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Chapter 616: 616
I Don't Want You (2)

They want me? What is this lady saying? Is she flirting with me? So publicly?

At that moment, Ye Lang totally misunderstood her sentence . He seriously considered the girl standing before him then said, “Sorry, but I don’t want you!”



The whole street turned silent . The girl was stunned just like the others on the balcony . They stood in shock, how could someone not want them?

Especially a nobody like him! A poor nobody!

The young ladies thought to themselves, ‘Who are you to not want us! You’re just a commoner, you’re lucky that we even spared you a glance!’

Ugh, the audacity!

We don’t actually want you, we just want to toy with you for our enjoyment!!

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“What did you say?” said the young lady, fire spitting out of her eyes .

“I said, I don’t want you! Please move!” repeated Ye Lang, totally unaware of the fiery gaze on him .


The walnut in the girl’s hand was crushed to pieces .

“I’m going to kill you!” said the young lady as she charged towards Ye Lang .

“Debbie! Stop!!” said the prettiest girl .

“ . . . ” Debbie stopped her tracks, sword in the air .

Thank god, no lives were sacrificed today, that young man was really lucky .

The bystanders all thought that Ye Lang would be sliced in half if someone didn’t stop Debbie .

They didn’t know that Ye Lang would have actually grabbed his sword and started fighting her . He could probably get out unscathed .

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“Hmmpf! What use would your sword be, even girls don't use such a thin one!”

Debbie saw the slight flinch in Ye Lang as he prepared to grab his sword .

Ye Lang’s sword was in fact on the thinner side . Debbie’s sword was at least double Ye Lang’s sword in width and much longer .

Debbie sword was not the longest one for a girl, it was mid-length .

She had never seen a sword thinner than Ye Lang’s in her lifetime .

The reason why Ye Lang’s sword looked thinner was because not only it was thinner but it didn’t even have a crossguard .

That’s why it looked so thin!

It was a sword Ye Lang personally made . He didn’t make a crossguard simply because he thought it was unnecessary!

The Nine Dugu Swords was a skill that had no defence to it, it was a pure attack skill so there was no need for a crossguard .

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“A bigger sword doesn’t mean you’re better than me . A sword is nothing without the skills of the person wielding it!” said Ye Lang then he continued walking .

“Don’t go! We want to have a chat with you!” Debbie blocked Ye Lang again .

“Sorry, I do not have the time nor the interest for that,” said Ye Lang bluntly as he shook his head .

“Is it because I’m not pretty enough? Never mind, do you see the person that stopped me? She’s beautiful,” said Debbie . She didn’t seem to care much about her looks but that didn’t mean she didn’t have a pretty face . She was much more attractive than the average person .

Debbie was actually quite well known for her looks in Ai La but she was also known for her personality, her impulsive nature, her brashness…

“I see her . Yeah, she is prettier than you but what does that have to do with me? Stop blocking me!” Ye Lang continued, “Right, lady, where can I get cheap food and where is the park?”

Debbie starred at Ye Lang, her face full of curiosity . She wondered if Ye Lang really did ignore the person she just mentioned .

In Debbie’s world, no one had ever ignored that person, especially men . Every man rushed to the opportunity to get closer to her .

Odd, was it because we were standing too far that the commoner couldn’t get a clear look?

Right, that had to be the reason . Just because I can see clearly doesn’t mean he can . . .

In reality, Ye Lang’s eyesight wasn’t bad . He just didn’t look at the young lady because he thought that he had no reason to .

“What did you say? Cheap food? I’ll buy you a meal, you don’t need to spend a cent . ” Although Debbie was rash, she wasn’t dumb .

If he wanted cheap food, she would attract him with just that . Wait, why did she need to put in so much effort? He should come over because she wanted him to .

“No way, we don’t know each other . Why not I pay you for my meal,” said Ye Lang .

“Sure, if you want to pay then pay! Follow me,” said Debbie . Money didn’t matter to her, she just wanted him to come with her .

“Ok!” said Ye Lang as he nodded . He followed her to the hotel .

If Ye Lanyu found out about it, she would definitely scold Ye Lang for being so clueless . How could he just follow a stranger like that? What if they were bad people?

And that was exactly what Debbie and her friends were .

“Hello pretty ladies!” greeted Ye Lang politely . His nobleman aura radiated out for a moment .

The few ladies noticed it but brushed it away . Everything Ye Lang did after that made them think that he was a rather detestable commoner .

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