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Chapter 650: 650
Look My Ass (3)

“I don’t know! I only know the third princess is bringing her group of visitors to the youngest princess’s quarters . ”

“?? The youngest princess’s quarters? What are they planning to do?” That princess of the empire was rarely mentioned by others, most didn’t even know of her existence .

Why would they look for such a princess?

“I don’t know! Your highness, would you like to go there and take a look?”

“Sure! I’ll go take a look and meet this legend boy that we were talking about . You all are dismissed, we’ll continue discussing tomorrow,” said the emperor as he stood up and headed towards his daughter’s room .

The ministers were curious too but they knew they couldn't join . It was prohibited to talk about this princess in the empire .

“Your highness!”


Soon, the emperor was at the princess’s quarters . He looked at the young ladies standing outside the room, he noticed Ye Lang wasn’t with them . He hadn’t met Ye Lang before but he was sure that Ye Lang was a male and not one of the young ladies standing before him .

“At rest! Why are you all here? I heard you brought a young man named Ye Lang here,” said the emperor to the third princess .

“He is inside!” replied the third princess .

“Is he alone?” asked the emperor, his expression falling .

“Yes!” The third princess nodded .

“You let him meet you sister alone?” asked the emperor in a deep voice . Anyone could tell he was unhappy .

The third princess knew her father wouldn’t be happy about it . She understood that he was very protective of her younger sister . Also no one would like the idea of a young girl being alone with a stranger .

The third princess explained, “Father, he is treating sister . He didn’t like me being inside the room too so he chased me out . ”
He chased her out? What was the logic behind that?

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Wait, what did she say? He’s treating her now?

“Did you just say Ye Lang was treating your sister? Is he a doctor? Is he skilled?” asked the emperor immediately .

If it was anyone else, the emperor would have thrown a fit . How could she bring a random person to treat her sister? This isn't some common illness!

But, this was his third daughter . She was more playful than others but she was sharp and the most capable one out of his children .

In all honesty, the emperor hasn’t chosen a successor as he can’t choose between the third princess and the eldest prince .

“He is a doctor, a legendary one! Maybe even the best in the world!” said the third princess . She smiled, maybe a little too forcefully, she was still nervous about her decision .

“The best doctor in the world? Isn’t that supposed to be that Confused doctor? No one knows his location, how could he be here and how do you know him?” Only more questions popped into the emperor’s mind .

“You have to thank Fei for this, only she knew that Ye Lang was that doctor from the House of Confusion . She was the one that told us,” said the third princess as she looked at Fei . Fei nodded as if it was no big deal .

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The emperor stayed silent for a while and said, “Fei, are you close to Ye Lang?”

“No!” Fei shook her head but no one believed her .

“?” The emperor was confused .

“Sure, you’re not close but at least you’re closer to him than us!” said the third princess with a sly smile .

“Oh . so that was the case!” The emperor caught on to what the third princess was hinting at . He and the third princess were now under the impression that Fei and Ye Lang had something going on but were unwilling to admit it .

“Can you convince Ye Lang to stay and serve our empire?”

Before Fei got to reject the emperor, the third princess cut in and said, “Father, that is impossible . We can only at most maintain a good relationship with him, he is not someone we can convince!!”

“We can’t do it? Then who can?” The emperor was displeased, they were one of the biggest empires in the world, he had some pride in it .

The third princess shook her head and said, “No one can! He’s someone that cannot be swayed by anything . As long as we maintain a good relationship with him, it’s good enough!”

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“Why?” the emperor felt that there was something his daughter wasn’t telling him .

“Father, he is that Ye Lang . The one even the empress of Soaring Sky Empire couldn’t handle,” said the third princess .

“ . . . , is it really him? Isn’t an alchemist, when did he become a warrior?” said the shocked emperor .

“That, I don’t know . Fei, do you know?” asked the third princess .

“?? Why ask me? I don’t know either . He is a very powerful alchemist . From what I heard from Yulan, he can be very scary once he is serious in battle,” said Fei . She told everyone everything she knew, she didn’t feel the need to hide .

“A warrior alchemist? That’s right, he was moving his sword looked weak, like he doesn’t have an intent to hurt anyone . If he was using his alchemy skills to battle the whole time, it makes sense to why his swordsmanship looked so special,” said the third princess .

Everyone started to misunderstand what Fei had said . They thought Ye Lang was only using his alchemy skills .

Because of that, everyone thought if Ye Lang were to battle, he wouldn’t be as powerful as they imagined before .

This odd misunderstanding saved Ye Lang lots of trouble!!

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