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Chapter 706
A Question (1)

The same thing happened again. Long Anqi, Ye Chengtian, even Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were pulled aside as random guests asked them about Ye Lang. Thankfully, they were capable of socialising so they could still handle it.

At this moment, Ye Lang was waiting along with Liu Feiyan and the rest. When the people in front had familiarised with the stage, it would be their turn for rehearsals. However, they’d already been waiting for an hour.

“Boss, what the hell are the people in front doing? It’s been a long time, are they doing a play?” Liu Feiyan was kicking a brick on the brick path, bored.

“Perhaps it’s a drama,” answered Ye Lang, who was playing with ants along with the little princess.

“...” Liu Feiyan was speechless. He wasn’t anxious at all, he seemed very relaxed.

Then again, it didn’t really matter. They were all talented, what’s there to be afraid of?

“Boss, I have a message!” A young girl hurried over.

“What?” Ye Lang was impressed by the girl, who had already learned how to gossip and listen for information.

They were all talented at this!

This was why whisperers and spies liked brothels because the girls were a powerful group.

“I heard that the people in front are very famous in the mainland, they’re claiming the stage for themselves and wouldn’t let nobodies like us up,” said the girl.

“Who are they?” said Ye Lang.

“I think it’s the Tianlai Performing Group,” said the girl. “That’s all I know, I’ll go find out more!” The girl ran off once again before they could ask questions

“Why is Xiao Li always like that?! Boss, what should we do? Continue waiting?” asked Liu Feiyan.

“It’s fine, we’ll go wait there. We don’t have to rehearse, you all are talented, there won’t be a problem!” Ye Lang shook his head.

“That’s fine too!” Liu Feiyan nodded in agreement.

Then, Ye Lang called the girl back and brought all eleven girls away. They only needed twelve performers this time- the twelfth person was obviously Ye Lang.

These eleven girls were the best at the teahouse. They worked together seamlessly, their performance would definitely be impressive!

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“What’s the matter? Aren’t you all waiting anymore?” asked the other people who were also waiting.

“Nope, we don’t really need any special arrangements for our performance anyway. You all go ahead,” said Liu Feiyan with a smile. Maintaining her smile and manners was something she learned recently.

“You don't have to wait here if you don’t need to but I don’t think you can leave. We can only walk around this place, we can’t go anywhere,” reminded the other person kindly.

“Thanks, but I can walk anywhere I want here,” answered Ye Lang as he led them away.

The kind soul shook his head and sighed, thinking Ye Lang would be sent back by the guards. However, he was surprised to see that the guards let Ye Lang and his people pass.

What the hell? Could they really go anywhere they wanted?

This person was confused but he quickly forgot about his questions when he saw another person trying to leave...

“What?! I can’t pass? Why could they pass just now?” said the person who was blocked by the guards, pointing at Ye Lang.

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“He has special privileges, he can go anywhere he wants in this palace,” said the guards.

“Who is he?” He was stunned. This person must be powerful here.

“That’s none of your business, just do your job!” said the guard coldly. He wasn’t sure if he could reveal Ye Lang’s identity, it was best if he said nothing.


“Eh, Little Brother, why are you all here?” Just as Ye Lanyu was making small talk, she noticed Ye Lang and quickly dropped them to talk to him.

“Where? He’s here?” Everyone, including Ye Chengtian and the people who wanted to know Ye Lang all looked up.

They saw him leading an entourage of eleven girls. Some of them were innocent, some cute, some sexy… It didn’t matter which, they were mesmerising.

It was an impressive sight, him leading so many pretty ladies. He became the focal point.

He did not know this. Ye Lang was just bored and looking for food. He ignored everyone and went straight to the food tables. He started eating, completely ignoring everyone.

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Many people were exasperated, though they thought he was cute. There were also people who looked down on him, or hated him… there were various responses.

“Ye Lang, you’re done with your rehearsals?” asked Ye Lanyu, who was also coerced into taking some food.

“We didn’t get to. Someone who thinks they’re a big shot took over the entire place, small teams like us had to wait,” said Ye Lang. He was just telling it as it is, he didn’t sound mad.

Would he get upset over this? Was it worth this time? No!

“Can’t you just get someone to kick them out? You have influence here, you can do whatever you want. You can burn the garden down and there won’t be a problem,” said Ye Lanyu with a grin.

Naturally, Ye Lanyu and the rest had already heard about the incident. They couldn’t do anything about it.

“The palace gardens! Right, I feel like there’s something I forgot to say,” said Ye Lang blankly. He scratched his head, trying to recall it.

“Apologise!” Ye Lanyu didn’t say this, it was Long Ai. Not sure where she came from.

“Apologise? No, I think you should thank me,” said Ye Lang.

“...You burned my garden, and you want me to thank you?! Stupid cousin! Let me tell you, if you hadn’t given me flowers, if it wasn’t for the fact that the plants were just smoked and didn’t die, I would…” Long Ai suddenly didn’t know what to say.
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