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Published at 19th of September 2020 08:16:22 PM
Chapter 681
Working Together (2)

“It’s your business, don’t look at me. I will not interfere.” Xin Ying wrung her hands as if drawing a clear line between herself and Sir Liu.

Coldblood Five did not speak, nor did she ask. Some things did not have to be said out loud!


Xin Ying saw that Coldblood Five didn’t speak but there was a question in her eyes. She knew Coldblood Five did not respect her enough to debate this question.

“Sister Xin Ying, what’s the use of talking to these people? Let’s catch them and teach them a lesson! Then they’ll know why flowers are so red*,” sneered Sir Liu.

[*Note: a common saying, about spilling blood, hence making the ground/flowers red]

Then, Sir Liu waved and a group of people surrounded them. These were people from the Liu and Wei family. If it wasn’t for the fact that Wei Xing collapsed too suddenly and because no one really liked him, the Wei family would have charged already.

“Do you all want to fight?” Ye Lang asked unnecessarily as he looked at everyone.

“Nonsense! It’s so obvious! I don’t know what’s wrong with you either, everywhere you go, something will happen. We’re just here for breakfast and now several clans are about to attack us.” Coldblood Five knocked Ye Lang’s head and stood in front.

“Do you know who we are?” said Sir Ximen suddenly.

“You just introduced yourself, why wouldn’t we know?” said Coldblood Five mildly.

“You do, yet you dare provoke us! I am impressed by your courage,” said Sir Liu with a smile. He felt like he was already in control of the outcome so he might as well smile.

“Tsk, of course we have courage! We have enough courage to face even an empire!” said Ye Lang- he probably had the most qualifications to make such a statement. No one would question this, though they must first know who he was.

“Good, very good! Your courage is admirable! But brave people often die first,” Sir Liu with a grin. “You hurt Brother Wei, the Wei family would never forgive you!”

Sir Liu was a cunning man. Even if he was the one who wanted to get rid of these people, he would put the blame on other people. Wei Xing was a good person to blame this on.

Too bad Wei Xing was knocked unconscious by the little princess. He could explain that these people had attacked Wei Xing. If anything bad happened, he could just say it was an accident.

“As for this guy, toss him aside! I hate looking at him!” Ye Lang got up to kick Wei Xing down the stairs, stunning everyone.

Even at this moment, Ye Lang was bold enough to kick Wei Xing without hesitation. His courage was indeed admirable.

A small portion wondered if this young man was truly unafraid because he had solid reasons to back him. Was that why he wasn’t afraid of these people?

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No, that’s impossible. All three major clans were present. Even a royal family member would be cautious. Who was this guy? It’s impossible he wasn’t afraid.

“Kaline, hold this sword. If anyone comes near and tries to harm you, just deal with them with your swordsmanship.” Ye Lang gave her a delicately made, small sword. This sword was too small for the average person but just right for her.

“...” The little princess took the sword and nodded.

“Feiyan…” He looked at Feiyan.

“What’s the matter, boss…” Liu Feiyan’s eyes were huge and watery, anticipating Ye Lang’s next words. Yep, she was waiting for him to say something caring.

Although she knew such words were meaningless, she liked hearing them.

“Sit somewhere at the side and watch us. Hide behind Kaline if there’s any danger.” Ye Lang frowned. Liu Feiyan did not have any self-defense skills, she was worse-off than the little princess.

“...” Liu Feiyan was silent, rolling her eyes. Did you just tell me to hide behind a little girl? Do you really think I’m THAT weak?

“Alright, you should all attack now. Let’s attack at the same time, saves us the trouble!” Coldblood Five said coldly to the people in front after Ye Lang was prepared.

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“Alright, ATTACK!!”

Since you’re so eager to die, I shall grant your wish!

Sir Liu waved his hand, gesturing that they could attack. He did not set any limits, he didn’t care if these people died.

“Wait!” yelled Ye Lang suddenly. Everyone already had their swords drawn but they stopped anyway.

“Scared? Then tell us what you’re here for. If you tell us, I will consider letting you all go,” said Sir Liu smiling. He felt like he had already won.

After he said that, Coldblood Five could confirm that the Liu family had ties with Wanhua Building. It was undeniable.

It was so obvious Sir Liu was helping Xin Ying out because this was the question Xin Ying wanted answered!

“If you wanted to know what we’re here for, it’s a simple answer, you didn’t have to be so dramatic! Let me tell you this- I’m here to eat Osmanthus jelly and they’re here to accompany me,” replied Ye Lang seriously. It was the truth but no one believed him.

“Hmmph, you’re going to die and yet you still lie to me. You must really be sick of living!” scoffed Sir Liu coldly. As if he’s ever believed Ye Lang.

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“Why did you stop them?” Coldblood Five asked. She did not care about the rest but if Ye Lang called to stop, there must be something and it might not be a good thing.

“I just wanted to clear this place but I realised everyone left already,” said Ye Lang.

“They’d left a long time ago! Ever since Mrs Xin Ying appeared, they started leaving!” said Coldblood Five coldly.

“Miss Xue Wu, I believe you’re no ordinary folk to be able to catch something so subtle! I was afraid you might startle my other guests so I cleared the entire area,” said Xin Ying with a smile as her hatred for Coldblood Five deepened.

“That’s good. Little Five, that means you can unleash your potential. It’s fine if they bleed,” said Ye Lang with a smile.

“Mm!” Coldblood Five nodded.

Everyone present didn’t understand what he meant if ‘it’s fine if they bleed’- how could a petite girl like Xue Wu make anyone bleed?

Very soon, they’d understand that yes, she can make everyone bleed!


With one command, everyone charged. They were Sir Liu’s supporters. Even if they weren’t the most powerful members of their clans, they were still strong warriors.

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