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Chapter 618
Who Played Who (2)

“Thank you, lovely ladies! See you again!!” said Ye Lang as he took the bagged food and left .

“Scram!!” huffed Debbie .

After a moment, one of the girls screamed .

“What’s wrong?” asked the others .

“Aren’t we supposed to toy with him? Why do I feel like we’ve been toyed with instead?”

“ . . . ”

The girls thought about what just happened . They didn’t get what they wanted and even got insulted by him .

“I’ll kill him!” shouted Debbie, preparing to chase after Ye Lang .

“Leave it! Maybe it’s karma, we wanted to play with him and we got played,” said the prettiest one as she held Debbie back .

“Yes! Let him go, if you chase after him now, others will find out about it . They’ll make fun of us!” said the girl from before .

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“Fine, we just wanted to kill time anyway . It’s about time to leave now!” said another girl .

“Sure! See you next time, I have matters to attend to these few days,”

“Ok! See you!”

The ladies went off their own ways . They tried to erase the memory of what happened just now . If nothing else happens, Ye Lang would be soon erased from their memories .

On the other hand, Ye Lang was walking about, holding the food from just now . He didn’t keep the food in the space ring as he temporarily sealed it off . He wanted to be thorough with his disguise .

He was a commoner, no space ring, no money, no alchemy and certainly no alchemy items .

Of course, unless the situation called for it!

He finally found a nice bench at the square to rest on . It was a good spot to refresh himself and practice .

When he woke up the next day, Ye Lang found a place to wash up then started practising his sword skills . He planned to become one with the blade .

If Debbie had seen him then, she wouldn’t doubt that he was a swordsman . His movements were swift, it was obvious he was highly skilled in using the sword .

However, Debbie would not think Ye Lang was better than her because although he was fast, he didn’t use douqi, so it was not enough to make an impact .

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She would think that his technique had a different flavour to it but she wouldn’t quite be able to point out why it felt different .

In reality, anyone looking at him would feel that . It was his aura . That aura was what every other swordsman didn’t have .

Maybe that was Ye Lang’s own special Nine Dugu Swords tactic!

Everyone could have their own take on this technique, which made it really special .

Everyone has their own character, it made sense that everyone had their own style!

Not many people were at the square to notice what Ye Lang was doing . Even if they spared a glance, he looked like he was dancing more than anything .

As the sky brightened and more people came to the square, Ye lang stopped practising to get breakfast, which was leftovers from yesterday .

After exercising, Ye Lang was starving . He ate half of the food he had planned to ration throughout the day . He changed his plans and decided to exercise more and finish the rest of the food then .

It was free anyway, his budget wasn’t affected!

His exercise was practising his sword skills . He danced around like a butterfly, his movements ever so graceful . People couldn’t help but to stop and look at him .

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“His movements are beautiful!”

“He looks like he's dancing!”

Ye Lang didn’t hear what the onlookers were saying, he was too engrossed in practising!

When he stopped, he realised that he was at the centre of a crowd as if he was busking!

Eh? Busking?

“Thank you all! I ran out of money for my journey, if you enjoyed the performance I would be very grateful but if you could spare a coin, I would be even more grateful!” announced Ye Lang .

“ . . . ” The audience was stunned, not because they didn’t expect him to say that but because they needed time to digest what he had just said .

Only when he took out his money pouch people started to understand what he meant .


The crowd sighed and started to disperse .

However, there were some that passed Ye Lang money since they did enjoy his performance .

“How fun!” Ye Lang squatted down to collect the coins . He was really enjoying his experience acting as someone from different social status .

“Hey, you . You’re busking here!! Did you pay us?”

“ . . . ”

His happiness ended as quickly as it came . A few thugs came over and surrounded him .

“This square is the empire’s, not yours!” said Ye Lang .

“Haha! What bullshit . If I’m here then it's mine . Ask the empire to protect you if you want, no one would protect a bum like you! Haha…” said a thug .

“What do you mean? Is it because I’m poor? Don’t we have laws here?” said Ye Lang .

“We do, but not to protect someone like you!”

“Then does it protect you?” asked Ye Lang .

“Haha, I don’t need protecting . I’m the law here!”

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