’t treat the two of you differently, not that the two of you are the same.” Ye Lang stupidly replied. Isn’t this also the same?


Princess Qi no longer tried to bring up this problem for discussion, after all, Ye Lang wasn’t that biased. He had also attended her competition and had also said words that could be counted as encouragement from the sidelines.

Just like this, to her, it could be considered satisfactory……..

This was the reason why Ye Lang had appeared at the magic academy’s competition grounds. As for the alchemy academy?

Was that to accompany Zhen Xiaoyan in the same manner?

Wrong, it wasn’t just to accompany Zhen Xiaoyan, he also had an important objective-

“You… You can go down now, come again next time!”  Ye Lang pointed to a student and spoke. That student’ face immediately changed, the flames of hope burning in his heart were thus extinguished.

This was an act playing out on the alchemy academy’s examination grounds. The Ye Lang of now possessed immense powers of life and death. He was the god of hope for all students of the alchemy academy but at the same time, he was also the god of despair.

Correct. Right now, Ye Lang was serving as a judge of the examination. He was also the first student judge in history.

Since it wasn't’ possible to persuade Ye Lang to participate in the competition, it was decided to let him choose the students with the most potential instead. Conveniently, this could also be used as an excuse to get him to lead the group.

Perhaps Ye Lang still didn’t know, becoming a judge of this competition and at the same time leading one’s chosen students to attend the grand competition were privileges that teachers exhausted themselves thinking of ways to obtain.

Regardless of which aspect was considered, the student’s achievements by themselves or the ability to promote yourself, either one could allow your career to soar…

No one knew what Ye Lang was thinking, perhaps he had been in a good mood that day, since he had mysteriously agreed. And with regards to alchemy, his knowledge did not disappoint, he completed his job as a judge very beautifully.

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