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Chapter 630: 630
5050 (3)

“Thank god it’s not me!” Qi’er patted her chest and said, “I pity you, Debbie…”

“Ye Lang, let’s battle!!” Debbie roared at Ye Lang, she didn’t want to do this at the event but she had been suppressing her anger for far too long .

Ye Lang said without much thought, “Excuse you but I’m busy . Go find your partner! Hey, who is bride number 5050? Come out, let’s meet!” Ye Lang shouted at the brides .

Bride number 5050 sounded so crass the way he said it .

Noisy idiot . Wait, this is actually pretty convenient, I’ll do that too .

“Hey, who is my bride? I’m 1478…”

“My bride too, I’m . . . ?”

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In a moment, the stage turned into chaos . Some tried to stop them but they could come up with a reason to, it wasn’t against the rules .

It was because of this, Ye Lang unintentionally formed a few couples . They were thankful for his actions as they would never be together if he didn’t say that one sentence .

Nobody thought that this would happen, the onlookers were excited to see what happened next…

“No way, you’re my bride?” Ye Lang finally found out that his bride was standing right before him the whole time . He couldn’t quite believe it .

“Idiot! I’m not your bride!” said Debbie .

“Oh, I said it wrong, I’m supposed to steal you? Wait, no, I need to snatch everyone but you’re the most important one for me,” said Ye Lang as he organized his thoughts . It seemed that Debbie and he had quite a special relationship .

It seemed that this special relationship wouldn’t end until the event ended .

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“Well, you be careful or you wouldn’t even get a chance to get closer to me during the event . It would be funny if someone else took me,” said Debbie . It wasn’t a gentle reminder . She sincerely wanted someone else to take her, she didn’t want to be anywhere close to Ye Lang .

“Relax, I’m sure I can at least get you . For the rest, it’ll depend on my mood . Also, this is just a game so even if I do snatch you, don’t even think about being my actual bride!!” said Ye Lang seriously .

“ . . . ” Everyone was silent .

“Pfft! I wanted to say that! You better don’t think about marrying me!!” growled Debbie .

“That’s great, or else I’ll leave straight away,” Ye Lang was relaxed now but his attitude agitated all the nearby brides, especially Debbie .

“Ugh! If I were your bride, it would be YOUR honour!” said Debbie without much thought .

“Pfft, my honour, it would be my worst luck!” He continued, “Also, Aibi, what’s the next step? Hurry up and start . Don’t waste my precious time, I need to head somewhere else . My mum and sister would kill me if I was late!”

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“They are going to announce where the brides are going to be . There’s going to be a map with the locations of all the brides marked on it . You have two minutes to look at it and after that, they’ll keep the map . No tips are provided after the map is gone!”

Debbie paused for a while before continuing, “So you need to memorise my location in that two minutes! Don’t worry, I won’t be able to move anywhere during the event . After that, it’s the preparation time for the red team . The blue team can’t snatch any brides then but you can when the signal goes off in an hour . ”

“How troublesome…” Ye Lang frowned, he didn’t expect the event to have so many steps .

“It’s necessary or else the red team wouldn’t stand a chance,” explained Debbie .

“Fine, guess I’ll wait for an hour then!” said Ye Lang .

At that moment there was a bride standing not too far away from the duo . She looked at Ye Lang with a curious pair of eyes .

She started walking towards him which caught the attention of others . She was an important figure in the empire .

“Princess Hyena…”

As she walked, the other brides and grooms all greeted her politely . It was one of the empire’s princess -- Princess Hyena .

Everyone bowed at her including Qi’er and the other three beauties of the empire . Although they were influential figures in the empire, they were not princesses . That meant they had to politely greet the princess .

Naturally, Ye Lang didn’t greet the princess, he didn’t care about her but there was someone else that didn’t greet her too . It was the young lady from before that was arguing with Ye Lang .

She didn’t need to greet the princess, instead, the princess had to greet her .

“Third sister! You’re here too?” greeted Princess Hyena . That’s right, that lady was the third princess of the empire, Princess Hyena’s elder sister .

“Yes, I was talking to Qi’er and the girls . Why are you here?” asked the third princess . She knew that Princess Hyena wasn’t here to chat, she wasn’t in their circle .

Although the nobles were technically in the same social circle, there were many smaller fractions in them . Just because the third princess was friends with Debbie and Qi’er, it didn’t mean that Princess Hyena was friends with them .

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