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Chapter 606
A Wholesome Sleepover (1)

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“Ugh, if you’d let him decide, he’d probably just kidnap me or snatch my armour away! I’m not sure to thank you or hate you now!!” said Li Yue . She still had mixed feelings about how things turned out .

If Ye Lang hadn’t lied and seduced Li Yue, it could have saved her a heartache . She didn’t blame Ye Lang for it but there was still some resentment since he did hurt her feelings .

On the other hand, if he didn’t do that, she wouldn’t have left Soaring Sky and followed Ye Lang around to battle Tanlang Military Group . She also wouldn’t have received Ye Lang’s teachings and improved so much .

She wasn’t sure if the pros outweigh the cons!!

Deep down, Li Yue knew that even if she didn’t benefit as much as she did, she would still prefer to be lied to . The memories that she created in this adventure were one of a kind and precious to her .

“It’s no matter if you hate me or you are thankful to me, I would have done the same!” said Athena with a smile . She wouldn’t have changed anything because of how Li Yue felt .

“What are you all chatting about? Hurry and do what you’re told, do you want me to die of exhaustion here?” shouted Ye Lang . Athena and Li Yue shared a smile and the enmity between them melted away . Then, they immediately went to do their tasks .

“Li Yue, cut open this person’s thigh, at this spot . Be careful, don’t injure the vessels and bones and take the tumour out,”

“Tigress, break apart that person’s hand and join them again . Use this black gel,”

“Athena… watch us first…”

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“ . . . ” Athena was looking forward to her task but with one sentence, Ye Lang sent her hopes down .

“Young master, I can help out! Just watching you all would be such a waste!” pleaded Athena to Ye Lang who was sewing up a patient’s arm .

“Watch us, for now, I don’t need you to help now and you don’t know how to anyway! Learn first…” said Ye Lang bluntly .

To even help Ye Lang, one had to have some medical knowledge . Li Yue learned some first aid in the military and she got a lot more practice these few days .

Tigress? She was always with Ye Lang, she had no problem doing the tasks he gave her!

“Oh, understood…” Athena could only nod her head and watch the trio . With her intelligence, she could immediately learn things after watching it once .

Ye Lang knew this . That was the reason why he allowed her to help him in the first place!

As she got familiar with things, she could pick up new skills with just a little guidance from Ye Lang .

Just as he expected, Athena did learn very quickly and was soon helping Ye Lang treat patients .

With people helping him, Ye Lang was treating his patients at a much faster pace, although they still weren’t able to treat every single person in the queue . Some still had to return the next day for their turn .

As news spread, more and more people came to receive treatment from him . He knew that if he stayed in the Tiger Tribal Lands he would get a constant steady flow of patients but he would never be able to cure them all .

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Since this would be a never-ending cycle, he had to choose when to end this .

“Young master, how long do you plan to do this? I don’t mind if you wish to stay here longer . ”

That night, Athena lied down next to Ye Lang and asked . She wasn’t the only one on the floor, the three of them were laid down too on the floor from exhaustion .

At that moment, they were all on the bamboo bed . Luckily, they were all rather slim so the bed was able to fit all four of them .

“I won’t stay here for long . I’ll leave when you two go to the City of Beast Gods . So maybe next month,” said Ye Lang .

City of Beast Gods? That was the first time Li Yue heard about a place like that . She looked at Ye Lang in curiosity .

“Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about that . When we enter the city, it’ll take us ten years before we come out again . Young master, will you miss us?” asked Athena with a smile .

“Of course! I’ll miss Tigress,” said Ye Lang .

“What about me?” asked Athena .

“What about you?” asked Ye Lang .

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“Will you miss me?”

“Nope!” replied Ye Lang bluntly . He replied within seconds, which meant that really was his true thoughts .

“ . . . ” Athena knew this was coming .

“Ten years is so long . Young master, I won’t go,” said Tigress .

Athena knew Tigress would say that . If it was up to her, she would never give up on this kind of opportunity because of Ye Lang .

Going to the City of Beast Gods was a once in a lifetime opportunity . When they leave the place, they would be one of the most important people in their tribes and their skills would increase greatly .

Within the beastmen tribes, to become important, one had to be highly skilled . People didn’t respect low-level figures .

“Ten years really is quite long . I’m a bit sad to let you go,” agreed Ye Lang . He wanted her to stay badly too .

“No! Did you two forget what Tai Ya promised the chief?” reminded Athena .

“ . . . ” Tigress never forgot what she promised and she didn’t plan to break it .

“Can’t we just talk? What busybody!” said Ye Lang .

“ . . . ” Athena had nothing to say .

Li Yue smiled and lifted her chin on the back of her hand as if she was thinking .

“Li Yue, what are you thinking about?” asked Ye Lang .

“I was thinking, aren’t we weird? We were supposed to be enemies but now we’re lying on the same bed,” said Li Yue with a smile .

It was a weird scene to observe . Ye Lang even mentioned to Tigress before that things weren’t supposed to turn out like this, especially with Li Yue!

This was an ending no one could have thought of!

But, this was a pleasant scene, it bore some sense of peace to it . . .

“Fate is an odd thing . It could pull two different people together, even if they were enemies,” said Ye Lang .

Fate . It all came down to fate!

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