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Chapter 639: 639
Solo Battle (3)

The audience, members of the blue and red team, referees and most importantly, Debbie and the four beauties were in the crowd .

Many were angry that Ye Lang didn’t treat the beauties like they treated them . In their eyes, why would anyone give up on a chance to try to capture the hearts of these ‘princesses’?

Even if you fail to get all of them, getting the attention of one or two of them would be good enough . Why is he ignoring all of them?

Qi’er and the other brides were quite upset at the fact that in the process of Ye Lang snatching them, Ye Lang at most spoke three sentences with them .

It didn’t feel good at all to be ignored like this!!

“Wait, Ye Lang!!” shouted Debbie .

“What?” said Ye Lang as he turned to leave .

“Do we annoy you that much? Can’t you stay for a while?” asked Qi’er .

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“I don’t have time, I need to snatch the other brides . It’s quite fun actually!” replied Ye Lang .

“Even with that, you don’t need to rush,” said Debbie .

“I don’t want to rush around either but there are so many red team members around you . I don’t want to get surrounded by them!” said Ye Lang . The members of the red team had started searching for Ye Lang with the intention of capturing him .

“What I’m saying is that you can’t win if you continue like this . Their numbers will keep increasing . You need to eliminate some of them or else they can easily overpower you,” said Debbie bluntly . Her words made some red team members red in the face, she basically implied that they may use their number advantage to bully Ye Lang .

What Debbie pointed out was the largest problem Ye Lang would face . Every time he snatched a bride, he was releasing that location’s members of the red team . They were free to chase after him now .

“No worries, their numbers won’t matter! I’ll show you what a successful solo battle looks like!!” said Ye Lang . As usual, he disappeared as he finished his sentence .

“A solo battle… This Ye Lang really exceeded my expectations, this is incredible!!” said the emperor in amazement .

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“Your highness, do you want to meet him after this? He is an absolute talent!!” said one of the ministers .

“Yes, a talent he is! I assume the prince is in a bad mood now,” said the emperor with a smile .

The ministers didn’t dare to reply to that, who knows, they might jinx things…

“Ye Lang has snatched over ninety brides, fascinating…”

After an afternoon of hard work, Ye Lang swiped most of the location in the map, he was only left with a corner .

No one could believe it when they heard the news . Everyone in the city gathered at the location of the last few uncaptured brides .

They were sure that Ye Lang would appear here . The red team also started to gather at an empty space near those locations .

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“Third princess, do you think Ye Lang will actually win this game?” asked Debbie . Her faith in him as stronger than ever now .

“I wouldn't say this a few hours ago but I really think he has a chance!” replied the third princess .

“Exactly, who knew he would make it this far!”

A number of brides were with Debbie, they were all curious to see how this all ended .

The curiosity towards Ye Lang only increased with time .

Many were jealous of Ye Lang . He was the star of the show today, even the prince was reduced to a supporting role .

“What is he doing now?” murmured Debbie as she looked to her front .

“He’s definitely going to sneak in . There are so many people here, he can’t block them all . He’s like a thief, he’s so good at stealing things…” said the third princess .

“No! He went in!” said Qi’er .
“Why would you think that? He can’t win like that!” said the third princess .

Qi’er shook her head and said, “Third princess, that’s what he is doing now, look …”

“What? No way, he is going to challenge all of them!!” The third princess and Debbie looked at the direction Qi’er was pointed at . They spotted a lone Ye Lang walking boldly into the crowd of reds .

“Maybe it's a mind trick!”

The members of the red team were nervous to see Ye Lang suddenly appearing .

They had been bad-mouthing him behind their back for being gutless . That he only knew how to sneak the bride away with sudden attacks .

Right now, Ye Lang was directly challenging them . They couldn’t believe it, Ye Lang surely had a hidden plan!!

“Get your swords out, come at once!! I want to try out this new trick I learned!” said Ye Lang calmly .

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