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Chapter 598: 598
Back to the Tribe (2)

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The situation continued for ten days before any slight changes started to happen . With Long Anqi’s approval, the emperor headed back as he had other matters to deal with .

The empress dowager stayed in Ye City for a month or two which allowed her to get closer with Ye Lanyu and the other even to the point where she felt a little unwilling to leave . She spent most of her time there in Ye Lang’s tea shop drinking tea and watching plays . She seemed to have enjoyed her stay a lot .

In the end, because of her status, she had to leave but when she did, Long Anqi did see her off . Their relationship wasn’t as strenuous as before .

Taking advantage of their newly improved relationship, the empress dowager invited Long Anqi to the Vermilion Bird Empire to attend her birthday party . It has been a while since she had spent her birthday with Long Anqi, now more than ever, she wanted to spend it with Long Anqi and her family . She also wanted Ye Lang to attend the party because she thought he was an interesting figure .

Even though it seemed harmonious, Ye Lanyu sensed there was more to the problem between her mother and grandmother . The war between Soaring Sky Empire and Vermilion Bird Empire was definitely not the problem because if it was, the problem would have been resolved when the Ye family left the Soaring Sky Empire .

She was sure there was more than meets the eye as Ye Lang didn’t even acknowledge the empress dowager as his grandmother . She had to question her mother to get to the bottom of this .

Ye Lanyu was still in the dark about the problem because Long Anqi had no intention of satisfying her curiosity . She didn’t even bring it up but she did admit that the empress dowager is her mother .

Long Anqi didn’t want Ye Lang and Ye Lanyu to hate their grandmother because of her . She still let them address the empress dowager as their grandmother .

In all honesty, Long Anqi wanted the problem to be solved since the empress dowager was her mother . Her unenthusiastic response was from her inability to digest the current situation at the time .

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The deep-rooted problem was like three meters of ice that formed in the ground, it didn’t take one day to form so melting it wouldn’t take one day either .

“This can’t do, I need to tell my brother to come back . God knows where else he would go . It’s so hard to even meet him,” said Ye Lanyu as she shook her head, still deep in her thoughts .

“Yes, please tell him that, I haven’t met him in a while too,” said Long Anqi as she nodded . She wanted to see her son too .

“Ok! I’ll inform him,” Ye Lanyu immediately nodded .

“Do you even know where he is now?” asked Ye Yi . The others really wanted to know how Ye Lanyu would inform Ye Lang .

“I… don’t know…” Ye Lanyu shook her head . It has been a long time since she heard anything about him and she wouldn’t be the first person to be informed if anything did come by .

In the Ye family, Ye Lanyu wasn’t in charge of gathering news . If Ye Lang hadn’t written anything to her, there was no chance that she would be the first person to know Ye Lang’s whereabouts .

The seventh brother or third brother would normally be the ones that received the information . They interacted more with the news team as they were people that needed news .

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“How about you, three?” asked Ye Yi . Regarding this matter, he too knew that the third brother would have the best chance of knowing anything .

It was at that moment everyone realised the third brother wasn’t there with them .

“I’m here… I just got here…”

In everyone’s confusion, the third brother came running over while panting . In his out of breath state, he reached for some alcohol on the table and gulped it down to quench his thirst .

“Third brother, why the rush? It doesn’t matter if you are late, this isn’t some important meeting,” said the seventh brother . He felt odd . It really didn’t matter if anyone missed a family gathering or two, everyone would understand if any member had other things to do for the night .

“Do you really think I was rushing because I was late?” said the third brother after he caught his breath . He looked to the seventh brother and said, “I’m rushing because I have a surprise for everyone . ”

“A surprise? What surprise? Do you have a girlfriend now?” said the seventh brother as he looked at the third brother with a smirk . He always had a hunch that number three was not into women .

This was because the third brother never had a girlfriend . He spends most of his days with his gang of brothers without showing any interest in women .

He also had ignored the advice the elders in the family constantly gave him regarding marriage . He just didn’t have any plans to do so .

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“ . . . ” The third brother rolled his eyes at the seventh brother and said, “Don’t beg me later on . ”

“Beg? Beg for what?” The seventh brother was in confusion .

“Number three, why are you in such a rush?” asked Ye Yi . He rarely saw the third brother in this state so it must have been something big .

“I heard some news, about number thirteen,” said the third brother with a smile . He looked at everyone without continuing to add dramatic effect . Everyone looked at him in anticipation .


The third brother’s eldest son, which is Ye Chengtian’s elder brother angrily said, “You bastard just tell us what happened to him, don’t bait us like that!”

“ . . . ” The third brother said helplessly, “I heard that number thirteen is back in Soaring Sky . He’s in the imperial city now . ”


Everyone was shocked . Most of them were stunned with the exception of the few that were already grabbing and shaking the third brother .

Ye Lanyu was one of them, she shook the third brother with all her might, asking loudly, “Why is he there? Does he not know the situation now? That psycho Zhao Yarou is going to kill him!!”

That’s right, everyone there knew that Ye Lang going to the imperial city was just like a sheep walking into a lion’s den .

“This… I think… Shit, stop shaking me, let me finish…” the third brother pleaded .

“You tell us!”

In a flash, everyone retracted their arms and stared at the third brother .

“Ah, so this story, I don’t even know where to start…” The third brother said as he prepared to tell the story,”

“I really don’t know where to start . He just suddenly appeared in the imperial city without any plans . Apparently he went in as a member of the fox tribe . ”

“The fox tribe?”

What connection did number thirteen and the fox tribe have? Everyone thought of this question and two faces popped into their minds…

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