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Chapter 671
Sharkfin Soup (1)

“You just need money! This is for you!” Ye Lang took out a cheque. “Anything extra is yourself, if it’s not enough, just ask me!”


The bouncer was more cautious now. The cheque was for one hundred gold coins. This was a huge sum, he might not be able to spend it all even if Ye Lang and his friends called for their best ladies and best dishes.

Although there were many people in Dragon City who could also afford this amount, not many did it with as much nonchalance as Ye Lang. It didn’t matter who Ye Lang was, they had to treat him well.

Some rich kids had odd interests. Perhaps it was fine for him to bring a few girls to a brothel. It’s fine.

“Hey, why are you all stopping Sir from coming in? Master, welcome!”

At this moment, the head girl in charge of serving customers warmly welcomed them, as if she had met the most respected person in the world.

She looked at him seductively, grabbing his hand!

As long as he had the cheques- to her, anyone with cheques was the most respected person in the world!

“Let go of my hand, stop clinging to me!” Coldblood Five slapped the girl away from Ye lang. Perhaps to protect Ye Lang, or just because she didn’t want them touching.

“Hehe… Sir, Miss, come on in. Do you want to be in the hall or would you like a private room?” The girl was still smiling, her enthusiasm not diminished by Coldblood Five’s behaviour. She must greet customers with a smile.

“The hall, there are performances there. Give me a good spot, and I don’t want people disturbing us,” said Ye Lang after some thought.

“Alright, follow me…” The girl brought them all into Wanhua Building.


When they entered, they quickly attracted many people’s attention. In the beginning, they only saw Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan.

Naturally, when they saw Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan, they naturally thought they worked at WAnhua. They wondered when Wanhua had hired such beauties that they hadn’t heard of.

Then, they finally noticed Ye Lang. They didn’t know who this person was, how could he get two beauties like that for himself? They were jealous.

Then, they noticed a small girl next to him.

A small girl? Was she a new girl at Wanhua too? They hadn’t seen her before either.

Of course there were customers with weird taste at Vermilion Bird’s top brothel. Some customers had despicable, revolting tastes…

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That was also why more people stared at the little princes than Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan.

“Not bad, it’s so early and yet there are already so many people here. The business is doing great!” Ye Lang looked around. Although there weren’t too many people, he considered this to be a sign of good business.

“Boss, most of these people stayed overnight, since last night. You’re so dumb!” whispered Liu Feiyan.

Not sure how many of the brothel’s customers were from last night but most of these people would stay for breakfast and take their time before leaving.

“I don’t care, I’m just here for breakfast. I want Osmanthus Jelly, what about you guys?” Ye Lang shrugged.

Breakfast? The girl in front had been straining her ears to listen. When she heard that he wanted to eat, she could not comprehend it.

She had already made many guesses about why he was here. He must have a motive.

They were the top brothel but had made many enemies along the way. Wanhua Building had also made many shady deals, they were always afraid of their competitors causing trouble here.

Ye Lang’s group was very suspicious!

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Here for breakfast? How is that possible? You must be lying!

Naturally, she did not believe Ye Lang and hence the situation escalated. Something so simple was about to turn complicated.

“If you think it’s so good, I‘d like some too. I want Osmanthus jelly too!” said Coldblood FIve.

“We can’t all eat Osmanthus jelly. Let’s get something else. I’ll order something random… I’ll have some almond tofu, one basket of dumplings…” Liu Feiyan started ordering dimsum, all very sophisticated dishes and expensive too.

It was expected for them to order expensive dishes. He’d paid a hundred gold coins and with his personality, Ye Lang wasn’t going to take it back. Then Liu Feiyan should just order whatever they wanted.

“Right, bring everyone a bowl of shark fin soup, as an appetizer…”


“Also, a bird’s nest porridge for everyone. I want something light. It’s better to eat light food in the morning…”


The girl was sweating. Who were these people? They were ordering the most expensive dishes in the place, yet he was talking about eating ‘light’. If this was light, what wasn’t?

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Although these were expensive dishes, the total was still far from a hundred gold coins. That was why she didn’t mind. After confirming that they were done with ordering, she excused herself.

“Wait, why isn't there anyone performing in the middle? What will we watch?” Ye Lang asked, pointing at the stage with the curtains down. It was early in the day, of course no girls were performing.

“Uh, I’ll call the performers immediately. Apologies, we just haven’t started the performances because it’s so early out,” apologised the girl, bowing.

“That’s not a good attitude for business. If your doors are open, you should prepare performances- even if there are no guests! Alright, you can go ahead. Hurry up with the Osmanthus jelly, you can take your time with the rest,” said Ye Lang, raising a hand.


The girl was about to cry. She couldn’t believe a customer could be like this. But she had to bear with it for the money!

No way, how can I treat them as normal guests? I should first report to the boss. The boss will know what to do. She couldn’t handle them on her own.

“Liu Feiyan, I heard that you’re going to perform at Grandma’s birthday party with your sisters? What are you all performing? Tell me, I don’t want to repeat the same thing.”

They started to watch the performances while waiting for the food to come. Since his performance had to be separate from Liu Feiyan’s, he had to make sure he wasn’t doing the same thing.

Ye Lang didn’t care about anyone else but he cared about Liu Feiyan and her people!

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